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  1. This is where I hope our biggest gains are. I believe the D-line is going to be really good but if they struggle some to put pressure on the QB we need the secondary to be like teenage boys following the pretty girl with the short dress on.
  2. I hope we put at least 50 on them. I've read some of there conversations about our team, even though some things were correct, as a whole they remind me of Clemson fans. When our defense tackles the man with the ball I hope they wrap up and hit him so hard that he's looking for the number of the truck from the last hit. I'm hoping that they come out and put all the off season talk on the field and strike fear. Offensively and defensively they need to earn their respect from the so-called experts and prove to themselves that their just not full of hot air. I don't have a doubt that we win but by how much I couldn't call it.
  3. Man I love hearing that about our o-line. Hopefully it translates to success on the field and wins.
  4. A lot more positives than negatives. Other than not getting the ball out quick enough didn't really get a feel for how the QB's are really doing.
  5. This kid here has me excited about the defense. His talent level is obvious but how humble he is is remarkable.
  6. Yep he explained a lot. I personally think Roper made things worse with whatever it was they worked on and when the team struggled I believe he tried to hard to compensate.
  7. The only one that can overtake Bentley is Hilinski. Joyner has some talent but the bulk of it is in his running. Urich is so overlooked it's not even funny, I believe he should be in the mix with Hilinski for the #2 spot.
  8. I think he's got to be on the field. Still think he got the shaft when it came to the backup QB but being unselfish and moving he should get rewarded. He's to athletic to not be given an honest shot at receiver.
  9. I read an article this weekend where he's loving up on Clemson.
  10. Happy Birthday Airborne09!

    1. Airborne09


      Thank you Sir.

  11. I've been really excited about this kid since we started recruiting him. He's got his work cut out for him but given a chance, oh boy lol.
  12. If our defense can wreak havoc in the backfield, Bryant will fail. His throwing motion I my opinion is slower than Tebow's was. Looking at their spring game he got a lot of false confidence that he could compete. I do think that our problem will be their running backs. Seem to have good vision and plenty of speed but I still don't think they should be a problem when we play.
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