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    One Marvelous Scene

    I do not know if many of you are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or fans of essay videos on youtube BUT many of my favorite film essayist are collaborating to talk about the MCU on their channels under the title 'One Marvelous Scene' It is a novel approach to collaborative promotion https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=one+marvelous+scene&sp=mAEB
  2. I actually like that players are getting more freedom in changing programs without losing much eligibility. That being said transfer may hurt Alabama’s depth but may not help lower level programs as much as help the other top ten teams that may be missing that quarterback or wide receiver or lineman. the loosening of transfer rules will instead help us get more North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida transfers
  3. How much of a chance is it at this point that he does not choose the Gamecocks?
  4. GregoryHouse


    We have a puncher's chance of navigating the SEC schedule with two-three losses (Alabama, TAMU, and UGA). In 2019, I want to see this group stay healthy. Our building depth across the board in 2018 through recruiting and cross training should help with such an issue because guys will hopefully be able to rotate in and out and not play too fatigued. When you get tired, you get sloppy; when you get sloppy, you get injured. If we stay relatively healthy and are able to gain experience in our 1st and 2nd string (and even third string) - that will be a very good thing. I also want to see the gamecocks running game improve to the point where when the team builds a lead, we have a ground game that can move the chains and eat clock. We lost time of possession in many of the games last year because we depended on the passing game and also big homerun plays to get us up and down the field - those take no time off the clock. Add to that if you are going to depend on both of those things, it is very hard to execute either once you get into your redzone. So, upping our rush yards and first downs per game will make a world of difference and also be a very good thing. Defend the run better. As much as our secondary was injured last year, it was the rushing defense that was a killer for us. It has been that way since 2014 though. Hopefully, we have some thick bodies at tackle who can hold the middle and even win the battle of the bulge in some of these games. That would be a very good thing. So I want us to win every game but I also want to see these things happen to prepare this team for a run starting in 2020...it would be great if we can beat Kentucky, TAMU, UGA, and Alabama as well.
  5. Good Luck to him in his future endeavors...I would not be surprise to see him wind up moving back to safety with another team or dropping down a level.
  6. Introduction: I am Retrick but I tend to go by GH, GregoryHouse or what ever you really feel comfortable with. I love the University of South Carolina and look forward to getting to know you fellow Gamecocks fans. My humor can be abrasive at times but it comes from the heart and with love. I am a strong believer in laughing with everyone but not at anyone...unless you wear orange and cheer for the tigers.
  7. Thank you. Good to be here.
  8. Thank you for the welcome.

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