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  1. Correct. But no one would say the Judicial system is biased against men. They are committing crimes. my point, which should be another thread, has nothing to do with the negligence of the Minneapolis PD or that idiot cop. It has to do with the fact that people commit crimes and they are jailed for it. It’s not about race. I believe it is more to do about culture than race
  2. No he didn’t. I asked you why men are over represented in prison. You never answered
  3. Dang, tommy is a good hitter. However, Johnny is probably a decent hitter too. Seen more pitchers, etc. now, are we talking baseball or criminal intent? People who are arrested or resist arrest usually are criminals or repeat offenders. Could it be those people commit crimes? none of this excuses what happened in MN. By the way, all the men shot and killed by police were men, race is not a factor unless proven
  4. Which part of that Wikipedia link proves it?
  5. Only if you prove that is the reason why someone chose to shoot someone...kind of like choosing my favorite candy
  6. Why are men over represented in the prison population? They are a minority in the country
  7. Your first link says more whites Than African Americans
  8. Why? What does that matter? If you are a white male, you are more likely to be shot by a police officer. It doesn’t matter about percentages of population. Let’s try this and I’ll see if you answer Men are over represented in the prison population. Why?
  9. More whites are shot by cops than any other race. Starting from 2017 and all the way to the present
  10. Only the virtue signalers scream racist without evidence
  11. Lead therapy today. Range got busy in a hurry

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