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  1. Well we could still lose accredidation from the whole Caslen thing. That would be much worse.
  2. Did anyone really need a spy for that revelation? ISIS is rebuilding?
  3. You know I am seriously tired of hearing him toot his own horn for that "most wins by any coaching staff in the first three years" crap. For starters, we play more games now than we did under those previous regimes. And when he loses against the taters in a couple of weeks, he'll also be tied with Lou Holtz for the most losses in the first four years. And nearly half of Lou's losses came in the first season.
  4. Yeah it would make the off-season a good bit more bearable, but that's like hoping to win the lottery so you can pay your past due light bill.
  5. I wonder if, in the future, other family friendly movies will make their way to this medium. Specifically, I'd love to see Will He Bonk Her in the Chocolate Factory.
  6. Honestly though, was pleased to find out that they included some of the old classics I remember watching as a kid. Films like Titty, Titty Gang Bang and Cherry Poppins just bring back great memories. They have that certain something only found in the classics. I mean I don't have anything against stuff like The Loin King, but it's hard to beat the older stuff.
  7. In the Marvel selection, stay away from Ex-Men. All of the chicks look very masculine for some reason.
  8. I do like their Star Whores lineup. I watched quite a few of them in a marathon this week. The Fapping Menace, Attack of the Bones, Revenge of the Bitch, A New Hole, The Harlot Strikes Back, Return of the Brown Eye. I haven't gotten to The Whores Awaken yet. I was thinking tonight I might watch that one if the game goes poorly.
  9. I don't know anything for sure, but I imagine it was sold as a recruiting tactic. With Muschamp's already shaky reputation, having years on his contract and a hefty buyout would show coaching stability. Regardless though, such a large one for essentially an unknown commodity was foolish. I mean did anyone really expect that Muschamp would get pissy and quit? Or that some other school would try to pry him away? Not likely. That was just poor negotiation on Tanner's part.
  10. Yeah his salary is low too. I'm sure both of those dollar amounts will be substantially increased very soon.
  11. Well as odd and disappointing as this season has been to this point, for better or for worse, the team has been ending streaks since game one. They ended winning streaks against UNC, Mizzou, App St., and Tennessee. They ended losing streaks against UGA and Kentucky. Maybe two more streaks come to an end?
  12. I mentioned somewhere earlier this year that we might want to take a look at Mike Houston. He's having a rough year in his first year at ECU, but he's done well everywhere else he's been. If he starts winning big at ECU too, I'd expect him to get some big offers.
  13. "Coach Muschamp is my coach. That's the message. He will be my coach through the end of the season," Caslen said. “And then, just like any other coach that's out there, whether it's a soccer coach, whether it's the equestrian coach, whatever, they're going to do an end-of-year assessment, the athletic director does. Then, we'll see what’s up.” https://amp.greenvilleonline.com/amp/4176541002?__twitter_impression=true
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