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  1. Since the change in the Football coaching staff, wondering aloud if there are any possibilities of this happening... Anyone in the know heard any news about that recently? https://www.gamecockfanatics.com/index.html/basketball/martin-on-burch-playing-some-basketball-that-option-is-on-the-table-r3807/
  2. Liberty isn't the same 30-4 team, NCAA bubble team, that they were last year (pre-COVID, of course) - lost 3 of their most prolific scorers to graduation. That being said, they return guard Darius McGhee, an almost 10 PPG scorer, and Elijah Cuffee on the wing (7.0PPG, 2.6 RPG). 6'7" forward Kyle Rode also had a decent Freshman year as a reserve at 4.2/2.6. Liberty likely won't be a world beater this year, but they aren't a team to take lightly either. Extremely well coached, and an incoming Freshman in Drake Dobbs, who led a nationally ranked high school squad to a 28-0 record last year. Will be an interesting contest. One that the 'Cocks SHOULD win... However, it may be a decent test for them, as Liberty is undersized, but fast.
  3. That's EXACTLY what CFM is counting on! We're getting another Alanzo Frink from what I can tell. I've been excited about the potential with Alonzo since he arrived (and REALLY excited about what he can do this year), so I'm SUPER stoked about picking up Taquan. If we can get the motor and the physical force out of him that we've gotten out of Alanzo, it will be really great to have someone who can spell Alanzo during each contest. This was a good move, and great use of the open scholarship by the OTHER Coach Martin (Chuck), who I believe has been Taquan's primary recruiter!
  4. Preseason media predictions are out... 1. Tennessee 2. Kentucky 3. LSU 4. Florida 5. Alabama 6. Arkansas 7. Auburn 8. South Carolina 9. Ole Miss 10. Missouri 11. Texas A&M 12. Mississippi State 13. Georgia 14. Vanderbilt Personally, I think we’re getting shafted again. We’re a better, more experienced team. We don’t have the “flashy” recruiting rankings, but we’re returning a full squad, plus have Seventh Woods to compliment an already deep collection of guards. I mean come on... no respect, once again.
  5. I would differ with the characterization you posit of Frank Martin. But nevertheless, we'll see how CFM's squad fares this year. I have a strong suspicion that we will be back in the NCAAs this season, barring some injury bug biting our team again. Perhaps then it will be a moot point about Gregg Marshall and USC's need for his services. (Though again, I'm of the opinion that he would NOT make a very good fit for us due to a number of factors). If we agree on one thing, it is that Gregg Marshall has the wins/tournament appearances to his name... that's for certain.
  6. Former Winthrop HC, and name that comes up every time the fans aren't happy with CFM - Gregg Marshall is in the news right now. Here's the latest out of Wichita State... https://www.kwch.com/2020/11/11/reports-wichita-state-gregg-marshall-expected-to-part-ways-by-end-of-week/ I've, personally, never thought the guy would be a good fit at USC, despite his Palmetto State ties. But with regard to the allegations and the potential job loss, I certainly wish Gregg Marshall well. He's had a heck of a run in Wichita. The dude has had a winning season EVERY year of his professional coaching career, with the exception of his first season (07-08) in Wichita. (His second season there was a break-even at 17-17). That's quite an accomplishment for someone who has been a HC since 1998.
  7. Saw some stuff out there on Frink in the last few days (see links below). He's one guy that I'm REALLY excited to see this season. I've been big on him for a while, but his skillset is unique, and the kid is a bruiser. If the article proves true, and he's increased his strength significantly and he's moving his feet even better... man the ceiling is pretty high for what he can do for us. I cannot WAIT to see the 2020-21 Gamecocks in action! Article: https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/frink-ready-to-step-up-as-vocal-leader-this-season?mc_cid=52e6b9481b&mc_eid=926c47d764 Player Page: https://gamecocksonline.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/alanzo-frink/7379 Media Availability video:
  8. He has withdrawn from school entirely. That would say to me that he's 1.) got some issues that he needs to deal with (himself, family, friends), 2.) has found that he needs to move away from the Columbia area, and will resurface at another school, elsewhere in the not-too-distant future or 3.) found that his passion for the game is not there any longer. I am, of course reading between the lines (nothing concrete here... just surmising), with these thoughts. But you don't typically drop out of school if you change your mind about basketball/sports. Since he's a Columbia native, he could live at home and take classes and not spend a fortune doing so, even without basketball scholarship. Frank has been pretty good about working with kids who need some time away from things to work out their own issues. I'm guessing that it's #2, but again... who knows for sure.
  9. Brian Steele is about as quality of a person as you can possibly find. Welcome home, Brian! Here's hoping that your career in basketball skyrockets from here.
  10. Hmmmm... THAT would be an interesting grab for Coach Martin. From those "in the know", he wasn't really ever considering USC previously. I wonder if that tune will/has changed at all.
  11. I would also say, in comparing Williams with Carrera and Lakeem Jackson that Lakeem would likely have been a MUCH more advanced player had he played under the current Frank Martin regime. Playing as a recruit of the "Coach who shall not be named" meant certain death in player development.
  12. I'm more than excited about this get. Everything I see and everything that he has said makes me think that he's sold out on being a Gamecock and being a GREAT Gamecock. I've got to see a bit more of what he will bring to the table defensively, but if he's as agressive after the ball on both sides of the floor as he is at attacking the glass offensively... I like this kid a LOT. And the fact that he was being chased by programs like Baylor and others shows that he wasn't just some "under the radar" kid. Looks like the real deal to me. Can't wait to see what he can do as a Freshman, and what he matures into as a Senior!
  13. If the cards fall right (which for some reason, they have not traditionally done for USC), there should be some massive recruiting coups happening for the Gamecocks in the next three years. A big necessity will be that USC show up in the SEC this year and next year, and most crucially that we are able to get ourselves back to the NCAAs. There are a few big time recruits who are taking a serious look at us. They are sold on the "building the program" and taking it to the next level mentality, along the lines of what Jason Kidd did with Cal way back in the day. We almost caught the same break a few years back with the Brian Bowen thing... but, alas, it was not to be at that time. It's interesting... for the first time in a while, I'm actually hearing those top notch recruits say that Frank is the kind of coach they WANT to play for. They don't have to be SOLD ON playing for Frank - they're almost coming to US. It seems that getting a few players into the NBA and them showing that their skillset was developed under Coach Martin has helped pave the way for this new (potential) recruiting wave. That's why I say that an NCAA berth is going to be crucial. The names aren't there yet, but I'm hopeful that we will see some fruits of the Will Bailey hire in the VERY near future. We're in the hunt, folks. Hope for a good year this year from the 2020-21 Gamecocks! It WILL pay dividends.

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