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  1. While this forum has had, and will continue to have a very light hand from the site's moderators, I think it is important that we have a clearer understanding of the dos and don'ts here in the View Point forum. Personal attacks, while frowned upon, will be overlooked to an extent. What that extent will be is something that will have to be determined on a case by case basis, but please try to keep it civil. If you want to call someone an idiot, fine. If you can argue without name calling, even better. If being called an idiot bothers you, this might not be the forum for you. What is not fine is using a slur meant to insult a person or persons based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. This is pulled directly from the main Community Guidelines which can be found at the very top of the forum index. Here is a link for those who missed it: https://www.gamecockfanatics.com/forum/64-community-guidelines/ Under no circumstances will pornographic photos or other NSFW content be allowed in this forum. There are a lot of communities out there where you may indulge in those proclivities, this is not one of them. Harassment or threats will also not be tolerated. If an argument in here gets so heated that you feel like you need to cause somebody harm, then it's time to log off and go do something else for a while. While there are some moderators who post here frequently, rest assured that they are good enough to let those of us who do not spend much time in here try to offer impartial decisions on questionable content. We have a separate hidden forum just for discussing things. Nobody wants to be known as the bad guy who swings the ban hammer around indiscriminately, so steps are being taken to prevent that. However if one of them asks you to clean up your posts, it's probably for a good reason. Penalties: First Offense - A warning. It'll show up in your profile, and only you and the staff will be able to see it. Second Offense - One week of restricted posting. Third and subsequent offenses will result in additional and lengthier restrictions up to and including an outright ban. Remember at the end of the day, we all want this site to be a place that people want to come and chat. Hostility and offensive material is not conducive with that goal.
  2. Have we ever had a dual sports kid that actually did well at both?
  3. OK folks. It has been cleaned up. Please continue arguing.
  4. Assuming that we play with some competence, this outcome should be within the realm of reasonable expectations. Beat Coastal, ECU, Vandy, and Wofford. Either beat both UK and Missouri, or split those and get 1 win out of UF, UT, and A&M. That gets us 6 wins without even really doing anything that would shock anyone. At this point I don't know what to think, though. I mean at one point last season, we were riding high on toppling Georgia and then just a few weeks later getting embarrassed by App St. Hell for all I know, we could be down to our scout team before midseason due to yet another rash of injuries.
  5. I say we need to get back to a bowl game. Do that, don't look completely inept on the field, and we all start feeling a lot better about the state of the program.
  6. I can't say I've ever heard anything good from the folks "in the know" regarding the BoT and their supposed meddling in the football program. So it would probably be a good thing for them to back off a bit.
  7. He watched an episode of Queer Eye, and well.....
  8. Good point! I'll have to start recruiting guys with lazy eyes, so that way they can keep one eye on the ball and one eye straight ahead.
  9. So put the petal to the metal? Put that hammer down and give it hell? Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your ass?
  10. Awesome. I have other pieces of wisdom too. Like "Stick 'em with the pointy end" and "Sweep the leg."
  11. As it turns out, none of the Taters got their secret decoder rings in time to decipher Dabo's pregame message, and that is why they lost.
  12. I dunno. I have had a good bit of experience screaming things like "Keep your eye on the damn ball!" Does that count?
  13. So you're saying I should put my name in the hat?
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