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  1. I would also say, in comparing Williams with Carrera and Lakeem Jackson that Lakeem would likely have been a MUCH more advanced player had he played under the current Frank Martin regime. Playing as a recruit of the "Coach who shall not be named" meant certain death in player development.
  2. I'm more than excited about this get. Everything I see and everything that he has said makes me think that he's sold out on being a Gamecock and being a GREAT Gamecock. I've got to see a bit more of what he will bring to the table defensively, but if he's as agressive after the ball on both sides of the floor as he is at attacking the glass offensively... I like this kid a LOT. And the fact that he was being chased by programs like Baylor and others shows that he wasn't just some "under the radar" kid. Looks like the real deal to me. Can't wait to see what he can do as a Freshman, and what he matures into as a Senior!
  3. If the cards fall right (which for some reason, they have not traditionally done for USC), there should be some massive recruiting coups happening for the Gamecocks in the next three years. A big necessity will be that USC show up in the SEC this year and next year, and most crucially that we are able to get ourselves back to the NCAAs. There are a few big time recruits who are taking a serious look at us. They are sold on the "building the program" and taking it to the next level mentality, along the lines of what Jason Kidd did with Cal way back in the day. We almost caught the same break a few years back with the Brian Bowen thing... but, alas, it was not to be at that time. It's interesting... for the first time in a while, I'm actually hearing those top notch recruits say that Frank is the kind of coach they WANT to play for. They don't have to be SOLD ON playing for Frank - they're almost coming to US. It seems that getting a few players into the NBA and them showing that their skillset was developed under Coach Martin has helped pave the way for this new (potential) recruiting wave. That's why I say that an NCAA berth is going to be crucial. The names aren't there yet, but I'm hopeful that we will see some fruits of the Will Bailey hire in the VERY near future. We're in the hunt, folks. Hope for a good year this year from the 2020-21 Gamecocks! It WILL pay dividends.
  4. 7’ 1” USC prospect John Butler tweeted he’ll announce his commitment this Wednesday. His top six choices are USC, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest. He’s ranked as #2 in the state for his class.
  5. Just curious on everyone’s thoughts on the Will Bailey hire as Assistant coach for Frank Martin’s staff. Personally, I think it’s a great move. The St. Louis and LaSalle connections alone should improve the move of the needle for us in recruiting. He has an impeccable reputation as a coach, known as someone his players enjoy working with. just guessing here, but I imagine his approach to recruiting compliments Bruce Shingler and Chuck Martin well. I wonder where Frank will have him as a position coach? interested to hear any thoughts/insights others can offer on Coach Bailey.
  6. Will he stay, or will he go? Gamecockcentral has an article (https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/report-lawson-returning-for-junior-season?mc_cid=385e905306&mc_eid=926c47d764) saying Lawson is withdrawing from the draft. However, the article relies on Jon Rothstein tweet, and then quotes Adam Zagoria, who “talked to AJ’s dad” the next morning. Zagoria (and the dad) say he’s still in the draft. Confused yet? Yeah... me too. August 3rd is the deadline for AJ’s decision.
  7. Thanks for the correction. I had missed that, and honestly haven’t been paying much attention to the sports world as of late (unfortunately). The pandemic dampened my desire to look for any NCAA hoops-related news. Hopefully, I’ll get over that soon.
  8. Nothing formally announced, that I've seen. He's still got a day to remove his name. But I'd be shocked if he doesn't return. If for some reason he does not, he's headed overseas. No two-way deal for AJ at this time, as best I can tell. (But then again, stranger things have happened... PJ Dozier, Brian Bowen, etc.)
  9. AJ Lawson has declared for the NBA draft, with no agent. Has until June 3rd to pull out.
  10. Just a quick update on Marfo, for those who are interested... https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/top-grad-transfer-kevin-marfo-settled-on-a-group-of-15 (USC isn’t in the 15, in case you wondered).
  11. Per tweet from ESPN's Jeff Goodman, Jair Bolden will not be returning to the Gamecocks, opting instead to transfer as a graduate transfer.
  12. Could Jordan Bruner be coming back to South Carolina? https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-mens-basketball/article241354901.html
  13. @GaryCoach Martin knows the drill by now... SOMEONE on the squad is going to choose to go elsewhere, seeking out more minutes or a greater role on a team. We've got at least two candidates who will likely be in that camp (I would expect to hear something by April 15th at latest, barring some more strange turns of events with the coronavirus stuff). Nolley is unlikely, if Buzz Peterson has room for him at A&M, given that he recruited him to Va. Tech. That being said, if Peterson can't put him on his squad, I guarantee you that he would give a good recommendation for Nolley to play for Coach Martin, despite both coaches playing in the same league. Marfo, in my mind, is even LESS of a likelihood than Nolley is. You may have seen this news, but just in case... https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/Kevin-Marfo-Quinnipiac-Graduate-Transfer-145108032/ As you note... both players would be good (if not great) grabs for the Gamecocks. I'd love it if one or both could join the team.
  14. @Gary Right now, Frank won't be meeting with anyone. He does those meetings with players face to face (which I think is "best policy" for how to conduct those kind of private conversations). Given that the University is recommending that all students remain at home, unless they have to be on campus (which would, for the team's purposes, be a guy like Maik Kotsar), I don't think you'll see those meetings happening for a while yet. (It will be no earlier than April 3rd, the current end of the University's self-imposed "exile" period, unless Frank decides to go against his normal protocol and hold the meetings via video conferencing). I wholeheartedly agree with you that these conversations should happen ASAP. That being said, circumstances won't allow those conversations to happen the way they normally would/should.
  15. Simple answer... with most players, yes. You can get a general sense of their abilities, but how they actually perform is another thing. Most players are right around what is expected. Some fail miserably, others excel beyond belief (think Ja Morant, for example... no one saw THAT coming. Even Frank Martin, who HEAVILY recruited Ja). Dajuan Wagner (who USC faced in the NIT when he was with Memphis) was a HS PHENOM, but only showed flashes of that in college and then after one year jumped to the NBA. Absolutely abysmal NBA career. (And John Calipari forced him to play at the NBA level by revoking his scholly at Memphis - something I've always thought he did intentionally because of issues he saw and knew he couldn't correct). The biggest difficulty is gauging them against competition from other teams. You can tell if someone has good defensive skills, you can even tell if someone is a good shooter. What is NOT predictable is whether they can hang with the mental aspect of the game... when the going gets tough, will you accept that someone is better than you, and give up, or do you continue to push as hard as you can and accept your limitations and improve on your strengths? The physical aspect, like what TJ is dealing with is something that CAN be improved upon. But TJ has (at least in my estimation) sloppy footwork, and he's not doing the little things to correct that, so he's accepting defeat so to speak. Once someone gets by him, he's done because he doesn't have the speed to compensate. What he CAN do is force the person he is guarding to stay to the outside of him, and not ALLOW the person to the inside (and thereby closer to the basket). It's all about positioning the body, and using yourself to force them somewhere they don't want to go (or commit the foul if they insist on going where they want to go). Most players can at least survive at the college level, knowing their limitations.

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