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  1. then why did he say money should absolutely be directed away from the police? Isn't that what you libs keep on saying defund the police means
  2. These rioters are becoming an issue for Dims as of late, as evidenced by the growing number of Dim figures beginning to speak out against them. The Biden handlers' primary election strategy is to peel a significant number of white women from the suburbs to negate Trump's rural advantage and then let Joe's urban advantage put him over the top. Harris is a career prosecutor. Those credentials can be used to ease the fears of the suburban Peleton ditzes who dislike Trump but aren't big on the whole "defund the police" thing. That demo loves to tweet out #BlackLivesMatter hash tags but piss themselves at the notion of a BLM 'protest' in their own neighborhood. These are potential silent Trump voters who Biden's handlers are trying to keep from sneaking out of their camp on election day. I understand the strategy and don't necessarily disagree with it (from a strategic perspective I mean, I personally don't like her politics). However, I do think Kamala has a "Hillary" problem, by which I mean she is transparently fake and power-hungry. It's very off-putting and could cancel out any theoretical benefits from having her on the ticket. The Establishment never give the public credit for being able to see through people like Harris and it appears that blind spot is still alive and well for the 2020 cycle. Bottom line: I understand the choice from a strategic perspective but I'm not convinced Harris will shore up the ticket in the way Joe's handlers are thinking. She's a pure politician, nakedly ambitious and borderline sociopathic. But unlike other pure politicians, say like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, she doesn't hide it very well. And the vetting campaign to follow will only amplify those negatives. All in all, I don't believe the Trump campaign is hurt by the entrance of Harris into the race. I believe the Biden campaign is breaking even at best.
  3. More fear equals less votes. So, you have a candidate which wants to defund the police, but you have the vp candidate which has a criminal prosecutor background. It's like having a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room.
  4. I guess you don't recognize her role as a prosecutor which could quell fears of that demographic
  5. Yeah...sometimes you have to get low to rise up
  6. In other words, she won't scare the Karens of suburbia
  7. When conservatives speak at public universities, have permission, and then the people show up to block them, use megaphones to disrupt it, etc. It's common to see this being done and it's common knowledge. If you can prove the middle part of your post, that would help your argument. Doxing by anyone is wrong from my perspective. You cherry picked something but haven't condemned it. Intellectually dishonest. I don't know, maybe you don't have a problem with doxing. Remember the kid in DC? The one the media rushed to judgement and almost destroyed his life? The one that stood there while the professional protestor said he did all these things and hated native Americans? The media didn't actually do the job of a journalist and find facts. Instead, they chose optics and a narrative. Trying to destroy someone's life because you disagree with them is evil. I don't care who does it. I'm for condemnation of that across the board. I assume you are too rather than search instances on Google that fit your angle. It's not only the three examples you named...as usual. https://www.yaf.org/news/professor-threatens-to-dox-get-teachers-fired-for-pro-police-social-media-posts/?fbclid=IwAR0B9A-qZaRfgDgqs91mIAcBtxtHSwd-DqehF8SKaWxCOGwwc9Pm4n9bTJc Tucker Carlson's wife hiding in a closet Kavanaugh hearing Of course, lying about what you said, making racism claims, calls to your boss, are all ways people are doxxed.
  8. Blocking people on public universities, doxing people they disagree with, wanting speech they disagree with labeled as violent or hateful, not allowing what they seem as hate speech, claiming it's a value rather than a right, etc. Of course, there is the censoring of non-left speech on social media platforms, deleting pro-life documentaries, etc. And yes, I'm aware of the whole "that's a business and they have that right" and I'm fine with that as long as the standard is extended to All private businesses.
  9. Ummm, no. The Fringe left has more of an issue with free speech than any group on the right.
  10. Some culpability does not equal full causation. They did not help the situation by showing an out of context clip to get people to believe it was a racist act of pure brutality. Of course the cop shouldn't have kneeled on his neck but to lead people to believe he was the solitary cause of his death is irresponsible.
  11. The media doesn't want to touch this new footage because they have some culpability for causing riots by rushing to judgement.
  12. Get your reparations from Ace. You need to start paying.

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