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  1. I wish they would ditch the call in show. I would bet the coaches would rather not do it also....LOL
  2. The kids explanation seems a little week to me. We have great facilities, probably better than any of his Top 5s. My translation on this is he doesn't want to play. lol
  3. I think this team has a real chance of making some noise this year. If we can rebound we should light some teams up.
  4. The thing on Mizzou can be very confusing. They have a new QB who skill set comes nowhere near matching the type offenses they have been running the last 6 to 8 years. Their defense took a hit loosing a couple of their main play makers but they always seem to have a solid defense. So I dont know how the feel about them on that side of the ball. I know there schedule is very favorable and I believe most of the big games are at home this year. Maybe that is what the so called experts are betting on. Either way we are a better football team than they are by a long shot. The question is, as we all know, can we hold up and play well against the hardest schedule in the nation along with not having wholesale injuries. If I had to take a guess right now, Mizzou will not finish better than 5th.
  5. The way I see all of this is our coaching staff has put us in the living rooms of highly valued recruits. We have not been able to do that in a long time. With klempzun recruiting nationally and trying to cherry pick the best SC has to offer, we should make some hay in SC right now. We have the opportunity to build or rebuild some relationships with high schools that the old coaching staff let go stale. If by some chance we have a 8 to 9 win season along with the crop of QBs we have coming in we could be in for a huge close on recruiting come Feb. It also seems most of our higher profile commits are doing their part in keeping in the ears of other recruits such as Burch and Tank. Lets face it, as in business, its all about relationships and who you like and trust.
  6. I still think if we could bag 8 to 9 wins this year, guys like Burch and Tank would come on board for sure.
  7. I was really excited about J Dickerson and the rest of the secondary. Not sure how much it will hurt but one thing for sure our depth back there just took a blow for sure.
  8. Just heard Dickerson is out for the season for some kind of weird bone growth. Here we go again in the secondary.
  9. I think with the combination of Brown HCing unc and Jawja being Jawja we have had some set backs. I do feel however we will get a very good if not the best class we have ever signed. Our newbies that have signed or are very solid commits are talking to these kids we are recruiting. The QBs Ski and Doty pull a lot of weight at those all star combines and games. They are in every ear we are recruiting. I think come Feb. we all will be very happy.
  10. I miss The HBC during SEC Media Days. He really made it worth while in my opinion.
  11. We will see a lot more tempo stuff this year. Our offense has been exposed to the tempo set up for a full year almost so I expect the tempo sets will be a plenty.
  12. Stack the box and play the run and popcorn passes, Kelly cant pass and will jet the pocket with just a little pressure.
  13. Our ranking will change a bunch of times before Feb. These kids are changing their minds every second now. Too many bagmen and uncles getting into these kids ear during the recruiting process.
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