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  1. I kind of miss that. #1 wasn't getting it done? Sit him and see what #2 can do. For guys itching to play, it has to be a good motivator to execute.
  2. A lot of people have been wondering about Alex's supposed gunshot wound to the head. According to his attorneys, there was an entrance and exit wound, skull fractures, and internal bleeding. Yet when he showed up for his first bond hearing, there wasn't even a scratch on him. I did some digging, and discovered what really happened.
  3. I mean it had to be expected that Shane and staff would go through some growing pains as coaches.
  4. Yeah pulling triggers too quickly is a recipe for disaster. I'm all for giving this staff a mulligan this year.
  5. I chose 5 at the beginning of the season, and I think I'll stick with that. I think Vandy and Mizzou will be our conference wins.
  6. That's where I am. I already wrote off this year as a crappy one before the first snap of the first game. I mean I did expect for us to look like we belonged on the same field with our SEC opponents, but nonetheless things have worked out from a W/L standpoint about how I expected.
  7. So we should stay focus?
  8. I'd be fine with taking out the taters. Of course some people say we should focus more on winning in the SEC than beating them, but in order to do that, we need to recruit well, and beating the taters helps recruiting...
  9. So yesterday it was announced that the Feds were involved in the investigation. And then today, this comes out: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/state-sources-fbi-investigating-sled-keel-likely-to-step-down/
  10. Very much so. I've been the benefactor of it on occasion. Nothing to this extent though.
  11. And the source of that email is Lauren Ellison Fox, an attorney in Charleston.
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