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  1. There appears to be some question as to whether Carlos Williams is going to sign on the 26th or not. All indications are that he is still planning to, but the rumor mills are kicking up around his name. Also under consideration for recruitment now is former Bama commit Lanston Wilson. He was the #2 overall JUCO in the country for 2021 class. Wilson’s first collegiate offer came from Will Bailey while Bailey was at St. Louis. Wilson has shown strong interest in the Gamecocks, but there’s been no recent contact. Expect that to change.
  2. Someone in the 'Cocks marketing department screwed up on this opportunity badly. I know that they're trying to market the current guys who will be the next to the NBA (or at least so we assume), but there's at least ONE former Gamecock whose Freshman stats warrant inclusion on the list: Sindarius Thornwell: Points (15.6) and assists (4.0) per game in strictly league games led the conference among freshmen Six 20-point games in league play is the most by a freshman in South Carolina history Posted 22 double-figure scoring games, which included seven 20-point games, also posted 20 games with at least three assists, nine games with at least five rebounds and two double-doubles Led or shared the team lead in scoring 12 times, in rebounding four times, in assists 17 times and in steals 10 times Put Sin's head up there where Coach Martin's is. Move Martin to somewhere else on the tweet. Come on people... connect the past with the present (and the future, for that matter). Why can't the athletic department figure that out? ANY success is worth reminding kids about, especially those in recent history who provided the best years that we've seen in DECADES. We have 3 guys that have made the jump to the NBA in the last 6 years. Capitalize on those connections... PLEASE.
  3. Not necessarily... Reece's number at North Texas was 0. Lawson wears 00 for the 'Cocks. Haven't paid THAT much attention to the Twitter hype pix... those are typically just superimposing a new uni's colors on an old photo in previous school's uni. That being said, Lawson is likely gone. He's already used up his two opportunities to have NBA scouts look him over. If he makes any moves, he has to declare... he cannot return to USC if he does ANYTHING with the draft at all this year (i.e. - he cannot "test the waters" again). I honestly anticipate him making the move... he doesn't have that much to gain by returning for another year, with the season he had in 2020-21. He's already shown his skillset by testing NBA waters the last two years, so scouts have been watching him this season. IMHO, he's done playing in a Gamecock uniform.
  4. I think the statement from Frank Martin (if I’m assuming the same statement) is with regard to Seventh Woods. Seventh has the ability to return for a final (and additional) season of eligibility, but should he choose to return, it does not count against the maximum scholarship numbers. in essence it’s a “freebie” year for Seventh and for the Gamecocks, similar to a graduate transfer. Only in this case the player remains at the same school and does not occupy a counted scholarship.
  5. Love what I see on the State newspaper’s report on Reece, “He said something to me about there’s only going to be two guys in the gym that’s been to NCAA tournaments and won — and that’s me and him. And that’s kind of big, so there’s a lot of responsibility that’s going to come with being there.”
  6. The Gamecocks received a transfer commitment today from James Reese V (6-foot-4, 167 pounds), who is transferring to USC from North Texas. Reese is from the Columbia area (AC Flora) and played one season for the Buffalo before transferring and spending the last three seasons at North Texas. Reece was second on North Texas this past season averaging 10.9 points on 41.8 percent shooting from the field. Reece shot 34.3% from three and 77.4 % from the free throw line.
  7. Frank is quite careful about what he says publicly about his players. I don't know how much he will address and how much he will let slide. My guess is that the media reps will pursue that line of inquiry at least a bit, but that Frank will simply stick to comments on the squad he has returning in 2021-22. FWIW, if it were me, I'd simply let the past season lie in the past and move on. What's done is done. My speculation (or anyone else's speculation) on why the wheels fell off the cart don't do any good, and it's dwelling on a pretty negative (and I might even go so far as to say toxic - at least for the fans) season. I'm personally ready to move on, so if Frank has nothing directly to say about these issues... I'm perfectly fine with that. We wipe the slate clean and start afresh in 2021-22.
  8. Yes, we will. I must say that so far, I like the transfer choices. They seem to be very carefully selected choices... not like a Micaiah Henry, for instance. I must say (and not trying to be a conspiracist by saying this) that it DOES now appear that Frank had lost control of the squad at some point this season. @kingofnerf had noted many times how Frank was "pouting" on the sidelines throughout the season. With the 5 portal entrants (and whose names are included), it makes me wonder if there wasn't a growing "cancer" element inside the team, from disgruntled 2nd stringers. I hope that is not the case, but nonetheless appearances are everything. I will say this... I'm happy with who we have returning. If we have Frink, Minott, Leveque... that's a great core group to start off with - all have given us quality minutes and all have seen significant time on the court (with Minott seeing the least of them, but showing great potential). I'm assuming that both Keyshawn and Jermaine will return, but will be better players for knowing (from scout commentary) what they need to SPECIFICALLY work on to make the leap to the next level. I'd still love to see Woods return, but if he does not, the incoming transfers should provide some quality depth at the PG and SG positions. Plus you have the Freshmen to develop.... All in all, I'm happy with what I see on the table for next year. Lots unproven, of course, but I think that the core group of returners will likely have a chip on their shoulders because of the losses we had last season, and the disrespect that came along with that.
