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  1. @crowcutta Admittedly, we didn’t make the needed FTs, but that issue is a straw man argument. We’ve won PLENTY of games this year where we have been outshot at the FT line. I’ve shown those numbers elsewhere in this forum. Where we REALLY got hurt tonight was the stupid fouls. We gave them 36 opportunities at free points, and they hit 28 of them. The vast majority of those were just DUMB fouls. Bryant, Frink and Cousinard alone committed 14 of the fouls - statistically, basically every foul committed by those three converted into points at the line (14 fouls/28 points). Bryant seems to be the worst offender right now. He’s playing too fast for his game to work (on both ends of the court). Now don’t get me wrong... I love all three of those guys, and want each of them to play well. But Bryant and Frink in particular have GOT to stop with the dumb lean ins with the body and even dumber reach-ins. Eliminate those mistakes, we run away with this game. Frink is starting to come around defensively, but tonight was a bad outing for him. Bryant had a second poor performance in a row... needs to clean things up. He’s too valuable for that to happen. Basically, what I’m trying to say is this... we played REALLY well against the one team in the league who could (and did) give us fits. We DO NOT match up well against their strengths - particularly their length. That’s why we had so many turnovers early... pressing inside too hard against long arms. Our defense, for the most part was stifling to their key players. Our offense, though not on point, was good enough that we had an opportunity to win even when it looked over. Just take away the extra trips to the line for Miss. State, and it’s a different ballgame.
  2. Remember what I said about everyone on the floor scoring 2-4 points? Moss and Hannibal have goose eggs. Add their points, we’re good to go.
  3. We give up too much defense with Frink and Leveque right now. The McCreary injury hurts us bad right now.
  4. It’s Mississippi State at the FT line that’s killing us. We’re doing that to ourself though. That’s what I said before the game... fouls would be our Achilles in this game.
  5. Cousinard starting to get heated up... if he AND Maik can be consistent, we’ll be good tonight. As long as everyone on the floor gives us a minimum of 2 or 4 points and AJ or Bolden contributing 8-12.
  6. That, unfortunately, is gonna be tough against THIS Miss. St. team. They’re very physical and move the ball well. that’s the kind of team that gives us fits with unnecessary fouls.
  7. Maik is gonna have a HUGE night tonight. I can just feel it already! 7-7 for 14 so far. Keep up the good work, big fella!
  8. I must say that barring the last minute of play, I’ve been exceedingly pleased with our play thus far. The only negative has been the two early fouls on Cousinard.
  9. This one is going to be a BEAST of a game for us. We simply don't match up well against them. This is the one team of anyone on our slate this year that gives me nightmares. I'm praying we can get one of two from them. If our guys all step up to the plate, we can keep this one close. If we have anyone who is not contributing defensively OR offensively, we're in for a long evening in Starkvegas.
  10. I don't like this one bit. It puts the spectre on our team that hung over Will Wade last year, and that obviously affected how LSU was received/perceived and likely was why some of the players at LSU tried to go pro early. I pray that the kids on the Gamecocks squad don't read into the Notice of Allegations and think that they need to take their game elsewhere because of a fear of probation/sanctions. UGH... This SUCKS. And the NCAA is the same group that kept Brian Bowen from competing in a Gamecock uniform and sent him to test the waters as a pro instead of waiting things out. I, personally, had a conversation with Chuck Martin when he first arrived in Columbia about that situation. I'm still pissed about the way the NCAA treated our University when compared with many of the others who were involved in the scandal that is now coming back to bite us again. Maybe Bowen will come back to testify on our behalf, since he is the POSTER BOY for mistreatment for absolutely no reason. (Though I don't know how much that would help things).
  11. FINALLY someone else is beating the same drum I've been beating since last June!! Our team needed time to gel, period. We had 4 total guys who had ANY court time with each other returning. ALL of the rest of the team were either FR, RS or were coming off significant injuries. It was a project that needed some work to turn into a well oiled machine. I've said for years that Coach Martin is one of the best X's and O's coaches in the SEC, and will win 4 out of every 5 games if we keep them close. He understands how to read other teams offensive tendencies like nobody's business, and can put defenses in that cause turnovers and easy baskets. Add to that the fact that we FINALLY have shooters, great PG play, and great interior play PLUS a deep bench... We've got a team that literally can compete with any team in the SEC (and in most cases BEAT any team in the SEC). On an unrelated topic... I'm a little scared of the Miss. St. games coming up. We don't match up well with their strengths and we'll end up going deep into our bench in those two contests to play with them (foul trouble will likely rear it's ugly head again, due to the style that Miss. State plays). But I truly think we could (and this is going to sound really strange) DOMINATE against LSU (meaning we beat them by at least 8-10 points), and have a lead most of the game. If we steal one against Miss. St., beat LSU and win all of the games that we SHOULD win, I think we should see our NET rankings in the top 55 teams to end the season, which puts us in a great spot for an NCAA berth. Keep the faith, fellow Gamecock Fanatics! Our time is now! And the future is even brighter!

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