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  1. I agree with Pawl. If you cant beat unc you are toast in the SEC. Period. Nothing he said was hateful or meant to inflame. If we are realistic, we have 3 sure fire losses on our slate in 2019 and we have not even got to the season opening kick off. Our margin of error for 2019 is very slight due to the schedule we have ahead of us. So beating unc is paramount to how much success we will actually have in 2019.
  2. I want to see this kid run the ball. I know he is fast and he was being recruited by a lot of good programs.
  3. I really hope we don't use the script design full time. The Block C should be always our regular head gear.
  4. I really like our Block C and Gamecock. I don't hate the script but it just looks cheap to me. Just my 2 cents.
  5. If Deebo is still around when the Patriots have their last first round pick I have a feeling they will draft Deebo. He is a perfect fit for the Pats. Team player, plays hard, smart and is just a damn good football player.
  6. That would look really sharp with a palmetto tree and cresent on it.
  7. Mack is playing an acc schedule every year. Mack will win by a full mile.
  8. Urich was all over the field Saturday. At 6ft 4 with his speed he could be a wild card out in the slot or at WR. Its going to be interesting to see how they utilize him. I think he is a really good athlete with plenty of brains so we need to use him in some form or fashion. I dont see him being much of a factor at QB so maybe our coaching staff will use him kind of like klempzun used whats his name.
  9. I would hope that is what our coaching staff is trying to sell them on. They would probably be the best defensive unit in the country. By a long shot.
  10. The way IMG works is The Bagman will tell the uncle or parents how much they will get paid. But the money will be held somewhere down at IMG. It can be filtered from there or get paid out after the athlete graduates college.
  11. Not many kids want to play the style of game that CFM coaches. Most of the kids don't take the type coaching style CFM uses either.
  12. As far as Burch, if I was CWM, I would be pitching to Burch that we already have Pickens in the roost. You can come in and offensive linemen or RBs will not be able to key just on your or Pickens. You 2 could be the nations best bookend DEs. Now meet Mr. Bagman and sign the intent come December. BTW does Mama need a new Caddy ???
  13. At least klempzun isnt on his list....yet. I guess the bagman hasnt made it to Clinton NC yet.
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