  9. This one wasn’t much of a shock. Anderson and Moss were the two that we had picked out well before the season had ended. Some of the others make you wonder, though.
  10. Found this interesting info on Erik when searching through some articles: "The 6’3 shooting guard out of Lacey, WA averaged 9.3 points and 3.6 rebounds per game this season for Washington with 35.7% FG and 29.8% 3-pt shooting splits. Stevenson started out the year in a massive shooting slump but picked things up and averaged 12.2 points per game on 32% 3-pt shooting over the final 70% of the season. As the season went along he also improved his playmaking responsibilities with 3+ assists in 6 of the final 8 games. He scored 27 on 6/9 3-pt shooting in a loss to Cal but perhaps his best all-around game was an 18 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds effort in a road win over Washington State when Quade Green was unavailable. There were (are) some very clear transfer candidates from this year’s Husky team but Stevenson didn’t immediately appear to be one of them. He started all but 3 games this season for Washington and of the Husky guards was one of if not their best rebounder and defender. Stevenson’s gunner mentality given his below average 3-point shooting was a clear issue with his game but he was good enough in other areas to make up for it... It will be interesting to see where Stevenson ends up. He has proven that he can be a volume scorer at the power conference level. Does he want to move down to a Big West or Big Sky team and average 17+ points per game? Or does he want to go to another power conference team closer to competing and take a reserve role to try to win? Whatever Stevenson chooses I’ll be sorry to see him go and wish him luck." (From https://www.uwdawgpound.com/2021/3/23/22347344/erik-stevenson-enters-transfer-portal-uw-washington-huskies-basketball) Honestly, I don't know a huge amount about the kid, other than he was a pretty consistent player when he was at Wichita State. I can only assume that when the coaching change happened, the easiest thing for him to do was reach out to teams around his home, hence landing at Washington (he DID have an offer from them in 2017 when he chose the Shockers. Heck... LSU even offered him at the time, so he's got SOME kind of skills). Based on the fact that a Huskies fan wrote the article above (and someone who regularly reports on the Huskies), sounds to me like Frank Martin picked up a pretty capable player - someone who fits pretty well at an SEC program AND a guy who could potentially be that missing outside shooter the Gamecocks have needed. If he's willing to come in and work hard on the outside shooting aspect of his game, I'm encouraged by the reports.
  11. @Cockyandproud... TOTALLY understand that perspective. Assuming we lose no one else to the portal, I believe we have a REALLY strong team returning. The two new transfer additions are very good additions, in that we gain as much as we lose (from departing players). There are only a few more changes I would wonder about - Trey Anderson (who I would encourage to move on to the portal), and the potential return of Seventh Woods (who I believe stands to benefit enormously from one additional season in Collegiate ball). I don't see Lawson returning, and I don't believe that either Keyshawn nor Cousinard will be leaving for the NBA. Kitchen seems well stocked with bigs who can show dramatic improvement and increase scoring (just look at what Minott was doing in limited minutes on the floor, and out of shape). Kitchen also looks pretty good at the PG/SG position if one assumes the return of Cousinard and looks at the addition of Carter, as well as the incoming FR players. Biggest ?? is at PF/SF position, as we don't really know much about the incoming FR players - though Woodley seems for real.
  12. @LonghaulIt wasn't, and Caslen missed his chance to make a number of the people holding $$$ over Tanner/Frank's head look silly by calling them on that and saying, "we don't want the MUSC money, if it comes with the strings attached that you are describing". Regardless, we are where we are. Like @kingofnerf said, hopefully next year the ship is righted. If so, this whole conversation is just a big, ugly, bad dream. We move on and don't look back. Personally, I'm ready to focus on the 2021-22 team, what it looks like, what the strengths and weaknesses are, and begin to talk about next year. I'm done with all this Frank Martin silliness that has, unfortunately, taken up too much press time around Columbia in recent months. He's the coach for at least one more year. Even, if you don't care for the man, let's get behind the young men who remain in Gamecock uniforms and support them in their endeavors.
  13. Kid (well, young man in his case) is a baller. Seems like a great fit... more defensive and shot blocking minded. Loves interior defensive play. Worked in a system where he should easily adapt to Coach Martin’s style of D. Seems like a good fit, in my mind.
  14. Same reason they do here... $$$. (It's all about putting food in one's mouth). 😉

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