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  1. Correct. You're post is off kilter a tad. Nothing i posted disagrees with what you posted
  2. This post is better. I don't mind giving credit where it is due.
  3. The cities, as you stated, would have to be extremely comparable...also, they would need to be comparable in education and demographics and cultural representation.
  4. Oh, a gif...lack of ability to discuss
  5. It doesn't matter. Many posters here feel like this PF is the antithesis of the cockytalk one.
  6. I didn't ask you to, did I? I said example. So much for decorum. It's a shame that this forum laspes into it's condition with posting. There are some on both sides of the issue that have the ability to discuss and be intellectually honest...GH, Spork, Corpsman, Swampfox are some that come to mind. I'm not sure why it seems like you don't care. If I was invested as much as you, it would actually matter.
  7. HAHAHAHA...yeah, right. The media turned up the knob to 11 every time trump did something. They are as much to blame as he is. I don't believe you are objective enough to admit it. You need to be a better example for this forum.
  8. I see you are unable to discuss. Ad hominem. It adds to the degradation of this forum. I wasn't talking about contraception but I see your point. Yes, I have standards and I'm not afraid to stick to them instead of allowing my convictions to be swayed by whichever way the cultural wind blows them.
  9. Can we do the same with politicians? They fit your description.
  10. No one is claiming otherwise. Disregarding the parts of your religious beliefs you don't like is not conviction...it's disobedience and arrogance and disregard.
  11. How can you be a Catholic and go against the Vatican?
  12. Because minimum wage jobs aren't designed to be a living wage.
  13. Huh? Talking past me now. The media created a fever pitch around Trump. Now, they're just journalising all over themselves because Hunter's dad is in office...the guy they voted for.
  14. Everyone who makes minimum wage needs food stamps and welfare? I didn't when i made minimum wage. I was also 16 and living at home...getting that education so I could make more than minimum wage.

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