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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Well when the bar is set at Charlotte, it can't get much worse.
  2. I really wish people would just let it go. He did good things here. He did bad things towards the end. He has admitted it several times, and nothing can undo it. It's past time to suck it up and move on.
  3. cocky0

    Bama, UGA, or the taters?

    Fixed it for ya.
  4. I'm not much of a golfer. In fact I've only ever played two courses. One is a little course on the outskirts of Hampton County called Penny Branch. The other was the course on Shipyard Plantation in Hilton Head. I worked security there in the late 90s, and the manager used to let us play for free.
  5. cocky0


    Man I haven't watched Jeopardy since Trebek still had a mustache.
  6. cocky0

    What is Genarl chat?

    Not that I would ever advocate the use of a DANGEROUS Schedule I narcotic like the reefer, I have a ... "friend" ... who once told me that sausage tacos are better with lettuce.
  7. cocky0

    What is Genarl chat?

    What is this "too much pot" thing? I have never heard of such.
  8. Appalachian State. They beat Michigan 12 years ago, so they're clearly a perennial threat to all Division I teams. How they aren't ranked in the top 5 is beyond me.
  9. cocky0

    What is Genarl chat?

    If you or a loved one have been affected by anti-atelophobia, ask your doctor if Genarl is right for you. Side effects, while rare, may include headache, nausea, vomiting, death, dizziness, vaginal ejaculations, dysentery, cardiac arrhythmia, mild heart explosions, varicose veins, darkened stool, darkened soul, lycanthropy, trucanthropy, more vomiting, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids, diabeetus, virginity, mild discomfort, vampirism, gender impermanence, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, sugar high, even more vomiting, brown, your mom, and mild rash.
  10. cocky0

    What is Genarl chat?

    Or wait. Isn't that the new random background character in Game of Thrones who will suddenly become super important for no apparent reason?
  11. cocky0

    What is Genarl chat?

    I am not familiar with "genarl". Is it a new type of pot just in time for 4/20?
  12. I know it's been discussed to death on several different boards, but I'm certain that the presence of Debo "sitting out" on the sidelines did nothing to help matters. I respect his decision to sit out to avoid injury. I do not respect his decision to hang out on the sidelines during that game. It was a poor choice by him to do it, and it was a poor choice by the coaches to allow it to happen.
  13. Eggs Zachary! Too often I've seen our players adopt a "me first, team second" attitude. It's nothing new either. Back during our stretch of 11 wins, we had some like that. Back when I was a student during the Holtz years, I remember talking to some of the players who acted that way. It's damn frustrating to watch.
  14. I would if they chose better locations.
  15. Slightly off topic... How are the locations for the Spurs Up tour chosen?

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