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  1. Let's beat Mizzou! Also, with wind speeds that high I really hope we don't have to kick field goals, but we probably will a few.
  2. I really think the reason we gave their receivers so much cushion was because they all seem to run a 4.4 and they are all going to the pros. Alabama has the best group of receivers in the nation, other than that your post was spot on for me.
  3. Harris has shown he is can run through a defender, he should have seen the field more. Denson has had flashes, but never a performance like Harris. Feaster is, well kind of letting me down, I thought he was a better back, or should I attribute that to the oline? But I do not think that is fair if Dowdle can rush for over 100 on the Bama defense. So.... again we will see come next week if this team can stay consistent, especially in the run game.
  4. If you have the SEC Network, on most mainstream cable providers, whether its DirectTV, Dish, or AT&T it should be available to you. If not, then just use watch ESPN with your provider, you should be able to see the game. Good luck brother, I hate for anyone to miss a game
  5. Nick Saban is one of the most level headed coaches I have ever seen across any sport. I don't dislike any of what he said, maybe they didn't get the yards on the ground because they didn't run it enough. But, would have, should have, could have, you still only had 77 yards on the ground against the Gamecocks. Maybe that Gamecock Defense against the run ain't so bad Nick... just sayin
  6. Well deserved, and most likely not the last award he will receive this year.
  7. Why is this game on the Alternative Network? I mean its SC vs Missouri... its a rivalry game.. oh well.
  8. I don't really understand the hate for the Defense. Passing defense wise, yes they need to improve A LOT. But when you hold a team like Alabama to under 100 yards rushing, and their QB has the feet to run, you are doing something right. They have 5 star after 5 star of talent in the RB position and still couldn't make the yardage. I think the problem with our defense isn't a defense as a whole, it is the passing defense. Someone needs to coach up these CBs and Safteys, and btw I think it is time we get rid of the Spur position on the field. That was something Steve Spurrier came up with and I think its complete nonsense at this point. Throw in a LB, or a real saftey, stop playing hybrids on defense, it doesn't work. At least it hasn't worked for us in nearly 7 years.
  9. I will be honest, I think we are going to win this game by 2 TDs, at least. But who am I to make an assumption, I am just a fan after all.
  10. After the UNC insanity, I seriously thought that maybe we should let Champ go. Then I realized something, I don't think it is him that is a bad coach, I think we just had a QB that was in a slump, and we needed new blood behind the line of scrimmage. Yes the loss to bama hurt, but at least we showed up, at least we tried, Tua is probably going to win the Heisman this year if Jalen Hurts who transferred has a slump. We played well, I mean how many defenses can say they held bama to less than 100 yards rushing, not to mention we put up 500 offensive yards in that game. I am confident in this team with the new leadership, I just hope the coaches stay grounded and continue to call the plays they have been since after the UNC game.
  11. Well, we held them to 77 yards rushing, that is pretty impressive. Also our QB threw for over 300 yards on that defense. I would like to think there are a lot of things to take away from that game that are good. The loss sucks, of course, but remember going into this game we all expected a loss, not that as fans we shouldn't expect them to win, it's just reality sets in. Hilinski is the future and as of now I think Dowdle is one of the top backs in the SEC. Harris should get more carries too, I don't care who he is behind, that kid can play. That game could have gone much worse, and the refs didn't help. I have faith and almost no doubt we are about to bring that Columbia Cup back home.
  12. I think Mizzou is about to be surprised at how good this team is. If mizzou can't stop the rush, they will be in for a long day because Hillinski is going to light their secondary up.
  13. We had like 500 yards of total offense against Alabama, that's not a bad day even with the loss. We just need to score in the redzone and have referees that understand the word unbiased.
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