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  1. A number of Gamecock football players have been named to several collegiate football watch lists: The Maxwell Award Junior Running Back Kevin Harris has been named to the Maxwell Award list for the 85th Maxwell Award, presented annually to the outstanding player in college football. The Chuck Bednarik Award Senior Defensive EDGE Kingsley Enagbare has been named to the Bednarik Award list, for the 27th Chuck Bednarik Award, presented to the annually to the outstanding defensive player in college football. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/19/football-harris
  2. I have no idea on Delp. All signals are pointing to him being positively overwhelmed by the fanbase's efforts to lure him to USC, and w'ere in his very short list of finalists, but that may just be for his mom. He went to Clemson's cookout this weekend. I think he may go there more than come here. LB Barham and WR Williams are shown to be strong leads to USC - WIlliams is an in-state guy, but he's from Dutch Fork and that's HUGE Clemson country. Plus he was supposed to be transferring to IMG in Florida for his senior year I recall, and they are basically a partner for Clemson these days.
  3. Eastern Illinois is not Div-III but are Div-I-A otherwise known as FCS. So we open with a cupcake, either way. Usually when we played these cupcakes, we tried to schedule them in the week prior to playing Clemson, to give the team a break from the tough SEC schedule. Now opening with a FCS doesn't do anything for us, and really we won't learn too many lessons of worth for the 2nd week. But for Week 2 we will play at East Carolina, and while that's a step up from any FCS opponent, they were 7-14 over the past 2 seasons (we were 6-16), so they won't be the toughest opponent we could play, e
  4. Info on new pitching coach Parker: https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/22/baseball-announces-hiring-of-justin-parker-as-pitching-coach.aspx So Parker at least appears to have some experience......
  5. Also have a new Pitching Coach Justin Parker:
  6. The reason I stated above that Daniel Lloyd is the last drafted Gamecock to disclose his future, is because former weekend pitcher Julian Bosnic, who was the final Gamecock selected in the draft in the 16th Round by the Giants, has announced he is returning: As I posted after the draft above, Bosnic still has two more years of playing eligibility in college due to gaining the extra covid-19 bonus year, so he still has the same cards on the table that rising juniors would have for the 2022 draft. This gives Julian an extra year's chance to show he's more deserving than j
  7. Couldn't find any tweets regarding 11th Round pick Andrew Baker, a Gamecock incoming freshman with the 2022 class - he was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies. However, several other online sources show he has signed for a $200K signing bonus. The Phillies announced they signed their top 11 draft picks on basically the same day: https://phuturephillies.com/2021/07/19/2021-post-draft-discussion-july-18th/ Also the official MLB Draft Tracker website also showed Baker as signed: https://www.mlb.com/draft/tracker/2021/all/round/11 Also couldn't find tweets about Gamecoc
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