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  1. Let’s go to one of those Florida bowls (for the weather) and face a 6-6 team that we can hopefully beat.
  2. I took a few minutes to read Lane Kiffin’s Wikipedia page (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_Kiffin) and it was a very entertaining and thrilling read. He will have one hell of an autobiography and biography. I expect the two books to vary wildly in their accounts of Kiffin’s life and the well-known people he has had professional relationships with. He is a true offensive genius and I can hardly wait to see what else he does. I am glad Shane Beamer is our coach but I’d be happy to have Kiffin’s lead our program as well-even with his faults. BTW, there was no point to my post at all. I just wanted to share my thoughts.
  3. I hope Doty stays. He was such a highly valued recruit nationally that I cannot believe he is a bust at this point. Rivals considered him the second-best player in the Palmetto State, the second-best dual-threat quarterback in the country and No. 99 overall... rated second in the state, the No. 4 dual-threat quarterback in the country and No. 85 overall in the 247Sports Composite rankings... considered the No. 83 player in the country in the ESPN300. i hope is gets healthy and has coaches that can help him blossom into a great player HERE. Doty is a hard-working and good kid.
  4. If we continue to higher unproven coaches for open positions we can expect to fail more often than we succeed.
  5. I like Erik Kimrey as a coach and as a gamecock legend but if he is selected to succeed Satterfield, that would be a very bad choice. Losing Satterfield would create an opportunity to get an OC that has job experience and unimpeachable credentials. The Gamecocks has tried to go the budget/friend route with their previous offensive coordinators (Satterfield, Bobo, McClendon, and Roper). I would probably give G.A. Mangus a call before my last call to Kimrey if I am being completely candid.
  6. I said with a feel for the game.
  7. I would like someone with power five OC experience and has shown to be able to call a good game.
  8. Good job Parker White. He had held the placekicking job for South Carolina for five years now. even though he was allowed one year more than Elliott Fry, I still will recognize him as the all time scorer when all is said and done. My argument is that leaving early is a choice players can make just as staying through their eligibility. No matter the number of games, it still took White kicking all of those times to get the points on the board for the University of South Carolina. It will be a well-earned achievement when it happens.
  9. Beamer has us Bowl bound Still the worst era in Gamecocks History?
  10. It feels great to watch Dawn Staley dominate the Women’s game. It felt great to see Ray Tanner build an elite program in baseball. I will never forget the feeling of our Gamecocks being at the pinnacle of the sport at those times. In my opinion, paying those coaches were and is well worth it. Do you believe the reason we haven’t won a national title in football is because the coach isn’t the highest paid college football coach?
  11. https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/university-of-south-carolina-columbia/student-life/sports/
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