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  1. Come on Mr. Timberlake. You're Gamecock material, if there ever was Gamecock material. Let Frank Martin show you how to be the best man you can be and then let him take you to the NBA promised land.
  2. From what I had been hearing, we are in a pretty good spot with him. But that news was a month or so old. Not sure if it's still true or not. I've said from day one that Timberlake should be a HIGH priority for us. He's a serious baller, and has everything we want in a "Frank-type" player. He'll fit in well, is coachable, and is a guy with a skillset that fills in for some of the losses we will likely have after this season. I'm praying that he likes the Gamecocks as much as it seems he has liked the Gamecocks.
  3. It's all a matter of whether his recruiting stock continues to climb or not. If he plays the way others anticipate him playing, he'll be courted by just about every major program out there. There's time yet to determine how his recruiting plays out, but if I were a betting man I'd say we won't see much interest. Don't get me wrong... I'd love to see him playing for us. He's about as versatile as they come. Put some meat on his bones, and the kid is a BIG TIME get.
  4. Timberlake is VERY high up on the list of student-athletes to sign. If he's available, and wants to play at SC, Frank will make room for him - whether or not it impacts other recruits. This kid is the real deal, and would make quite a splash for Gamecock recruiting.
  5. To most of the prognosticators, it's about the Gamecock's "question marks". i.e. - since we only have four guys with any significant time playing together, who knows how the team will gel. Almost everyone will admit that the 'Cocks have lots of talent on the roster, but to them (and to me in large part), it's mostly unproven talent. There is virtually no guarantee of cohesion in the squad in the early portion of the schedule. So why picked so low? Because the names at the top of the list are proven commodities who are adding top 50 talents to their teams. As you move to the middle of the list, these are teams with new(ish) coaches but returning and experienced teammates. At the bottom of the list are teams that are rebuilding with both coaches and talent. AND THEN THERE'S US. Just too many question marks for most of the critics to pick us higher, though if you ask them, they'll agree that we SHOULD place a great deal higher. Given these circumstances, I believe that Frank Martin has a pretty high percentage chance of SEC Coach of the Year this year if he puts the Gamecocks inside of the top 4 again. If he gets inside the top 3, he should hands down win the accolade. That is, of course, barring some strange circumstances that put Kentucky, Florida, or LSU in one of the top 2 national rankings for the entirety of the season.
  6. I am SOOOOO stoked about this news. I said from the get-go, this kid is the real deal. I am ready to give a kidney to get him to sign on with the Gamecocks! Mr. Timberlake Jr., I’m literally begging you... PLEASE join the Gamecocks for the 2020-21 cycle. We NEED and WANT your services!!!
  7. Despite the way the Pro-Am games are played, I’m REALLY happy to see the numbers for Leveque. I hope that is portend of great things for him as a Gamecock!
  8. LIke you said... injuries will not (hopefully) be a major factor this year. HOWEVER, as I've said in other places in this forum, we have a BUNCH of guys who haven't played in a regular season game together. The talent is there for certain, but I think it's going to be 5 games at least before we see all of the new faces playing well with the faces that have been around or are seasoned from last year. Minaya and Moss will still be "x-factors" in my mind, as they have limited minutes over the last year. I think if Minaya lives up to his Freshman campaign and the rust falls off quickly should be a factor for us. But that's the thing... he's technically a Soph., and there's the dreaded Sophmore slump that can sometimes hit players. I'm reserving judgment on this team (though I too think a top 4 finish is again possible for us in the SEC) until I see what happens around week 7 or 8 of the season. We'll know by then how the bigs play (is Kotsar going to finally produce offensively in addition to his defensive prowess/ is Miciah Henry going to be the defender down low we anticipate/ is Wildens Leveque another Chris Silva), and we will know if Jair Bolden will be the leader Frank wants him to be. There are all the other Freshmen and Cousinard too... just a lot of pieces that, as the article points out, are "unproven". I think we SHOULD be just fine. But again, I'm taking a bit of a wait and see approach with this team.
