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  1. If you live in SC, do not ever, ever, ever let somebody spend the night at your house. Not one single evening, unless you really trust that person to unass the premises. (And maybe not even then.)
  2. I think the issue is how you're uploading content. So on a reply, there's the option to attach files, located at the bottom left of the typing window and an option to "Insert other media" at the bottom right. using the one on the left adds a photo to your "My Attachments" section of your profile. (Click on your name at the top of the page, and choose My Attachments from the drop down menu.) Using the "Insert other media" option allows the user to either use one of those attachments again or post from URL like we used to do on CT. Each user has a size limit on attachments, and once that limit is reached, one will have to be removed in order to post another one. As best I can see, the only way to do this is to go to an older post with an attachment, and edit it to remove the picture. Meanwhile I don't think there's a limit on posting an image from URL. Or at least if there is, I have not hit that limit yet.
  3. A coworker came out of his office yesterday and told me about it. Right afterwords, we heard a young Marine in the background say, "Who?" We had to lay the learnin' down on him.
  4. Yeah I think we all pretty much expect the season to be cancelled or postponed or something like that. It's a shame, but it's probably for the best, all things considered. I wonder how that will work with coaching contracts, player eligibility, the NFL draft, etc. etc.
  5. Expect protests in tater town in 3...2...
  6. “What’s most sensible is the spring,” one Power Five athletic director said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “I understand the desire to have it in the fall, and there are challenges if you move all of your fall sports into the spring with all of your spring sports. But the argument here is: We will learn from the NFL experience. To put big-time college football in the spring, in likely an abbreviated season — maybe it’s only a conference format, eight- or nine-game season — we are going to have learned much more about the virus.” https://nypost.com/2020/07/04/college-football-season-may-be-moved-to-spring-amid-coronavirus/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&utm_source=reddit.com
  7. I quit watching after season 8. I know people say it got better, but I've just lost interest in the show.
  8. I got a fiver on Negan.
  9. This. Additionally we cannot and will not be everywhere at once. I personally rarely even read this forum due to the lack of legitimate discussion and debate. Every thread here eventually seems to devolve into name calling, ad hominems, and non-sequiturs. If you feel something has crossed the line, report it. Either we'll agree with you or we won't.
  10. That is unfortunate for you.
  11. Well for me, it's several reasons. First and foremost, look past all of the branding and marketing terms like "retina display", and instead focus on the actual hardware you're getting for the price. You'll see that you're paying more for the Apple brand than you would be if you went with another brand. Having to funnel everything from music to photos to movies through iTunes is also a turn off. I don't need proprietary software to move files from my computer to my android phone or vice versa. Apple has a fit when you want to use software that did not come from their store. On my android phone, I can change a setting or two and run anything I want on it; it's even easier on a computer running either Windows or Linux. More than all of that though is the feeling of power I have on Linux, Windows, and Android. (Android is basically a modded version of Linux though.) With those operating systems, I can customize and do just about anything I want to do. That isn't the case with the Mac OS. There's this "Apple knows best" thing with those products that just does not sit right with me.
  12. I won't own an Apple product, and I don't know any good IT professionals who will.

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