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  1. I certainly do not need you to talk for me and I think that your schtick of calling out the only coach to ever take us to the Final Four or for that matter win a tourney game in the last 40 years is insane but hey his style must suck and rely on officiating... When we make a run in the SEC Tourney it will be because the refs changed the way they called the game not because we are hitting shots. I didn't think the refs cost us the game as I thought they called bad calls both ways, of the 53 fouls called 20 of them were phantom about evenly split between the 2 teams and the technical fouls were absolutely stupid and gave Couisnard a BS foul! If you are going to call the game properly than call the moving screens that were non stop on our guards at the top of the key and call Pippen and Lee for using their off hand as well as for kneeing the defender when the went up for shots, Kotsar was kneed in the nuts 2 times and called for fouls while standing straight up until he was kneed in the nuts. SEEMS TO ME EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD IS A SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCK FAN OR A TROLL, IT IS NOT HARD FOR ME TO BE A GAMECOCK AND I HAVE NO TIME FOR TROLLS! I WILL ALWAYS GIVE THE GAMECOCKS A REASON TO BELIEVE AND HOPE!
  2. Learn from it and try to win the SEC tourney, still alive and time to make a run!
  3. WHAT? Coach Martin does not teach you to reach or to jump into the offensive player and it is ridiculous for the refs to call the fouls they call but allow moving screens as well as Pippen and Lee to use their off hand to get fouls called. We are behind the 8 ball based on the inability to hit the 3 and stupid turnovers, not the Coaching of Frank Martin!
  4. WOW, Lee comes in and we just give him layups with Moss just handing him the ball, come on GAMECOCKS! What a bad few possessions with Bolden chunking up one from the FT line, Moss handing it to Lee and Lawson just throwing up a layup instead of going up strong! Down by 10 with 9 minutes to play 52-62. I will say the refs are killing me allowing Lee and Pippen to use their off hand like a chicken wing to move our defenders the entire game.
  5. Having Minaya back makes Couisnard going to the bench a little less worrisome
  6. This^^^^ It killed me that we did not take advantage of putting Deebo in motion more often, the value of putting a man in motion are exponential to an offense IMO From the ability to define the type of defense and weakness of that defense but that is a ton to ask of a true FR. We should have the base offense perfected by the spring game and start inputting specialty plays for players as well as formation wrinkles over the fall. Having the QB under center with a veteran FB hybrid in Prentice in the system should help the QB and the RB immensely, I believe you will see Bobo get the RB in space in the passing game this year using 2 back sets and play action
  7. 3 SECTourney wins puts us in the title game, I like it! We will have a first RD bye regardless as a 6th seed or 5th seed but if we have a 3, 4 or 5 way tie after Kentucky I'm not sure how it works out as it will be the records against each other and then against Kentucky the team ahead of us as the 2nd tiebreaker... I don't think it is possible but I'm not doing the research or the math to figure out if it is, just crossing my fingers we beat Vandy! Would love to see Kotsar have the tourney of his life and Bolden catch fire with Lawson, Couisnard and Bryant playing above the rim and Justin Minaya come back healthy to play stop defense and hit a few clutch baskets but I would take a win no matter how we get it and think it is our time to win this tourney!
  8. They shoot a ton of 3's, you must block out to stop them from getting 2nd chance points off long rebounds and take advantage when you can run off those long rebounds, play under control and pound the ball inside to take advantage of our size advantage to get them in foul trouble if they get back to stop the break. Need Hannibal Couisnard to play smart, need Lawson and Bolden to hit outside shots and all of them to get the bigs some easy baskets as bama like to over play guards and push the pace. Neither team is good from the charity stripe, a FT shooting contest would not be pretty between us and them, though we seem to shoot better on the road. Expect to see Widens, McCreary and Frink play a good bit in this game if they can play disciplined on the defensive end of the court. Kotsar could have a huge game and we need him to do just that, I think they will give him the midrange jumper and play him one on one in the post for stretches, we have to take advantage of that or he has to take advantage of that! If we play hard on the defensive end of the court and under control on the offensive end of the court we should win this game but bama likes to play at a hectic pace and has the ability to will this on opponents.
  9. Florida is usually in the top 20 in the country in baseball attendance and top 30 in mens basketball attendance, not sure that is an accurate statement.
  10. If reports are correct today, he is going to be a large Buck for the GAMECOCKS, someone with his size and speed having the ability to roam around and make plays should excite everyone
  11. How about that sacrifice bunt to get the game winner in scoring position, Kingston is adapting to the SEC, you can't win them all by swinging for the fence, you got to have players that can manufacture runs as well!
