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  1. Beyond the Zone Podcast: Ep 3 - Forever gonna represent South Carolina | WACH
  2. Yeah the opponents started to realize they should not pick on Horn. Unfortunately our defense as a whole was not so good and made it hard to talk about the good things the defense was able to do at times.
  3. Jaycee Horn has the most ridiculous coverage resume ever - YouTube
  4. I hear Luke Doty is a much better passer, the defensive line is going to be awesome, Dak and Otre smith are superb, and the team is really energetic and fun. in other words, Talkin’ Season is in full swing.
  5. Another thing realize is the date released is not the actual date all troops will be out. It will be sooner.
  6. I am aaaaalllllll foooooooorrrrrr iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt
  7. In the last 48 hours, Ray Tanner and Mark Kingston have released statements that the home field advantage the fans are creating is great. They do not want the taunts and heckling to get too offensive (racism, threats, fight invites) but are otherwise fine with the disruptions. What I have heard is the event staff at Carolina Field has been overzealous in maintaining decorum to the point they are ejecting fans and students for swearing and being “too loud.” i have not been to the park this year and have no first-hand knowledge of the situations. They had to stop the game today to cool down the back and forth between the hecklers and the tigers
  8. I am in support of CFM staying because I truly believe he is a good coach and can win with great players. I am glad that UofSC kept CFM instead of firing him after this season and it results. Regardless of the results of the season, firing CFM att would have lead to the athletic department taking a PR beating and likely would have labeled UofSC as a university that has no loyalty to its coaches after the coaches have had to plan and coach around and through a once in a lifetime event (though that take is mostly bullcrap). I hate the methods I think CFM used to hang on to his job (which included calling in political favors and trying to go to the media with excuses). Do I know this is what happened for a fact? No. This is pure speculation on my part based on what I saw during the late part of the season and in the offseason. It could be pure coincidence that certain people stepped forward in support and that CFM also forgot to clear media events with Tanner and Caslen over the last couple of months. I firmly believe that Frank has one year to make it to the NCAA tournament or Tanner and Caslen will can him. Nothing less will save his job and Frank won't be able to lean on the pandemic and Gervais Street to save him. - This I am perfectly fine with and I know Ray Tanner is behind the scene updating his contacts of potential CFM replacements to call at the end of next season. Winning will indeed be the key Frank continuing on past 2021-2022 season - as it always should be. The buyout and extension will only be there to help Frank in recruiting.
  9. I honestly thought you were being sarcastic. You were serious???
  10. I used to listen to their radio program in the late 90s It might have even been on am radio 1500

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