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  1. He is healthy now. Glad to see him doing well.
  2. Doty will not be playing Friday night according to Phil Kornblunt..
  3. Too bad Hawgysaw cant get a good HC out there. They are probalby more of a sleeping giant than we are. They have the facilities and everything. Just NO coach.
  4. Wont be playing Friday night. Too bad. And another thing, even Gamecocks who are not officially signed are getting hurt. espn hates us...lol
  5. Going to be hard to can CWM with a 20 million dollar buyout. As far as a new coach, Drinks would have to be on the list somewhere. If we retain CWM but get rid of BMac, I would have to have Freeze at the top of my list for OC.
  6. Chad Morris's offense will not work in the SEC or nationally. When he was at klempzun, every team that had a good defense beat his schemes and play calling. He was the reason we beat them 5 in a row. With that said, I feel we have a problem not only with an offensive OC but the coaching staff as a whole. Being out coached by the likes of unc, Mizzou, UT and now Appy State just doesnt sit well with me. I fully believe you have to give a coach 6 years to get things right, especially they when you look at the mess and lack of talent that CWM inherited. But getting out coached like the staff has this year is a real big problem. I know we have had terrible luck with a lot of injuries the last 2 years but the Appy State game enlighten me on how bad we are coaching right now.
  7. and the coach of Memphis Stayut is the target.....dam...lol
  8. That aint happening....
  9. Wel crap. He was one of the main signees for me. Kid is going to be a good one. This one truely hurts. Oh Well
  10. With Bruch being very tight with Huntley and other players that we already have on campus, we would have and will continue to be on his list. Just keep your fingers crossed but dont get your hopes up too high. lol
  11. No one will touch Briles due to the type problems he had at Baylor, except maybe a smaller type program. Hugh Freeze is very possible, not only for South Carolina but other Power 5 programs. You should no there was a certain motive why Freeze went to coach at Liberty. Think about Freeze taking the Liberty job for a little while and it will come to you the reason he did it.
  12. A solid win by a decent margin. Got to build some momentum and confiedence for the rest of the season.
  13. For the life of me I cant figure out why klempzun didnt go after the kid. Complete mystery
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