  12. Let me reassure that he is worth all the fuss and what you are saying is pure assumption! From all accounts he is a very quite, reserved and hard working young man that is extremely coachable and willing to do anything for his team to win on and off the court!
  13. What does this do for Terry and Perry Dozier? They are both high school basketball coaches, it would seem to me that if either was involved it would hurt them but I have never heard of one high school or AAU coach getting in trouble for pimping out athletes. Kansas has much more severe allegations and it does not seem to have stopped them from doing business as usual and the NCAA has not even peeked into the Zion allegations at duke, what a joke!
  14. He is a Freshmen who played 7 minutes and gave us 1 rebound with 1 assist, 3 fouls and no turnovers, Moss played 15 minutes and put up the same stat line minus 2 fouls, 22 minutes from 2 Fr with no turnovers is a win in my book. I thought the foul on the 3 point shooter was a bad call, a flop and understandable call as Widens should jump straight up as he will learn to do but he is a FR and FR make FR mistakes that will annoy and frustrate. Many wanted Kotsar gone after last year, were annoyed and frustrated with him but look at the player he has become, many wanted Silva gone after his FR year but look at the player he became, I understand your frustration but have patients as I think if he can take the heat from Martin he will be a good one, he is aggressive and has a pretty good feel for the game. Frink and McCreary have started to play without hesitation and with confidence on both ends of the floor, finding their place and being comfortable with it! Between them, Bryant and Hannibal we have shown great depth even with the loss of Minaya. We played 9 guys 15 minutes, Bolden can be a hot hand and Hannibal impresses more and more as he learns to play under control. I'm most impressed with the way they pass the ball, I used to get so frustrated with the lackadaisical passing of Martin teams on the offensive end of the floor and the last 5 games we have limited stupid turnovers and moved the ball with authority and crispness that teams with chemistry do. The Final Four team was the worse early in the year with lazy passes and a bulb seemed to go off late in the year, they played with purpose and aggressiveness the latter half of the year and into the tourney.
  15. Iowa st and Oklahoma st are ranked ahead of us, uncheat is ranked ahead of ole miss with a losing record, just insane! Rant over
  16. Absolute insane that Auburn with only 2 losses is not in the top 10 or even top 5, if Kentucky had just 2 losses does anyone think they would not be top 5? The bias is amazing and I'm no fan of auburn at all, to see the press giving Michigan and ohio st votes in the AP and USA today top 25 proves this point. Marquette beats the #19 team while being ranked #18 and they move up but auburn beats #15 ranked lsu and they don't move, Dayton with 2 losses and their best wins are Georgia and vetch is ranked 6th but a 2 loss auburn team is #11 in the voted polls and #15 in the NET but #2 in the RPI, what a joke!
  17. He is by far the best recruiter we have had for basketball since McGuire, Dozier, Thornwell, Lawson, Silva, Notice, Bryant, Hannibal, Carrera, Blanton(if he does not hurt his knee), Couisnard. Minaya… LChat and Kacinas, Kotsar and throw in the transfers like Woods and Booker... McCreary, Frink and Leveque look like they will develop into pretty good players with all showing a pretty high ceiling if they get some confidence and things start clicking. Who is the other coach with multiple players drafted into the NBA and an multiple NCAA wins?
  18. Can he shoot? He looks fearless on the court and with his dribble but I can't find any highlights of his outside shot, God Bless you and wish your sons nothing but success!
  19. I really think this young man is going to be good, he is built like a brick Sh%t house and has a nose for the ball, hope he wears the Garnet and Black!
  20. In todays NCAA with the one and done as well as SOPHS and JR's regularly leaving early it is the exception to have a team full of SR's, the top 2 teams in the country preseason have a total of 3 seniors and will be led by Freshmen. The core of the team has played and lived together for more than a year, 2 of the players were leaders on there respective squads along with Kotsar and Minaya should be plenty of leadership with experience.
  21. On a side note how do you think the longer 3 point line will effect Martin coaching defense and our offense?
  22. In the one and done era it is almost the norm to not have a bunch of SR's, the majority of the players that will contribute this season have played ball together for more than a year. This is not a team of new recruits just coming in, all but a few have practiced and lived together for at least a year. I agree on Martin using the OOC schedule to dial in his starting five and substitution patterns but think this team with the leadership of Lawson and Kotsar will come out the gate swinging at the fences and we should contend for the SEC as well as a nice seed in the NCAA tourney. We all know if Frank Martin has the talent he can coach, this year will prove again!

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