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  1. My observations with Day 1: I know the Pro-Am is more of a free-form pick-up game with more wide open offense and less hard-nosed defense, but I liked how all the Gamecocks that played scored pretty well. Couisnard with the 40 pts was especially impressive - he had to have some pent-up anger in those points, having to sit out last year and this being the first time he could let loose. Kotsar with the 6 pts was the lowest point-output by far, but the 17 rebounds made up for it: it was almost like someone told him to focus hard on rebounding for this Pro-Am - I know rebounding has been the biggest thing that has gotten Maik in Coach Martin's doghouse over the years, and if he can improve on rebounding for his final year this season, that would make his senior year a great finish. I didn't see anything for Lawson, so perhaps he wasn't able to play today. Minaya isn't a part of this Pro-Am, and neither is transfer Henry. Perhaps in Justin's case, he's still re-habbing from his knee surgery, but I thought he was 100% back in spring. Other than Kotsar's 17 boards, Leveque had 14 rebounds, Frink had 12, McCreary had 12, and Anderson had 9 boards as well. Keep up the rebounding guys - a Gamecock team that plays strong defense and rebounds, will always have Coach Martin dancing in the coach's box....
  2. The 2019 annual SC Pro-Am Men's Basketball League began today. The official site for the SC Pro-Am is here: https://www.scproam.org/ Stats & results for games can be found here: https://www.recleague.net/leagues/scproam18/statistics The team rosters are as follows (current Gamecocks players are bold Garnet, former USC players Garnet only): JETS Coach: Jamie Watson Jordan Watson (6'2 - JR - Erskine) Devan Downey (5'10 - Pro) Austin Lawton (6'9-Pro) Alanzo Frink (6'6 -SOPH- UofSC) Keshawn Bryant (6'6 - SOPH - UofSC) Kaelon Harris (6'4 - SR - The Citadel) Ta'Jay Dunlap (5'10 - