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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. I have heard that CFM and Coach Tanner are pretty tight and are on the same page. Who knows but I still think we give CFM 2 more years before the hot seat gets warm. The program has had some weird things happen like injuries and such, so we will be a little more patient due to circumstances.
  2. $Billz

    DL coach John Scott Jr. talking sacks

    If I'm not mistaken, Brad is healing up from an injury.
  3. I just hate we have to open up in Charlotte again. No atmosphere what so ever. I hope we are just about done with these type games with exception of the Chic Filet Classic.
  4. Bottom line here is find 2 RBs that can play. See who has the hot hand and let them stay on the field. No more running back by committee. I doesn't work and it hinders the running backs efforts in getting into the flow of the game..
  5. This is one I feel we really need to close on. If we get him it points to CWM and staff getting over the hump and getting players that will make us relevant again.
  6. $Billz

    Recruiting News for Tuesday morning

    Dabney is getting ready to blow up..
  7. One thing is for sure, you aint going to Bama and play year one on either of their lines. So that should help us out a little.
  8. $Billz

    South Carolina QB commitment Luke Doty

    I would like to see Doty grow an inch in height before he gets here. He is a solid 6ft 1in kid and well built. His attitude, as far plays he makes on the field, reminds me of Garcia. I still worry if klempzun offers he could flip.
  9. This is at least the 2nd year we have lost to non conference opponents we should not have lost to. Losing to Wy. Wofford, klempzun ect ect should not happen. Those losses killed any chance we had to get into the tourney. I'm fine with CFM but we need to stop losing to programs early in the season like Stoney Brook.
  10. Sounds like to me the North End Zone is getting ready to get a face lift similar to what the South got. I suggest putting a smaller replay board on the opposite end of the stadium. If you sit inside the 20 yard line or in the North end zone you really cant watch the big board.
  11. $Billz

    QB derby, timeline to narrow things down

    Here is a little info for you folks. The way our coaching staff will play this is as follows. Name Joyner during the Spring as the 2nd stringer, then once through fall practice you will still see Joyner as the 1st option but you should see Hilk get some playing time during the season. This set up does 2 things, keeps Joyner in the fold and shows him respect. It also gives Hilk some time to learn the system and grow.
  12. Hell, CWM aint on no hot seat. That is BS. He had nothing when he walked in the the injury situation on defense last year was unheard of. CWM is fine and dandy right now.
  13. Sharpe's problem was his attitude towards the press and other people. He said some things in Green Bay that ticked the general public also. I'm not saying what he said or did was wrong but in the eyes of the fans, press and even team mates, it didn't play well for them.

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