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  1. doublea1971

    Chris Silva - Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

    UPDATE: Box score for Chris Silva in last evening's game (3/19 - Portsmouth Partnership vs. Portsmouth Sports Club): 4-8FG, 0-0 3PT, 3-4FT, 1 Offensive/4 Defensive Rebounds, 3 PF, 11 Total Points. 0 AST, 2 TO, 4 BLK, 2 STL. 23 total minutes of play (lowest amount of play on squad last evening). Chris's team - Portsmouth Partnership - plays again this evening (in the Championship game) vs. team Sales System,Ltd. at 7PM EST. The PTI will be livestreamed on NetCastSports.com, and live stats are available via Statbroadcast.com.
  2. Chris Silva began play yesterday at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament in Portsmouth, Va. Chris is on team Portsmouth Partnership, which won their first round game against the Mike Duman Auto Sales team Thursday evening. Silva's box score in the game: 3-7 FG, 0-1 3PT, 2-2FT, 6 Defensive Rebounds, 1 PF, 8 Total Points. 0 AST, 1 TO, 3 BLK, 0 STL. 21 total minutes of play. And for those wondering, Silva's numbers were roughly equivalent to the best on the squad last evening. No one really stood out, but Chris had some highlight blocks in the 2nd half. Team Portsmouth Partnership plays again this evening vs. the winner of last evening's Game 4 (Portsmouth Sports Club) at 9PM EST. All games of the PTI will be livestreamed on NetCastSports.com, and live stats will be available via Statbroadcast.com.
  3. doublea1971

    Lawson weighing decision on his future

    Count on it... Lawson goes nowhere. He's talented, but has way too much to work on before he's drafted. Another couple years of seasoning, and he might make the jump early. But he'll be back and be one of the anchors in a fast-paced Gamecock offense in 2019-2020.
  4. doublea1971

    Season Reflection

    Given the team we have next year, I can see a really aggressive defensive team which plays a lot of "small ball" (i.e. - 3 guard lineups with rotating forwards, and not much action for the true big men left on the squad). We shall see, but I have no doubt that we will score at a fast pace next year as well. We've got the horses to run with most anyone. The big question is at the center position. And as a side note, I think we may have the weapons from the outside as well. I thought we might miss Hassani a lot, given how he turned out to be quite reliable this year from behind the arc, and his defensive ability. But I think we've got some answers in place, and we (hopefully) get a full squad of healthy players. I'm very excited to see the new look Gamecocks in action next year. CANNOT WAIT!!! Oh yea... I also had quite the bracket picks this year. On ESPN's bracket picks, I ended up at the #5990 spot out of over 10,000,000 people who entered. (Had to toot my own horn a little bit. I'm actually eligible to win their grand prize - you had to finish in the top 1% to be eligible. So we shall see if I can take home the big prize!! Just happy that I am eligible!)
  5. McCreary is a good pick up for Frank. Initially I wasn’t too high on the kid (despite his national ranking), but the more I’ve read, the more impressed I am with Coach Martin on chasing this one. I think he’s a PERFECT fit for Coach Martin’s style of play, and will add another weapon in the Gamecock tool belt. Looking forward to seeing him in action!
  6. doublea1971

    Commit Mike Green a preferred walk-on.

    Trae Hannibal seems to be of the opinion that Green is the real deal. If Mike can come in and show some value in a Hassani Gravett or Frank Booker kind of way, I could see him getting a decent number of minutes as a walk on. It's not unheard of under Coach Martin. Think Brian Steele.
  7. doublea1971

    Commit Mike Green a preferred walk-on.

    I haven't kept up with Green's numbers recently, but back at the first of the year, I can tell you that he was shooting 49.5% shooting from three over his last two seasons, with 140 makes. I've seen a lot of fans calling for a sharpshooter from behind the arc over the last number of years. Mike Green qualifies and then some. I mean 50% from behind the arc? With 140 makes? Those numbers are STUPID good.
  8. McCreary, in his profiles, reminds me a bit of Keyshawn Bryant. He's athletic, with quick moves to the basket. Good rebounder, good defensive player. Needs to work on his jumpshot, and needs to improve at the FT line. But would be a solid grab for Coach Martin.
  9. doublea1971

    What match up you want in the finals?

    As much of an SEC "homer" as I am, I have Texas Tech v. UVA in the final. And have it on my brackets too - which I've done pretty well with, I might add! :-)
  10. Yeah, Jason was an interesting choice when Frank picked him up. It's always a good thing to get a true 7 footer, because when you have one, others tend to follow. But neither Jason Cudd, nor Khadim Gueye were quite "game ready" when Frank recruited them. Both were project players and I think in the right situation, both can flourish (though Gueye is facing jail time, due to assault of a teammate after his transfer to Akron last year). I am VERY interested to see who is out there that shows interest in the program. Coach Martin may not have in mind replacing a big with a big, though. One never really knows. I had heard rumor that he was in conversation with some pretty highly rated players for the following recruiting class. So he may simply go the route of picking up an available grad transfer at a different position (PF, for instance) and have the scholly available for the following year if the player in question is ready to sign on the dotted line. We'll see...
  11. Coach Martin has quietly assembled a very good team for next year. I would be willing to bet that we'll be ranked pre-season as one of the bottom dwellers again, due to Chris Silva and Hassani Gravett's departures. But I also would be wiling to be that Frank will have a squad that can easily place in the top 4 in the league again if all stay in good health. Frink returns and gets a full offseason of practice to get more "up to speed" on the defensive needs of the team and his position. Moss returns with some good experience his Freshman year. Cousinard gets a chance to play period (I think he will shock people around the country with his skills). You can keep running down the list. It's a great squad, and with Jason Cudd's impending departure, we can find a JUCO or Grad transfer big who can compliment both Frink and Leveque (and of course Kotsar and Haase). In my estimation, things look VERY good for next year.
  12. Not at all surprised by this move by Jason. He was simply not able to adjust to the speed of the SEC/Collegiate game in the way he needed to. I think he has the toolset to be a very capable player at a DII school or perhaps in smaller conference school. He's not the kind of guy to set the world on fire, but he can give lots of quality minutes and even be a rim protector with the right situation. As has been noted with others, I think this is a win-win for both sides. Frank can chase another big with the abilities he needs with the departure of Silva. Jason can chase his collegiate dreams in an environment where he's a better fit for the team and the game. I wish Jason the very best, as I do with ANY Gamecock transfer. Looking forward to seeing what names begin to pop up shortly (though I hear rumblings that Frank had already started chasing a few names).
  13. There are a number of bigs available right now... several of whom have been mentioned in this forum. There are at least two JUCO players we could immediately chase, including Khadim Sy, as Senegalese native, who started his collegiate career at Va Tech, and has been at Daytona State College most recently. He would be an EXCELLENT grab, though he is only 6'9" in stature, as opposed to 7'1" Jason Cudd. Of course, Grad Transfers seem to be the rage this time of year. Personally, I'd really love to see Frank give a run at Khadim... he's got TREMENDOUS skillset, and would be an asset both inside AND outside for the team.
  14. doublea1971

    Frank Martin end of season press conference will be on

    Is this being broadcast anywhere? (Gamecocksonline, for instance?)
  15. doublea1971

    Coach K’s parting kind words for Columbia S.C.

    Love it! Great stuff! (Especially considering the way USC put a beat down on Duke a few years back in the NCAA Tourney - though it wasn't in Columbia).

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