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  1. 9 minutes ago, Swayin said:

    Burch was largely absent, though? don't remember hearing his name get called.

    He did not have any stats for the game, Sterling had a good game, thought Pickens and Ellis looked like men in the middle and Johnson is playing on another level, he has looked really good in both games IMO 

  2. The most dominant performance I have seen out of our D-Line in a long time, they consistently controlled the LOS and most impressive to me they very seldom rushed themselves out of the play and finished when given the chance! I think our DL and LB's are going to make our secondary look good this year, just my opinion but I see some draft picks on that D, some high draft picks! Brad Johnson was all over the ball along with Staley seemed to be around the ball every play and I really like what I see of Debo and Kaba as well as Louis Jr, thought Webb and Pickens looked good in the middle while our end play was just more disciplined IMO with Burch, Enagbare and Sterling making plays and disturbing the offensive play calling. 

         It was against a lesser opponent but we took care of business, looked well coached and besides from a few inopportune penalties we looked disciplined especially in the first half. Our defense looked really good on all 3 levels, they tackled well and were physical while our special teams was special and our offense efficient. All of this without the SEC's leading returning rusher and our starting QB as well as a few held out for disciplinary reasons that will contribute this year and I would say we have a ton to prove against ecu before we travel to Athens to abuse Uga...

  3. If we are going to have a good season we have to blow this team out and I believe the coaching staff will have no problem running, running, running the score up as we are deep at the RB position with RB's that can take it to the house... Harris, Lloyd, White and McDowell can all take it to the house. I also think our strength on defense is their weakness on offense, we are deep and talented at DL, we should exploit this early and often. I predict no less than 3 turnovers with no less than 5 sacks. The defense puts up 14 points and the offense puts up 42 for a 56-3 win, GO COCKS!

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Swayin said:

    Maybe we could just agree that they both fit best in the jobs they have and just move on.

    Agreed, I did not start the thread that regardless of intent is a slap in the face to Coach Martin and sets up Staley v Martin discussion that is futile and not needed IMO!

  5. On 8/2/2021 at 2:40 PM, Swayin said:

    I never said Dawn would make just as good a men's team coach.

    Just like I never said Frank would be better than Dawn or could connect to the players the way one of the greatest female players of all time could but once again here we are having the conversation...

  6. 1 hour ago, Swayin said:

    The idea that Frank could connect with female players on the floor and in recruiting the way one of the greatest female players of all time could, just because he's Frank, is laughable.

    So the vice versa would also be laughable if you use your logic but here we are having the conversation... 

  7. On 7/23/2021 at 3:59 PM, kingofnerf said:


    So, would that mean we would no longer schedule the in-state games like the Citadel and Wofford to cover the extra games?  Those games where we pay other lesser programs to play are good sources of revenue that they would not ordinarily.  Those cupcake games give us and other programs the chance to rest banged up players, too.

    Do you think the SEC is thinking about kicking TAMU and another school out of the conference to make room for the Sooners and the Longhorns?

    Maybe football goes the way of other sports and starts having preseason games with the likes of Citadel and Wofford, those schools still get a payoff and some publicity... I think the whole thing is teetering on a ledge, once you allowed players to be paid, all of this is new territory and with change comes... Without a doubt college football and athletics as a whole is about to have a huge facelift!

  8. On 4/20/2021 at 9:28 AM, LBC said:

    You mean of the over half of the entire team...all starters at one time or another...who all want out of there?  Are we at eight yet? 

    I still cannot believe we extended Martin's contract. Hell, his own players don't want anything to do with South Carolina or their 'beloved' coach...why do fans like him?

    No one has had this level of turnover...NO ONE! Oh...and we absolutely suck at playing the game of basketball. Will never understand what people like about Frank...the constant screaming? Stink eyes instead of in game adjustments and coaching? A system apparently so difficult to play it takes 3 years to even sort of figure out? If kids even make it that long....oh yeah...we did make a single NCAA tournament...in almost a full decade...an entire class ago...my bad! 

    I waited my entire life to see South Carolina win an NCAA tourney game, my entire life and Coach Martin took us to the Final Four on the cusp of playing for the trophy! In the process he won more NCAA tourney games than all our previous coaches combined, he won our first NCAA tourney game since 1973, the year I was born other than that no love for Coach.... He has more .500 season in the SEC than all our other coaches combined, he has put more players in the NBA than any coach since McGuire and it is not close! He brings talent to Columbia, he does not cheat and has exceptional character in my opinion hence why he is a very well respected coach among his peers!  

  9. On 4/13/2021 at 9:15 AM, kingofnerf said:

    It's funny at the beginning of the season how most people thought this was Frank's best class ever, but then the team seemed to implode as the season played out.  We had veteran players who should have rallied around their coach but didn't.

