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  1. I am looking for articles about the effects of abolishing the minimum wage this morning to see if there are drawbacks to such measures.
  2. really need someone who can generate regular (every three years or more) tournament appearances.
  3. Interesting...that makes me think it is totally feasible to do away with a minimum wage altogether.
  4. Personally, I do not think so. How many years does he have left on his current contract? I don't see anyone that I am sure would do a better job than Frank is doing currently for the bball team. If a realistic candidate emerges in the future, my answer may change. I do want to see the gamecocks field a consistent and good team however.
  5. I wonder how much tax revenue would be generated by increasing the minimum wage?
  6. Yeah, if one is true then the others can not necessarily be true
  7. yeah, but those arguments are not mine. Those are the arguments I am asking about.
  8. How much of he U.S. working class work for minimum wage today? What is the percentage of minimum wage versus all earners?
  9. 1) Minimum wage should not be a living wage. 2) Raising the minimum wage to $15 or more will cause unemployment to skyrocket. 3) Raising the minimum wage to $15 or more will decrease the buying power of the middle and upper class because companies will need to charge more for goods AND the demand for these goods (food and shelter) and services will increase as more lower class citizen would be able to afford them. Are these the reasons given for opposing raising the minimum wage and is it possible that these three reasons are in conflict with each other?
  10. I think you are right. A minimum wage worker at $7.50 makes about $15.6K per year working about 40 hours a week. At that rate, is there a real point in working a minimum wage job versus attempting to get unemployment? Either course of action seems that a single person would need to have government assistance as well if they are working a minimum wage job. This is why I would question the need for a minimum wage in the current amount.
  11. Would you be in favor of any raise in minimum wage? I think your points would make a fair argument for abolishing minimum wages across the board.
  12. I was really thinking about the legacy vs person subject just a day or two ago while watching One Night in Miami. One of the characters in the film is Sam Cooke and I had forgot the circumstances of his death. He and Jim Brown has some very troubling charges and accusations that took place at the height of their powers and these darker parts of them have mostly been pushed to the margins. I wonder if time will be kinder to Specter’s legacy but I doubt it. The reason is that, as you mention, his influence and innovation is forgotten and taken for granted in the effects it had on music for generations after. but that is his fault too

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