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  1. Dang right you can, weez done dat severell tymez.
  2. Here I Iz...my bestest Buddiez in da hole wide worldz wiff many a KoBeerz...Itz on now.....Wooooooooooooooooooo
  3. I would love to see Coach Cris Rumph fill the position but he has the title of Co-defensive cord now along with outside LB coach at Tennersea. So that aint happening.
  4. I will watch every second of the ass beating LSU is going to administer to klempzun.
  5. Feb. is just to damn cold to play or go see a baseball game...lol
  6. The Baseball God, Michael Roth. That is all I have to say about the matter...
  7. Hell this deal could get to a half a billion dollars. Crazy stuff.
  8. Due to the ass whuppin he administered to klempzun in front of the whole wide world and embarrassed the crap out of them on national TV. It's Roth for me. BTW, if yall aint figured it out by now, I hate klempzun with all my fiber.
  9. The more I hear about this kid and see his actions, the more I liked him. He had a lot of crap going on around him during his recruiting and it is evident he handled most of the preceedings by himself. Waiting to sign until Feb. so he could do so with his other teammates shows me he has a lot of class and is NOT all about him. Wonderful catch for our coaching staff.
  10. Yes Please, someone call the bagman to make sure he is taking note. LOL
  11. Still surprised no one gave Hugh Freeze a shot. Not as a HC per say but at least an OC position. Maybe too soon for most I guess but when someone does give him a shot they are going to be very happy they did.
  12. I feel Ole Miss got the ups on this one simply because Ole Miss has more resources to make things happen and Ole Miss does take football serious. I do think Drinks is a good fit at Mizzou. He can coach up with limited talent and money.
  13. He has the speed we need for a WR also. He has that pull away thrust that will score us some points someday.

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