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  1. Score got to 32-0 before App State score their first points, on a 3-pt. shot, towards the end of the 1st Quarter. Gamecocks lead 35-3 at end of the first 10 minutes.....
  2. Official Game Thread - #6 / #10 South Carolina Gamecocks versus Appalachian State Mountaineers The game is broadcast on SECN+ Radio is 107.5 The Game Live stats on Statbroadcast Gamecocks have jumped out to a 19-0 lead to start the game.....
  3. GAMECOCKFANATICS PLAYERS OF THE GAME: South Carolina vs Texas A&M Final: Texas A&M Aggies (7-3, 4-2) 30 - South Carolina Gamecocks (4-7, 3-5) 6 South Carolina concludes its SEC schedule on the road in College Station, TX by falling to the SEC-West Texas A&M Aggies 30-6. The loss drops the Gamecocks to 3-5 in conference, and 4-7 overall on the season. The Gamecocks return home to Williams-Brice to close out the season with its in-state rivalry game with Clemson next Saturday. The players of the game for this week, beginning with the Gamecocks’ picks: OFFENSE PK Parker White: with the offense struggling so badly to generate any yards or points, and the fact that special team’s skill players hardly ever get a chance to stand in the spot light, I choose Parker. White was 2 for 2 tonight, converting a 37-yarder and a 39-yarder for the Gamecock’s only points. Honorable Mention: TE Kyle Markway: Markway was the Gamecock’s primary receiving source with the absence of Bryan Edwards for the game, with 5 receptions in 9 targets for 57 yards. DEFENSE S Jammie Robinson: Robinson led the Gamecock defense with 15 total tackles, 12 of them solo tackles. Honorable mention: DE J.J. Enagbare: Enagbare was often in the Aggie backfield all game. He only recorded 2 total tackles, but 1.5 of them were tackles for loss, and 1.5 QB sacks as well. For Texas A&M OFFENSE QB Kellen Mond: Mond was 20-33 for 221 yards passing with 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions, and also added 47 rushing yards in 10 attempts with a rushing touchdown. Honorable Mention: RB Isaiah Spiller: Spiller rushed 24 times for 129 yards. DEFENSE LB Buddy Johnson: Johnson led the Aggies with 6 total tackles, 5 solo tackles, and a forced fumble. Honorable Mention: LB Anthony Hines: Hines tied Johnson with 6 total tackles – 3 solo – and also led the Aggies with 2.5 tackles for loss.
  4. Shi Smith had the one 41-yard catch early in the game, and then disappeared. We really needed him to step up. Hilinski's top receivers have been TE Markway and RB Dowdle. It looks like we practiced only Edwards all week long on the passing game-plan, and then an hour before game time, Edwards couldn't play......
  5. Gamecock defense has now broken - they are worn out. Aggies tear off multiple chunk plays as they drive down the field entirely on the ground, and score the coffin's lid to the game. Still 10 minutes left - with our offense given up, and our defense on fumes, the game could end up being 45-3 before it's over.... 23 - 3 Texas A&M.....
  6. End of 3rd Qtr. - score is the same, but we are trailing, so we can't sit on status quo. But we only gain 22 yards during that qtr., and generate zero offense. Defense is getting worn down - Aggies hold a superior 32-15 minute time of possession, to explain why. 13 - 3 Aggies lead, but they are threatening again. And they score another FG, which is all the offense they need with our offensive ineptitude. FGs are like touchdowns tonight...... 16 - 3 Aggies......
  7. Gamecocks offensive possession: We finally have a Chad Terrell sighting!! He has a reception for 10 yds and a 1st down! Welcome back, Chad! But once again, the drive stalls out, and we punt. Texas A&M drive the field in steady chunk plays - I think we're getting to the point where our defense is once again starting to wear down from the inability of our offense to generate drives of any substance. But once again, we hold the Aggies to a field goal, which against our own offense seems to be more than enough for the game tonight... 13 - 3 Aggies, with half a minute left to play in the half.... We have our final drive but it stalls in only 11 seconds. Looks like we're going to punt the ball to Aggies with time still on the clock (Aggies help by calling several timeouts), but Joseph Charlton keeps the ball on a trick play and rushes for 10 yards to pick up the 1st down, and the drive lives on. With only 4 seconds left, Hilinski throws a 20-yard pass to Terrell, but the clock ends there with Gamecocks at the Aggies 45-yd line. Halftime..... 13 - 3 Texas A&M
  8. Gamecocks ball, they get 5 yds on 2 rushes, then the drive stalls and they punt it away. Aggies drive the field but is stopped by the Gamecocks defense at the USC 24, then try for a field goal - It's wide!! So the score remains with 6:43 to play in 1st half: 10 - 3 Aggies....
  9. I guess whoever is covering that Wydermyer receiver for the Aggies is struggling real bad....we are not able to contain him at all..... Aggies drive the field and score again to re-take the lead..... 10 - 3 Aggies.....
  10. There's some Gamecock offense!! A drive started by a huge 41-yard pass to Shi Smith, then consecutive 11-yard passes to Kevin Harris and Kyle Markway gets the ball to the Aggie 20-yard line. But then we can't pick up another yard, and settle for a field goal, but Gamecocks tie the game up with seconds left in the 1st Quarter! Can't just bring in Joyner in for QB - like we did for the 3rd down play - and just let him tuck the ball and run. That's too one-dimensional and predictable. Joyner rushed for no gain there. 3 - 3 Game Tied......
  11. Another USC punt on 2nd drive, and Aggies return the ball to mid-field. This is makings for a bad, ugly outcome. We have a good run play there, a good pass play here, but then we follow it up with an incomplete pass, a run play stopped at LOS a false start penalty here or there, and our possessions are essentially one-play possessions that end up being punted away. Not much imagination or effectiveness on offense. Not looking good right now, and it's still in 1st quarter....
  12. Gamecocks open the game with a nice 13-yard rush by Rico Dowdle, but the drive stalls quickly after that, and they punt away. Texas A&M drives the field, and top tackler T.J. Brunson is disqualified from the game for targeting: he hits Aggie QB Mond in the chest, but lowered his helmet and leads with it on the tackle, which is targeting by rule. We ultimately hold the Aggies to a field goal on the drive, but another bad break for the Gamecocks. We've met our quota for the game now, so no more please!! 3-0 Texas A&M......
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