    Dawn had some issues earlier in the season with personality conflicts among her players, so she brought in some team-building consultants and got things between the players straightened out.  The best players in the country are going to bring big egos with them.

    It's hard to say what went on with Frank's squad, but I would assume Frank will address some of it in his annual off-season presser.  That should be a pretty interesting one BTW.  LOL

    Coach Martin did not get to spend much time with that team, he had a pretty severe case of COVID from what I understand and then fought it again. I remember commenting to a few friends and discussing how Coach Martin looked like death with his buzz cut and was sitting on the bench with no color or strength. 

  10. Coach Beamer did not come into a program absent of talent, if the coaches can coach them up and the players react well to Coach Beamer and staff we should have a much improved team. Our interior line on both sides of the ball should, I stress should be SEC caliber across the board with expectations of high end All SEC caliber players by year end on the DL. I really like the size of our interior LB's and DB's but the depth at those positions is my biggest concern for this team. We have a nice stable of RB's that If we play as advertised with a heavy run offense, we could sneak up on the SEC and have a very good year compared to most expectations. I really like the transfers that were brought in to provide some experience and leadership for this young team. The way our fans are all in behind the coach and team fully will go along way in "changing the culture", Coach Tanner did the GAMECOCKS well in hiring a former GAMECOCK imo! I have to admit I was on the fence with this hire but believe Coach Beamer has done all the right things in managing this team from the day he was hired and I will also admit I did not know he was the son of Frank Beamer, the apple does not fall far from the tree!

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  11. 16 hours ago, Swayin said:

    I realized late in the game that:

    A. You really and truly are a moron.

    B. That presenting facts, like "Frank has taken us to the tournament once in the eight years he was eligible to do so" only seems to whip you into a froth of "but Horn" and "you can't convince me." Usually compounded with as many exclamation marks and words in all-caps as you can slap down, as if those substitute for facts.

    So further effort to educate someone who clearly has no ability to digest the most basic facts and reasoning is pointless - enjoy the thread. You're not worth the effort.

    You couldn't educate my little niece on basketball, now take your analytics, get out your mothers basement and go outside for a spell, maybe learn how to play the game of basketball a little, idiot! 

    It would be a lot easier for you to say you don't have a clue who we could hire than ranting at me like an idiot! The fact is we went from 1973 to 2017 before we won an NCAA tourney game, we were moments from going to the NCAA title game and you would like to run the coach that accomplished this out of town, that makes you a huge DUMBASS in my book! 

    I will ask you and everyone on this thread who are you going to hire that is a better recruiter, better coach and more respected coach than Frank Martin... Or you could spit your facts and show how demonstrative you can be towards those who disagree with your OPINION! 


    On 4/30/2021 at 10:46 AM, Swayin said:

    Fair enough about the overall record, I got my numbers swapped. As for being clueless, you are guy who can't refute a single point with facts that I made above about conference record, number of tournament appearances over the eight eligible years they could have gone, or your laughable "they get better as the season goes on" gibberish. All you have is an opinion; all I do is present numbers that your opinion does not refute. And who the $%^& said anything about that jackass loser Horn?

    For the record, I'm not whining, by the way - I'm calmly presenting you with numbers while you flail about like a 9 year old; you are so clearly out of your depth. Lastly: Don't pretend that you know who we could hire to replace Frank should that occur, because you don't have the faintest idea. Neither do I. Nobody does with the possible exception of Ray.  But I do know we have good facilities in a good conference and a stout budget. Which I think could get us more than two conference wins. You feel that's the best we could possibly do, which is sad, much like the load of absolute crap you present as your reasons why that is the case.

    All you have is an opinion, all anyone has is an opinion and I think your opinion sucks and is clueless! The first group of numbers, facts as you want to call them were incorrect so I did not look much further, your bad! 

    I do not need to refute your awful opinion, you would be one of the guys that forced McGuire into retirement telling everyone how we could get someone better, our facilities are better than not making the NCAA tourney every year and he never finished under .500! We did not win a tourney game until we hired Martin and you want him to be gone after a year in which he battled a pandemic. CHEW on this, we have been in the SEC since 1992 and Martin has finished over .500 in conference more times than all other coaches combined, similar to NCAA victories, Martin with 4 all other coaches 4... WOW!!! Your idiotic statement that you think our facilities, conference and budget could get us more than 2 wins and that I think that is the best we could do is just stupid, dumb, ignorant when you think about Coach Martin being the most successful coach in our history, you would like to go another 30 years without an NCAA win chasing the next coach who would then be chasing the legacy of Martin, CLUELESS! 

