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  1. I would also like to add that I understand how we all feel right now. The unc game was a bad and embarrassing loss. Should not have ever happened. Bad game plan and bad coaching in my book. I don't want to see that kind of crap again or I will jump off the CWM bandwagon.
  2. Hell, you need to add seeing the defense improve. I know we will see some improvement this year but next year should show us more.
  3. Got to disagree my man. CWM has done a good job with what he had to work with. The shelves were as bare for talent as we have ever had in history. This is the first year where CWM has some of HIS players in the fold that actually know what the hell they are doing on the field. You cant put RS Freshmen and true freshmen all over the field and expect to win big. Coach Tanner knows better than anyone what it takes to build a championship program. I will rely on Coach Tanner to make the call on CWM but I would bet the house it is a 6 year plan.
  4. If you have time check out the State House. One of the most historic state houses in the union. The grounds have a lot of memorials you may find interesting also.
  5. CWM and staff has as much time as they will need to get the program where it is suppose to be. If in year 6 we are still struggling then you can start warming the coaching seats up.
  6. One thing is for sure, we will find out if Bentz was the main problem on offense. This will be a tell all game as far as our offense goes.
  7. I think a Lloyd and Harris combination would be fabulous. Harris looks to be a stud in the making . He can get you 1 yard if you need it and he can bust one to the house. Going to be fun watching his progression.
  8. We will have to score 38 points to beat Bama. They are going to pound the ball to begin with then try to hit us with some big pass plays. They will try to take the wind out of the crowd and crush our spirit before the beginning of the 2nd quarter. So be ready for an attempt to take the game away very early.
  9. We do have that with BMac if CWM would let him do it. Go and look at games that we had good offensive outings. Our offensive scheme reminds me of the Holtz days. When Skip Holtz was allowed to call the game we scored. When coach Holtz got involved we didn't move the ball. I was on the sidelines during a few games during the Holtz years and let me tell you it was a war between Skip and his Dad. Half of the time the offense didn't know what the hell to do because Skip and Lou were still arguing about a play call. I think we have the same thing going on now.
  10. I still think CWM has way too many hard practices. Like EvilChick stated, we looked tired and gassed. You just don't go full bore every practice during the season. Its takes too much toll on the body and the mind. The players can heal and rest properly in my book.
  11. No one was really impressive this weekend. AllBarn had a good win but I still think Oregon was way overrated. This weekend should tell the tell on a few teams.
  12. If you take into consideration the Ole Miss and klempzun games last year and how well our offense performed, something ain't right. I know Ole Miss didn't have much of a defense but we moved the ball on them well. Now, take the klempzun game, the way we scored on them was pretty simple. We didn't give vernables time to signal his defensive plays in and his defense was pretty much lost. They were hardly lined up correctly and we took advantage of that. Then there is the last 2 games. We never ran the offense like the klempzun game, we were playing keep away. That tells me that CWM had a lot to do with the offensive game plan. BMac, when calling the game can light you up. CWM wants to play the conservative game and try to win with the defense. Your not winning many games with that type of game plan. College football has passed that type of philosophy due to the athletes that are put on the field. CWM got out coached Saturday, not BMac.
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