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  1. I noticed that too, he doesn't stay put for more than 1 year. 3 yrs @ LSU was a bit of an anomaly for him. I think I'd rather take DK knowing he may stay put for 3-4 years (assuming current regime stays in tact)
  2. sure stay put, with ZERO incentive to do your job is my only fear. that's a dangerous slope to be on.
  3. unfortunately the answer here is unequivocally yes. 6-6 means there's greater potential for the year after, anything less than 8 wins in 2021 and I would hope they'd pull the plug
  4. Can we close this topic please, nothing to see here
  5. Not buying the Jammie pick, congrats to him for leading the team in tackles but i feel like that was a byproduct of clempson getting past our d-line all day long. his misses cost us a 14-0 lead to start the game.
  6. this. Coach fitz is at good ole UcheaT these days...couldn't be hard to lure him away right? Craig Fitzgerald
  7. Looking at the top 5 in NFL this morning and realized...USC is represented well. This just goes to show we can recruit great players and why our fan base expects so much out of this current staff. 1. Baltimore Ravens, 10-2, Hayden Hurst 2. San Francisco 49ers, 10-2, Deebo Samuel 3. New Orleans Saints, 10-2, Jared Cook 4. New England Patriots, 10-2, Stephon Gilmore 5. Seattle Seahawks, 9-2 (4), JD Clowney
  8. right move, we don't need the dissension in our program and as fans we don't deserve the debacle that a hasty firing would create
  9. "Their aim is to eliminate incorrect calls in what he called critical situations". Erasing a 7 point lead and then eliminating that lead were definitely NOT critical situations. Right? RIGHT???
  10. From what I saw Sat, RH is making throws that you would expect out of a FR QB. Drops aside, many of his throws were too late or behind the WR just enough for UT to alter the play. I don't think injuries are really that big of a factor. You can place equal responsibility on the OC, the OL, and the QB. When all the pieces are there i think he's as good as any FR QB in the country.
  11. Perfection? Not a single person asked for perfection. We asked for what was right. The right thing is admitting your faults, calling a spade a spade, and giving us hope you will do better. I'm sorry but the NFL has gone out of their way to review calls post-game and correctly say/interpret what they should have been, why are these guys special?
  12. first time making the trip, 65 yr old Dad, myself and 6 year old son in tow. Any recommendations (places to eat, things to see etc?). Looks like it may be a rainy day, any help is appreciated.
  13. I was kind of hoping that would be us, but i think you're right. FL will most likely have 2 losses when they visit us.

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