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  1. In todays NCAA with the one and done as well as SOPHS and JR's regularly leaving early it is the exception to have a team full of SR's, the top 2 teams in the country preseason have a total of 3 seniors and will be led by Freshmen. The core of the team has played and lived together for more than a year, 2 of the players were leaders on there respective squads along with Kotsar and Minaya should be plenty of leadership with experience.
  2. On a side note how do you think the longer 3 point line will effect Martin coaching defense and our offense?
  3. In the one and done era it is almost the norm to not have a bunch of SR's, the majority of the players that will contribute this season have played ball together for more than a year. This is not a team of new recruits just coming in, all but a few have practiced and lived together for at least a year. I agree on Martin using the OOC schedule to dial in his starting five and substitution patterns but think this team with the leadership of Lawson and Kotsar will come out the gate swinging at the fences and we should contend for the SEC as well as a nice seed in the NCAA tourney. We all know if Frank Martin has the talent he can coach, this year will prove again!
  4. If he can set picks, rebound and play hard nosed defense with senior leadership he is a good fit, I think we only need someone looking to score off the glass or pick and roll with the guards and wings we have.
  5. What do you think of Macaiah Henry? I think he would be a good fit to go with and help push Wildens and McCreary in practice and give us 10-15 minutes of hard nosed defense and rebounding with 5 fouls. He and Kotsar can work on FT's together...
  6. Skai Moore 2.0 He looks like he could easily be 220-25 before he arrives on campus, the comment concerning the DL he will be playing in front of has to excite you!
  7. I like Dominik out of ole miss and Jayce Johnson out of Utah or the flying Dutchmans brother Derrik Smits out of Valpriaso, Blackshear is a huge get for someone and I would love to see Frank reach out to him as he is the piece we need IMO He will just about have his choice of school to join. Matt Ryan, Keith Stone or KJ Lawson are a few others on the portal at the present.
  8. He was in his 30's and not ready to take over a program with fans like USC, he is/was a prick of epic proportions while head coach of USC and his first year of success gave him such a big head that he had to have assistance to get in the arena so I understand your feelings. Putting all that aside I can see him having some success based on his past success at W Ky and having connections in the state. He did sign Gill and the Ellington, Harris and Slawson class was ranked 11th in the country, Lakeem Jackson and Ramon Galloway were decent recruits.
  9. We have such a guard heavy roster that it pains me to say I don't see how we have room, we need to replace Haase with a big or a 3-4 wing. With true PG's Bolden, Moss and Hannibal to go with Lawson, Minaya and Couisnard who can all handle the ball and run an offense we need another Bryant or McCreary type off the transfer portal maybe, Kerry Blackshear Jr from VT, Alex Illikainen from WI, Barret Benson from Northwestern
  10. Horn being from KY and having a name based on his success at W. KY with Courtney Lee that got him the USC job and his time on TV broadcasting college games will get him in doors with recruits and he has shown that with talent he can win some games. I am with you in not being a fan of his but I find it hard to believe that he did not learn anything since his time at USC and think it is a good hire by a small KY school completing the transition to big time D1 basketball to bring home a local boy with ties to the basketball community and a history of being able to succeed.
  11. Teflon Dawn has a plan I have no doubt! She has a historic FR class coming in and can bring in a graduate transfer or 2 for a year. I'm curious if this is just coincidence or another story develops as well?
  12. Great Post!! My bracket sucked, I did finish in the actual top 10 of YAHOO's bracket tourney the year South Carolina went to the final four, I won nothing. Good luck and hope you win the prize.
