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  1. I think this will be an upgrade but I'm not sure about his rebounding since he only averaged 4.7 per game. He seems to have made a lot of progress between his soph. and Jr. year.I think this will give us the chance to bring Wildens Leveque along slowly, especially early in the year when Freshmen are learning to adjust to the college game.
  2. The experience he will gain from this will be beneficial for him. I don't see him on any of the NBA draft lists. I expect him to be back next year. If he develops like I think he will I expect next year will be his last at USC.
  3. I really believe he is starting to turn the corner in recruiting. The freshmen class this past year is probably his best class since he's been here and the incoming class might be just as good. He has to make the tournament next year and play better basketball in Nov. and Dec..
  4. I'm glad he's staying. I wish he was a better recruiter but he gets the most out of his players. I feel sure some of our better players would transfer if he left and some of the incoming recruits too.
  5. Kotsar is a good defensive player and that's about all I look for out of him. If he could develop a mid range shot that would be great. I would be happy if he could make layups. Despite his offensive deficiencies he's a key player for next year.
  6. This is probably about as good a player as you can expect to get for a walk on. 54% 3 point shooting is good no matter what kind of competition he played against. It will be interesting to see if he can adjust to the speed of the game at this level.
  7. McCreary gets an offer from his visit. I hope we get him and I think we will. I'm surprised more bigger schools are not on his offer list. https://sportstalkradionet.com/2019/03/31/strecruiting-mccreary-lands-usc-gamecocks-offer-on-visit/
  8. I think this a good move for both sides. It gives Cudd a chance to find a school where he can play some meaningful minutes and it opens up a scholarship for USC.
  9. I expect Jason Cudd to transfer.
  10. Silva has only 1 foul. Kotsar the only Gamecock player with 2 fouls. Auburn has 3 starters with 2 fouls.
  11. If Silva can stay out of foul trouble and we are making 3's I think we can win. We also need to do a good job of defending the 3.
  12. Great news. We will need him to have a reasonable chance to beat Auburn.
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