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  1. Hassani and Haase also with 3 fouls and the lead is gone 46-45, time for the GAMECOCKS to make a run, lets go COCKS quite this crowd
  2. AJ Lawson is making his case for SEC Freshman POY but the GAMECOCKS have let this become a game with a few bad plays down the stretch of the 1st half, a few bad plays and hot shooting from miss st to start the 2nd 45-43 GAMECOCKS with 15:47 to play and Siva on the bench with 3 fouls
  3. 34-21 on Alanzo Frinks 2nd 3 of the year as we get close to one minute left in the half, the refs have not been our friends
  4. We have been playing pretty well as a team in stretches, would love to see 40 minutes of great team basketball but will take a win anyway it comes! This is a team that is good at taking the ball away, we need to not be lazy with our passes, be aggressive in going to the basket and defend the 3 to win it
  5. He is very skilled for a kid his size with a few years to mature and grow into his frame, impressive skills, coordination and athleticism for a kid his age and height.
  6. The GAMECOCKS have without a doubt become a better team as the season has progressed, they have become a pretty good if not real good shooting squad, found a go to guy inside that we thought would be the man all year in Silva and have found a few real streaky shooters who just get hot and hit 1,2,3 threes in a row out of nowhere. If they continue to progress as a Martin coached defensive team and keep up the offense a run is not out of the question, they have a chance to be dangerous in both the SEC and NCAA tourney, GO COCKS!! All of this while overcoming loses of their best defender who on top of that was the clutch shooter as well as depth at PG and the insane Jermaine situation, I would say those that thought Martin should be on the hot seat are haters and should get ready to eat a great big plate of crow. IMO Martin is and will be a legend when he retires a GAMECOCK, keep the faith and believe, most of all give the team your support when they are down because you never know as the Final Four run should have taught us all! Lawson and Bryant playing with Hannibal next year should make everyone excited but this year still has some magic left so I will leave it at that.

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