  13. Coach Martin will have a pretty full chest of weapons next year, he will have a ton of versatility from 1-4 as the OP points out. I was trying to remember the last time Coach Martin had the ability to go 10-12 deep or make wholesale changes during a game and my mind is blank. Coach will be able to run and run a ton with the quick, athletic PG's, long, versatile athletic wings with bigs that can run the floor and still defend the basket at an elite level creating offense from defense. I think Coach Martin will have a good group of core players to educate each other this offseason, a star in AJ Lawson who will have an outstanding SO year with the athletes and shooters around him to spread the floor, a star in the making in Minaya with something to prove coming back from injury whom both should be great leaders this offseason. The lone SR in Kotsar has been to the final four and also has something to prove and play for, he may gain the most from not having Silva in the lane on offense, he will have to lead a young group of bigs. If Anderson and Green can provide minutes like Haase and knock down shots to go with some defense would make us really good. If McCreary and Wildens catch on quick on the defensive end we could be really good with Haase, Kotsar and Frink working with them during practice. I'm excited to see Trea Hannibal, Couissnard, Bolden and Moss run the PG with the shooters and athletes we will have next year to spread the floor and run with if Kotsar and the bigs can defend and rebound to start the break it will be a very good year IMO. Carey Rich's Pro Am in Columbia this year will be fun to watch, look forward to see the new Gamecocks and progress of the returning Gamecocks this summer.
  14. Lets look into the future a little or try, I think Lawson is a complete ball player with elite talent and size, he will continue to improve on a FR year that he averaged 13ppg, 4rpg and 3apg to go with a steal. Lawson will continue to improve on a season that rivals PJ Doziers SO year, IMO he should have been the SEC FR of the year but I'm admittedly bias. Kotsar will be the only SR and should be playing with something to prove, he will get more looks and should have a great senior year with the young wings and guards opening the floor up for him. We add another tall shooting wing, a Downey like PG and a FR Silva like big in 2019, to go with Couisnard, Moss, Bolden and Minaya to replace Gravett, Silva and Campbell. I look forward to watching the improvement of Bryant and Haase, they both have a ton of potential, if Haase can get a tad bit faster/quicker, a few back to the basket moves to go with his shot consistently could make us great. Bryant put on 10-15lbs of muscle to go with a solid jumper or consistent catch and shoot, better pick and roll skills, better or consistent decision making would make him special and us great. Minaya and the sharp shooting Anderson should make our first 5 wings with Couisnard, Lawson and Bryant a tough match up for anyone in the country on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court, their size and ability to assist the smaller guards handle pressure and pass the ball out of it will tell us a ton about how next season will go, knowing when to attack the pressure as well as to apply pressure on the defensive end to make offense will fall on Hannibal, Moss and Bolden. Those 8 players give us the ability to run, run and run with anyone and Cudd, Kotsar, Haase, Leveque and Frink give us bigs to rebound and run with them or slow it down when needed, set picks and bang inside. I hope Coach Martin can keep this team together and have these pieces for an entire year, here is to a healthy and successful 2019 for the Gamecock basketball program!
  15. I'm all in for Coach Martin, I think Coach's greatest attribute also leads to some cringe worthy moments as he is straight up and speaks his mind. Coach Martin builds relationships, his passion can be over bearing at times, players that graduate under Coach Martin will always be a part of a Coach Martin program. Coach Martin is a very respected coach in both high school and college coaching ranks, players that stick with Coach Martin become better as he has an eye for talent. I think that he will produce success and runs like the final four while he also needs to continue to work on his over bearing passion at times that produce cringe worthy moments. We get caught up talking numbers that can show Coach Martin as our most successful coach in his 7 years here but if you just look at the program being built, the foundation that has been laid, the relationships that have been built, the success that he has had and is possible under him we as Gamecock fans should be all in for Coach Martin and the young, extremely athletic and versatile team he has already started coaching for next year. I hope we all agree he will be our coach next year, give this team support and put no undue pressure or heat on the seat until after next year at the earliest because he is our coach until at least that point and deservedly so IMO At the same time I think Coach Tanner needs to talk to Coach Martin concerning having fun, enjoying the moment in both wins and losses, selling yourself and the program at all times while still being straight up and speaking your mind. Coach Martin has a passion to win, the fans have a passion to win and it can become a volatile relationship that divides a fan base and a program ruining everything that has been built the last 7 years, ruin the run AJ Lawson, Bryant, Trae Hannibal, Minaya, Kotsar, Moss, Leveque, Couisnard, Frink, Haase, Anderson and Bolden could make before it starts.
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