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  1. Good point! I'll have to start recruiting guys with lazy eyes, so that way they can keep one eye on the ball and one eye straight ahead.
  2. So put the petal to the metal? Put that hammer down and give it hell? Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your ass?
  3. Awesome. I have other pieces of wisdom too. Like "Stick 'em with the pointy end" and "Sweep the leg."
  4. As it turns out, none of the Taters got their secret decoder rings in time to decipher Dabo's pregame message, and that is why they lost.
  5. I dunno. I have had a good bit of experience screaming things like "Keep your eye on the damn ball!" Does that count?
  6. So you're saying I should put my name in the hat?
  7. Hopefully this is just the beginning of their downfall. It's going to happen sometime, so it might as well be now.
  8. So I finally did the smoke/fry thing with some wings. I grabbed some wings, and gave them a tiny bit of salt and some garlic powder. Smoked at around 225-250 for about 45 minutes. They had an internal temp of about 175 when I pulled them. Then I fried them in 350 degree oil for just a few minutes - long enough to crisp the skin before tossing them in a traditional butter/hot sauce mixture.
  9. I read that article earlier today. Well, most of it. If anything, it tells me that there is a multitude of reasons behind it. Sure every game being on television these days hurts things. I mean it wasn't that long ago that we had certain games only on PPV through Jefferson Pilot with the rest being scattered between the ESPN channels and CBS. What I took from this guy's perspective is the disparity that exists between the haves and the have-nots. His first two segments focused on a UF/Vandy where literally nobody was excited to see that game and the tater / Wake game where the score was out of hand before half time. I mean even the OSU/Penn State segment illustrated it, because it's not like Penn St. has been anywhere close to as dominant in that league like OSU has. Of course it doesn't really matter, because the loss of those asses in the seats is more than made up for by ad revenue from the television broadcasts. However if anyone really wanted to maximize both the TV and in person markets, they might look at narrowing down the levels of competition. I personally would start with reducing the number of teams in the FBS. After that, something would need to change with recruiting in order to minimize the chances of a handful of teams stockpiling top talent year after year.
  10. Lattimore, who ranks fifth on the program’s rushing list and had an outsized impact on the program, will be leaving the role of director of player development and replaced by former Gamecock QB Connor Shaw, The State confirmed Friday morning. The Athletic and WACH Fox first reported the news. https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-football/article239064813.html
  11. It always feels colder at the games with all of those fans.
  12. Well from what I remember, Clowney had a bit of a work ethic problem too. Fortunately for us and him, his talent and ability made up for it.
  13. They always had good chocolate milk.
  14. Yeah that is one of the other problems with the whole star system. Much like the other rankings in college sports, there is a biased lean towards certain programs.
  15. I think it's also important to have good evaluations on those stars. Demetris Summers comes to mind for us. Others outside of the program, like Mitch Mustain didn't pan out all that well either.
  16. Star ratings don't take into account a willingness to win. Brewer had it, Shaw had it, and so did DiMarco.
  17. Does there exist no oversight for these appointments? I'm honestly asking, because I do not know how the checks and balances, if there are any, work for a university's administration. It just seems to me with the recent string of questionable personnel appointments that there should be some body of interested parties like alumni or donors or something like that who can override these decisions.
  18. Sweet! So you should be able to tell us ahead of time who's winning by the time the 3rd quarter starts.
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