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  1. If anyone has anything negative to say about this or to try and twist it to make yourself look good, you have real issues and need to check your ego at the door.
  2. Imagine if her comments led to it being overturned
  3. Good ol Auntie Maxine...she's basically calling for a civil war.
  4. The answer to this is too long for a View Point comment but there are many reasons conspiracies are attractive. There is the psychological phenomenon known as illusory pattern perception that often plays a role. Then there is confirmation bias. There is the allure of special or esoteric knowledge privy to only a select few of the 'woke.' There can also be a sense of community involved, as is seen with Qanon, which lends itself to groupthink (which in turn allows for the rationalization of any and all conflicting information). Some people are affected by a combination of these factors. Some are just grifters who prey on the gullible. It's a complicated deal.
  5. What exactly is the purpose of destroying businesses, stealing merchandise, and throwing rocks? How does that further a cause?
  6. Was that the one where black cop told him 47 times to drop his gun? Oh well...narrative
  7. Kudge is very pro-prosecurion. He allowed a week of non-probative testimony...a bunch of bystanders that talked about their feelings.
  8. The article said an organization...curious as to which one it is that she is heavily associated with.
  9. Doesn't matter when you revise it
  10. Wait...a journalist's job isn't to report facts...it's to be an activist? You don't say...
  11. My cousin used to be a patrol officer in Atlanta. He pulled a car for a busted taillight. Turns out he was wanted for murder in another state. Just think if he would.have thought, "No big deal. I don't want him to think I was harassing him."
  12. The new SA variant shows it can break through the Pfizer vaccine. Fantastic...i think everyone is getting more covid fatigue
  13. Wow, look at all the white people. Seems like it's more dangerous just by those numbers to be white and confronted by the police. Is that what you're trying to say? I mean surely there are other factors that go into statistics, correct? Surely nobody looks at the use of justifiable Force, correct? Surely you just wouldn't post a stat and think that just by posting a statistic it would tell the whole story, correct?
  14. The compound sold to a corporate entity...hmmmmm

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