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  1. Can Bubba do it again? Or is it BUD!!!!!!
  2. They are also bringing a horde of diseases. SC DHEC has declared a state-wide emergency for a wide outbreak of Hep A/B. It is being contracted from food at restuarants from Hilton Head, Chas, Columbia, Greenville. Is it connected to the influx of third world people?
  3. Yep, decent but I'm sure he was hoping for more. After all his personal and medical hardships (some self-inflicted) I am really rooting for his comeback. His recent masters Win was amazing. But was that his Grand Finale? I hope not.
  4. L M A O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asleep at the switch.
  5. really looking forward to what Dawn can do with these Ladies.
  6. Injury prone is getting a sixth year medically related. He was a Gamecock and we appreciate his effort.
  7. Tournament details Date:Jun 20–23, 2019 Course: TPC River Highlands Watch on:GOLF, CBS Purse: $7,200,000 Previous Winner: Bubba Watson Players to watch: Bud Cauley
  8. FINAL: Pos Player R4 Thru Total 1 G. Woodland -2 F -13 T21 T. Woods -2 F -2 T35 D. Johnson +3 F +1
  9. I think Sorrels and Anderson will break into that line up. Time will tell.
  10. LEADER: Pos Player R3 Thru Total 1 G. Woodland -2 14 -11 T16 D. Johnson E F -2 T28 T. Woods E F E
  11. LEADER: ROSE Pos Player R2 Thru Total 1 J. Rose -2 9 -8 T15 T. Woods -1 9 -2 T40 D. Johnson - E
  12. 1. Burch 2. Bigsby 3. Tonka You are entirely "On Target". These men will make our 2020 class Elite!!!
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