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  1. I came to the conclusion that he had no interest in winning games. I didn't want to think that for a while, because I don't think people generally go to work with the goal of doing a bad job. In Muschamp's case, I think his whole recruiting pitch was to get players to the NFL. Winning games was secondary.
  2. I don't really have a quantifiable set of expectations. I think that as long as we're seeing smart plays and the team is not getting blown off the field, then that's good enough. If I had to put a number on it, I would say 5 wins. That gives us Eastern Illinois, East Carolina, Troy, Vandy, and then one other from the rest on the schedule.
  3. The base I work at is taking it seriously this time. One of our Gunnys went in to sick hall with a cold and walked out with a 10 day quarantine.
  4. They're in. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31913980/sec-unanimously-votes-invite-texas-oklahoma-join-conference
  5. Can we still be down 38-14 late in the game and go on an 18 play drive that eats up over 7 minutes and results in no points?
  6. He also coached more games in those first 3 years than any prior, which is a stat he always conveniently left out when tooting his own horn.
  7. We beat the taters, then we'll be digging up the goal posts, retract mechanism be damned.
  8. Looks like the wheels are in motion. Texas and Oklahoma have declared their intent to leave for the SEC. https://www.hookem.com/story/sports/football/2021/07/26/college-athletics-texas-starts-process-leave-big-12-join-sec/8090342002/
  9. That's one of my combat patches.
  10. We already have that. Both Jaycee Horn and Israel Mukuamu did that for us last season. Sure they came up with "good reasons" later, but we all know the real reason behind it (Muschamp fired). Either way though, nothing would have stopped them from sitting out just to solely focus on the draft. As for the other stuff, I have no problem with jettisoning the cupcake games. As far as I am concerned, no Power 5 team has any business playing anyone outside of the Power 5. I mean sure if we had pre-season games like was previously mentioned, that would be cool. Otherwise any game against
  11. Maybe that is why. I am not a graduate of the University of South Carolina. I did a lot of my college there, but deployments pulled me out of school before I could finish my degree there. I eventually wound up transferring my credits to Post University, changing my major from Criminal Justice to Computer Information Systems, and finishing coursework for my Bachelor's online with them. I could probably go back to USC and finish that Criminal Justice degree, and only need a handful of courses, but I no longer live in Columbia and I don't really see the point other than being able to
  12. I don't think I've ever been into Group Therapy. Most of my Five Point days were spent in a little dive bar called Fat Alleys. It was right next to one of the other popular joints in the early 2000s. Sharky's maybe? Whichever one it was, the place had a 2nd floor. Anyways Fat Alley's was a bar in every sense of the word. There was no dancing or other crap like that. I think they had 1 or 2 pool tables, and maybe a dart board. They also had this great looking blonde chick behind the bar who I had some classes with. She would slip me a free beer from time to time, so that was a plus.
  13. I've seen various chatter between Reddit and Twitter. According to those folks this is all but a Done Deal™. And allegedly a preliminary vote among the SEC members is 13-1 in favor of adding them. I don't know how true any of that is, so grain of slat and all that.
  14. My second shot had me feeling bad for half a day, but it wasn't too bad. A sore arm and a lot of tiredness was about the extent of it.
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