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  1. Thornwell and Notice disagree. Booker could shoot it... It means athletic and raw, probably not a great free throw shooter or shooter but active on the the glass, defensive end and fills the lane well while being a decent passer and feel for the game.
  2. He did not have any stats for the game, Sterling had a good game, thought Pickens and Ellis looked like men in the middle and Johnson is playing on another level, he has looked really good in both games IMO
  3. The most dominant performance I have seen out of our D-Line in a long time, they consistently controlled the LOS and most impressive to me they very seldom rushed themselves out of the play and finished when given the chance! I think our DL and LB's are going to make our secondary look good this year, just my opinion but I see some draft picks on that D, some high draft picks! Brad Johnson was all over the ball along with Staley seemed to be around the ball every play and I really like what I see of Debo and Kaba as well as Louis Jr, thought Webb and Pickens looked good in the middle while our end play was just more disciplined IMO with Burch, Enagbare and Sterling making plays and disturbing the offensive play calling. It was against a lesser opponent but we took care of business, looked well coached and besides from a few inopportune penalties we looked disciplined especially in the first half. Our defense looked really good on all 3 levels, they tackled well and were physical while our special teams was special and our offense efficient. All of this without the SEC's leading returning rusher and our starting QB as well as a few held out for disciplinary reasons that will contribute this year and I would say we have a ton to prove against ecu before we travel to Athens to abuse Uga...
  4. If we are going to have a good season we have to blow this team out and I believe the coaching staff will have no problem running, running, running the score up as we are deep at the RB position with RB's that can take it to the house... Harris, Lloyd, White and McDowell can all take it to the house. I also think our strength on defense is their weakness on offense, we are deep and talented at DL, we should exploit this early and often. I predict no less than 3 turnovers with no less than 5 sacks. The defense puts up 14 points and the offense puts up 42 for a 56-3 win, GO COCKS!
  5. Agreed, I did not start the thread that regardless of intent is a slap in the face to Coach Martin and sets up Staley v Martin discussion that is futile and not needed IMO!
  6. Just like I never said Frank would be better than Dawn or could connect to the players the way one of the greatest female players of all time could but once again here we are having the conversation...
  7. So the vice versa would also be laughable if you use your logic but here we are having the conversation...
  8. Yeah and Coach Martin could also coach and have success coaching the women's team as he would not have half the competition...
  9. Maybe football goes the way of other sports and starts having preseason games with the likes of Citadel and Wofford, those schools still get a payoff and some publicity... I think the whole thing is teetering on a ledge, once you allowed players to be paid, all of this is new territory and with change comes... Without a doubt college football and athletics as a whole is about to have a huge facelift!
  10. I waited my entire life to see South Carolina win an NCAA tourney game, my entire life and Coach Martin took us to the Final Four on the cusp of playing for the trophy! In the process he won more NCAA tourney games than all our previous coaches combined, he won our first NCAA tourney game since 1973, the year I was born other than that no love for Coach.... He has more .500 season in the SEC than all our other coaches combined, he has put more players in the NBA than any coach since McGuire and it is not close! He brings talent to Columbia, he does not cheat and has exceptional character in my opinion hence why he is a very well respected coach among his peers!
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