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  1. If Hilinski gets back to normal I believe he'll be #1 and if given a true shot Urich will be the #2.
  2. Hopefully whoever they hire is an upgrade. Wonder if Shaq Wilson or Rodney Paulk are coaching..
  3. I think our baseline sets up well for Bobo to come in and have success early. I think he's a safe and secure hire that the team needed to start the climb up the hill. I don't think we're really a team set up for flash but more smash mouth with downhill passing.
  4. He was recruited here to win the state in recruiting. He seems to be an outstanding kid who can do wonders in a bullshit offense but that's not our scheme. Muschamp needs to find an experienced OC to save his job.
  5. Our offense isn't set up for his style of play. He truthfully needs to be at a place like Oklahoma. He needs the line to be spread out so he can see but he also needs to be more patient on the calls for him to run. He doesn't wait long enough for the line to open a nice hole for him. He does nothing to blindside the defense into thinking anything other than he's running.
  6. I hate it for this kid. Had to wait until the second game to find out about his waiver, struggled with catches a couple of times to have this happen to him and than not to be able to play against his brother at the end of the year.
  7. I hope they come out and play intelligent but controlled angry football Saturday. Win or lose I would love to see them play up to their potential for four quarters.
  8. Notre Dame showed how to be Georgia. If our secondary could hang with their receivers we'd be ok.
  9. The offense was ugly as hell, but I still can't for the life of me figure out why Jay Urich isn't given an opportunity to paly at the QB spot. He has the height, the better mechanics, he's faster and there's really no tape on him.
  10. I have no idea what the difference with Muschamp here vs Florida but we all see the there's a big one when it comes to our defense. It is night and day the quality of the two.
  11. I just hope they shut Bryant down, hit him often and so hard he thinks to himself what the hell was I thinking coming to the SEC.
  12. My biggest concern is our corners. Their receivers are as nasty as they come and I don't Isreal is up for it.
  13. I think is what sets him apart from Jake. He has that mental part of the game in a better place than Jake. The way the family came together and whatever it is they do to handle it in their private time has set this kid apart.
  14. I couldn't agree more with this. He has taking a way softer tone than he has at previous stops. The defense does not seem as good as Florida ,Texas or even the one year at Auburn. I know our secondary better be on their P's and Q's or their in for a really bad day.

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