  13. On 4/27/2021 at 7:41 PM, Swayin said:

    I guess I would say that it is wasting time to convince anyone of anything when they are sure that a guy who has been to the tourney once in his last eight attempts, has a losing record here, a losing conference record here, and just finished the season with 2 SEC wins is "the best coach we have the possibility to hire." Either that or we should just #$%^can men's BB and take up water polo, because if that's the best we could possibly do, we are setting a new high bar for mediocrity.

    The 2nd time you said he has a losing record here, 153-133 and we had 4 SEC wins this year, maybe you should not try and convince anyone of anything because you are clueless!

    I did that hoping someone would bring up Dave Odom, so the other coach that had a record of proven post season success that we ran off, HOW DID THAT WORK OUT, HOW MUCH GREENER WAS THAT HORN GRASS????? I would have loved to see Odom lead the talent rich team of Archie, Downey, Muldrow, Frederick and Raley-Ross.... I also think the committee would have put us in the tourney had we not run Odom off instead Horn took us to the NIT despite winning 20 games and being tied for the second best record in the SEC but hey don't waste your time trying to understand, just whine and tell us how we should do better, can do better if we just fire our coach.

    Once again who you going to hire that can recruit better talent, is more respected and has proven they can win with talent? Don't waste your time because you can't!

  14. On 4/19/2021 at 1:42 AM, Swayin said:

    Not making any rules. Just pointing out that "bbbbut Kansas State" is a laughable way to promote someone getting an extension, If you have to dig that far back maybe you should rethink your position.

    "Hey, Boss, I'd like a raise. I had a really great sales quarter - four years ago."

    "You want a raise because you had a good quarter four years ago?"

    "Hell yes. And don't forget that great quarter I had 10 years ago!"

    "You didn't even work here then."



    Except for this year, right, when they were 1 for their last 10? Last year they were 5-5 in their last 10 games. The year before that they were 5-5. Year before that they won 4 of their last 13. Year before that they were 4-6. Year before that, 5-5. When does this mythical "consistently play better at the end" thing start again? OK, back to it - year before that, 5-5. Year before that, yup, you guess it, 5-5. I'll stop there.

    In sum: Color me unconvinced by your "argument."

    Your pal,


    So he was asking for a raise? 

    No one said but Kansas St, simply stating he had proven success in the tourney and without a doubt more proven than any coach we have had or have the possibility to hire, change my mind

  15. 18 hours ago, Swayin said:

    What he did 10+ years ago for another team has nothing to do with the argument for or against why he should still be our coach. 

    Yeah, you make the rules on what facts are relevant in this argument Karen, sorry???? Wow!

  16. On 4/13/2021 at 7:56 PM, Swayin said:

    That's a push. He's been to the tourney one out of eight years he was eligible to do so. And all the comparisons to our past coaches tells me is that they were even worse. I hope Frank wins next year, I really do. But I don't think the odds are good.

    He has only coached at South Carolina?? 

    I think he is going to have a loaded roster with a few swiss army knife inside out players that will make it his best defensive team as a head coach. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Cockyandproud said:

    And I’ve shown you the record, yet you continue to tout what a great coach Martin is. Muschamp looked good on paper, and he did well at the beginning, a cramped out. It’s the exact same thing. I don’t care what he DID, what is he doing?  He’s lost it. He was a good coach, but he isn’t anymore. If you like him, good for you, I hope you enjoy next year, when we will probably suck again. If we don’t, great!  I don’t care what hardships he had to deal with. Every team in the country had to deal with protocols and such. Adapt and overcome. I would be thrilled to be wrong, but I’m pretty sure a year from now, we will be dealing with another failure of a season. His own players don’t have enough faith in him to stick around. He’s the coach, and I’ll be hoping he wins, just like I did with Muschamp, but I learned my lesson with him. When a coach is making excuses and blaming players, he’s the problem. 

    Only Felton and McGuire have better win %'s of coaches with more than 1 season and Martin owns half our tourney wins....

    What other coach had Covid twice and was successful, not every team had a coach catch Covid so not every team delt with the same protocols. I have never heard a Frank Martin coaches kid say one negative thing about the man, not have I heard Martin blame his kids. I have heard him hold them accountable, I've heard him try to motivate them through the press but I have heard him on many occasions that it starts and ends with the head coach! His system is proven and his success in coaching kids is undeniable, his success in holding kids accountable is undeniable, his teams consistently get better as the season progresses and play their best ball at the end of the year!

    Next years team could have a bunch of hungry athletes competing in a healthy competition for playing time with a good mix of youth and experience if Coussinard and Bryant return like I believe at least one will with high Hope's both come back with Lawson for a shot at greatness 

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