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  1. Because every president before him pardoned gentlemen and scholars...
  2. The military does not hate our president and our president does not hate our military, I work with the military everyday and oversee military contracts, in fact I'm sitting on a military base writing this message but hey your blind with hate and know it all!
  3. Ok bro, so if you hire someone that is a criminal we can wiretap you? I hire people all day everyday, I contract with people all day everyday and if any of them is convicted of a crime I should not be wire tapped or spied upon without a legitimate warrant! You put your blinders on in hate for a president, the folks that spied on him and lied to the FISA court to legitimize spying on him are criminals and if you can't see that Bro, dude, sport your blind!
  4. I will make it easy, tell me one thing that is not a crime the president can be impeached for as per the constitution, I'll wait?
  5. The process has nothing to do with only being able to be impeached by committing a crime as per the constitution. Treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors are all crimes, each and everyone, prove me wrong as I sit back and enjoy some popcorn.
  6. How uninformed can one hater be, Bro like most Democrats think he allocates way too much money to the defense of this country, you could tell how much the military hates him when he was attending the Army-Navy game LMAO Bro, like you are blind with hate, come out the dark and at least see a little light! A wise person once told me if you can't see the good in someone you are lost in hate and your heart is black with vengeful thoughts!
  7. What does Benghazi have do with anything that I wrote? So what were the proper channels that then Vice President Biden went through to withhold aid to get a prosecutor fired? What were the proper channels that Hillary went through to get the Steel Dossier and the Obama administration used to spy on its political foe and will more than likely over throw all the convictions that were illegally taken to court from these illegal FISA warrants!
  8. Bro, like OK! So if you work with people that are criminals we should wire tap you, the government is fine to spy on a presidential candidate and his election team because of the illegal activity that just so you know BRO had nothing to do with the election, Trump or during the time that Trump was president as every charge was put together to coerce them to say what the FBI wanted them to say on Trump and yet Trump is still president and been convicted of nothing! You just like to say he is a criminal because you hate he won the election and not your crooked Hillary!
  9. So when they got a warrant to spy on Carter Page who was an advisor to the Donald Trump presidential campaign, when they applied for FISA warrants with Trumps name in them you believe that Obama had no knowledge and it was not under his watch. So you think we had a rogue FBI and this should not be investigated nor is it a problem?
  10. So that is how it works, so did his aid come through in January and tell the senate he would testify? Bolton nor Kupperman were employees of the White House at the time so why is the White House responsible for them choosing not to testify?
  11. The heart of the issue is the investigation of a political rival according to all sources but no one has brought up an investigation of Obama or Hillary for investigating Trump, why is it OK to investigate Trump but not OK to investigate Biden? Think if they had sources that Trump was spying on Biden, Obama or Hillary or Sanders or any Democrat and had gone to the FISA court with a Dossier he bought and paid for from a foreign operative, your hate is blind if you can look with a blind eye on one and not the other while still hollering Russia, Russia, Russia as your party steams its way into Socialism! The FBI used a sham investigation to ruin the lives of Americans with lies to get wire taps on American Citizens but you are worried about Trump asking a foreign government to look into corruption, not to lie and spy but open an investigation into what any sane person would say is at a minimum suspect!
  12. So because his lawyers indicated he would not testify voluntarily the House did not subpoena him but you would have liked the Senate to subpoena him 2 months later, BRILLIANT, freaking genius. What is better that on Jan 6th Bolton stated he would be willing to testify in the senate hearings, what changed, why the problem testifying in the House at the blame of the president or "White House" but just a month or so later he is ready to go?
  13. Let me reassure that he is worth all the fuss and what you are saying is pure assumption! From all accounts he is a very quite, reserved and hard working young man that is extremely coachable and willing to do anything for his team to win on and off the court!
  14. The House did not Subpoena Bolton but hey you live in your fantasy world and skip down the golden brick road!
  15. By definition both are crimes and it is spelled out as I wrote, Treason, bribery and high crimes or misdemeanors, once again all crimes!

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