  9. You can almost rest assured that if Cross or Timberlake Jr say that they want to wear a Gamecock uniform, that Frank Martin will provide a scholly for them. Both players fit Frank's system well, and both are used to the "old school" style of coaching that Coach Martin utilizes. Plus both are top 70 players trending upward. If he had a chance to grab both, he would still find a way to make room for the PF or C player you are talking about. (And I can almost assure you that at least ONE player on the squad currently will be transferring after this season. I really like where this Gamecock squad is positioned for the future, and I think that if the cards fall into place, we could be looking at a pretty nice 3-4 year run in the SEC and being a contender each season for the NCAA tourney. But he needs to squeeze the talent out of the current squad THIS year, and then he needs at least one top 50 candidate to sign on for next year to show interest in the program. We're THIS close to having exactly what we need to take the Gamecocks to that next level.
  10. It will remain to be seen, but this new format is a welcome addition in my mind. I hope it will take some of the power away from AAU coaches and put it in the hands of HS coaches. While I have nothing against AAU coaches, I think HS coaches have a less biased interest in seeing players succeed at the collegiate level. It benefits collegiate coaches and takes away some of the advantages guys like Penny Hardaway get from past AAU affiliations. And please don’t hear that the wrong way... I like Penny. He’s a great addition to the collegiate scene, but he had an AAU following that helps him enormously in recruiting at Memphis. Now the playing field gets leveled a bit.
  11. He could simply have remained quiet on the matter, period. My point was that HE made a point to speak to the same issue... we’re thin in experienced players who have court time together. That’s potentially a big issue for us early in the season, though it should not affect us more than 5-6 games into the young season.
  12. REALLY great updates from Coach Martin. I was particularly encouraged by his words about Miciah Henry and what adaptations/adjustments Miciah will need to make. Do note as well that Coach Martin said exactly what I’ve been notingbof late... we’re a great team on paper and statistically, but we have to wait to see how the team actually gels. He as a Coach will have to learn who his starting five will be and who his first off the beach will be. Again... great media session. Thanks for posting the update. (I missed it live, unfortunately).
  13. It’s a short article with some a good view to the strengths of the 2019-2020 team (plus Seventh Woods).
  14. I get what you're saying, but TJ Moss was still in a boot in mid-February of this year. He had another 3 months of recovery for him to be completely healed and able to get on the court with running and impact drills, so he's JUST getting back to being able to play (and I haven't seen or heard anything indicating whether he's working out right now or not). Minaya, on the other hand, had recovered enough from his knee injury in February, that he was able to begin practicing a little bit. But at the time, his strength was not enough for him to return to the team, so he made the decision to redshirt. Both guys had SIGNIFICANT time away from playing active basketball, which means that they WERE pretty far removed from playing with the others. When a player is unable to run and shoot for significant amounts of time, even if they are at the top of their game when they have the injury, it takes a while to return. Given that both injuries were significant enough to keep them out for long stretches, their return to form is yet to be determined. As I've said several times... not trying at all to be negative. I just want everyone to understand that we've got a depth of 3 players right now with significant playing time as a Gamecock, plus one with significant time off the bench. Moss and Minaya are great players and both can make significant impacts on the team, as was seen Justin's freshman season and Moss's freshman campaign last year. But let's not put the cart before the horse and simply assume that those guys can gel with their teammates just by osmosis. Basketball doesn't work that way, unfortunately. Give the Gamecocks a 5 game stretch to begin the season, and we'll see how up-to-par everyone is. I believe we'll be fine in the long run, but we're definitely an unknown quantity right now. Talent-wise, the cabinet is pretty much full at every position - depth we haven't had in quite some time. It's the knowing what we actually have, and Coach Martin knowing how to put together his starting 5, and knowing how to best utilize his bench players strengths which we don't really have right now. All that becomes crystal clear in a number of months though!
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