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  1. Welcome Spursaddiction, starting to see a lot of old faces around here, good thing!
  2. I do agree with the fact that playing to many backs can keep the ones out of rhythm who are actually making good runs. A back who comes to mind was AJ Turner. He was good most of the time but got pulled right when he was making explosive plays. Makes zero sense.
  3. I am really excited about this kid. Not sure what to expect, but people are saying good things about him. All I have really seen is his high school footage, but I liked what I saw. I am not a scout by any means, but he had a lot of hype coming out of high school, and to be honest I am really surprised he picked us over all the other offers he had.
  4. The future is bright for the WR core, and especially with the guys we have coming back, even after Deebo is gone, I feel we have a top 5 receiving core in the SEC.
  5. Nice! they all look pretty good on those drills, especially Bentley and Hillinski.
  6. Thanks everyone, found this place through a search for gamecock forums since the other one i was on went down a few.months ago.
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