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  1. I always liked that kid. Wish he could've got more one on one to be better before he left.
  2. I totally agree. My wife and I sat in the Virginia end zone and had to hear all the talking.
  3. Hopefully it shows on the field. He's got everything you want in a QB but needs it all to come together now.
  4. It was a tall task 9 years ago as well. On any given day any team has a punchers chance at winning.
  5. Trial by fire. They'll get coached up and we'll be fine, as long as the d-line stays healthy.
  6. I love it, and I hope he gets the opportunity to beat Clemson for the B.S lie they told him about not offering a QB at the moment.
  7. I've always loved that picture. We don't have to many bright moments against them clowns but that sure is one.
  8. Nothing will happen to them clowns. Most if not all Carolina fans believe their cheating in some fashion but nothing but a quick look over and the investigation is done.
  9. I love the thought of all three this season. With the talent that they got in this recruiting class and the team not happy about last season it could be a great statement on the ride to the top.
  10. I have to disagree with Joyner being the back-up. I can see where he's made improvements in his mechanics and the release of the ball but I don't think he's quite there yet. I definitely don't believe he's better than Urich.
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