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  1. I absolutely agree with you on running back. When the rushing attack dominates the game it is so demoralizing for the opposition. nose tackle is one i had not considered
  2. In college and pro football, is there one position on offense and one position on defense that you enjoy more than anything else when they become the dominant position in a game? i know that question is oddly and awkwardly worded but I do not know how else to express the question.
  3. The College Football Bowl Season Starts December 20th. Join our Capital One Bowl Mania Group on ESPN. Members can go to ESPN, Fantasy Games and click on the Capital One Bowl Mania tab. They can search for the group named "Gamecocks Fanatics" and join. No password needed. http://fantasy.espn.com/college-bowl-mania/2019/en/group?groupID=269806
  4. 5 of the top 6 commits in South Carolina’s 2020 class have signed this morning. - Marshawn Lloyd (RB) - Luke Doty (QB) - Mohamed Kaba (LB) - Mike Wyman (WR) - Rico Powers (WR)
  5. Looks whack and I predict it will be an epic fail at market even with a price point below 50k. The design sucks.
  6. I thought Beauty and the Breast was pretty good. So was Poke a Hot Ass. I was not a fan of Rectum Ralph though tbh.
  7. I am just going to watch the progression of events. I cannot do anything else. It is too late for me to not love the gamecocks.
  8. Me: Dammit, give us something to hang our hats on. We have to go to thanksgiving and Christmas this year and see family and friends some of which think the gamecocks will always suck. I need some firepower!
  9. A win in either game would certainly help the defense's argument for keeping Will Muschamp, as thin as it would still be. Right now there is a mountain of evidence that changes need to be made but the biggest argument against a change is that we fire and change coaches on average every 4 years here and that such disruption only hurts you (I would argue until you get a homerun hire).
  10. GregoryHouse

    The Chat Box

    Quick question for everyone that frequents Gamecock Fanatics: Would you be okay if the chat box was removed from the front page of the site and still available in the link at the top of the menu (as it is currently)? I ask this because I think removal of the chat box from the front page may redirect most comments into threads you and other users create on the site. Let me know your thoughts and if we get enough valid reasons to change it I will try my best to send it to our board of trustees. Yes, there is a board of trustees working behind the scenes here that do all types of stuff like (Edited)
  11. General Question: Would a win or loss against Texas A&M today change your current opinion of Will Muschamp and his staff?
  12. I hope the Gamecocks win out because I am a fan of the team and a fan of the players improving. Also, we absolutley need to beat Texas A&M since we have never done it AND beat Clemson since they have won the last five. Both are very tall orders but we have a team that is capable of winning both games (even if a winning outcome is highly unlikely). The losses are due to dropped passes, bad playcalling, penalties that kept opposing drives alive, poor redzone efficiency, giving up big plays without making any adjustments and inability to convert third downs. As is common this point in the season, our team has positions too thin due to injuries. This point in the season is also when our team cannot do anything on offense because decent defensive coordinators gameplan against what they have on our offense watch tape of earlier in the season, and we have no second punch to counter their strategies. I say all of this to say that we may get embarrassed by that looks at us as a Senior Day victory before they have to play on the road at Georgia and LSU to end the Season. We will likely also get embarrassed by Clemson because Dabo knows how much a spanking of the Gamecocks will due for him on his offseason palmetto circuit and that a blowout will look great in their playoff portfolio. We have so far this season shown that we are not capable of being consistent or maintaining initiative.
  13. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/2019/11/04/florida-state-willie-taggart-buyout-new-coach-compensation/4153900002/
  14. Ray Tanner would be great as our baseball coach will Muschamp would be great as our defensive coordinator
  15. Close game and McCaffrey is playing great again today against the Jags but like you I think they are over using him to his eventually detriment
  16. I didn't know this thread existed. I need to delete the thread I created.
  17. He has to start winning when it counts. He beat a ranked (overrated) Tennessee team in his first year and michigan in a bowl game two years ago...nothing of note since then
  18. I thought my fellow Gamecocks would appreciate reading about how the fans' third quarter tribute to the Hilinski's and Mental Health awareness affected Mark and Kym Hilinski: Locked on the Gamecocks September 20, 2019 Fearless Forecast Friday with Mark & Kym Hilinski Mark and Kym Hilinski are the parents of the South Carolina Gamecocks’ starting QB Ryan Hilinski. Ryan, a true freshman playing his first SEC home game wears the number ‘3’ to honor the memory of his late older brother, Tyler Hilinski. Prior to USC’s game against nationally #2-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, Gamecock fans encouraged everyone to hold up three fingers during the first (Gamecocks’) offensive play of the third quarter to spread awareness for mental health Begins at podcast timestamp 42:25 F. Keith Allsep (@KAllsep): About that moment, at the beginning of quarter 3…When everybody raises up the ‘3’…take our listeners through that, what was that like…what was the crowd like and what that like for you guys in that moment? Mark Hilinski (Ryan’s Father): Well, if I can step back - the moment I’ll tell you about - but the lead up to the moment…this started with a young lady who talked to someone in the stands and it was sort of a grassroots, “Hey, I think this would be a neat way to honor Tyler, Ryan’s brother, and certainly Hilinski’s Hope (https://hilinskishope.org/).” But the feeling was “These are people taking care of themselves.” (car alarm) and this is as much for each other as it is for us (the Hilinski family). And so, we were super proud of that and…to be there and actually experience it was unbelievable and here’s why. It was so quiet. You think about, you come out at halftime, we get into the kick-off…we get the ball and the two things that stick out in my mind were: One - How quiet it was before everyone put their hand up. The second thing was – and I hope your listeners can appreciate this – because of where we sit (section 21 – in Williams-Brice parents section and on the “Visitors” side of the stadium behind the opponents’ bench) we are right behind Alabama’s bench and the first hand that went up was (Alabama’s Head Coach) Nick Saban’s from our view. So, when you see the visiting team’s players and coaching staff supportive…it sort of…it changes your mindset a little bit. I mean we are there to win the football game, don’t get me wrong…but to see those guys take that minute…and get bigger than football for a minute and know that they are loving on all of these student-athletes and the people that came…I don’t know if you can have a bigger hug than what we felt that day…and its terribly emotional, we’re big crybabies too, but, you swell with a little bit of smile and hope because you feel like Tyler’s there in a way, you know? At least for that moment and we were touched beyond belief couldn’t be more grateful and I’ve said it every chance that I’ve gotten that might be one of the most special things we’ve seen in the last twenty months (since Tyler’s passing) and super proud to be part of it. Kym (Ryan’s mother): …It was very emotional. When you can’t hear a in the stadium of eighty-one thousand people for a few moment…it’s...that’s spectacular and wonderful, right?...I was really sad at first because my first thought went to Tyler and missing him and his jersey number was ‘3’ and then those sad thoughts went to…I think I was proud and I was so appreciative and grateful for so many coming together to raise awareness and end the stigma (of suicide and seeking help for mental health) and when the Alabama fans joined in…when Coach Saban was there holding up his three fingers and his players and his staff…I looked around and I just saw a sea of three fingers being raised to the sky…it is hard to describe…and then when I heard from people who weren’t in the stadium but they were at home watching…or younger, youth football players who stopped in the beginning of the third quarter and raised three fingers too…it’s nothing short of…I don’t know if “miracle” is the right word but I have to say if so many people are coming together to help us raise awareness I really think we are going to beat down that stigma and so many people are going to speak up about how they are feeling emotionally and we can work together, united, to take care of everybody’s mental wellness.
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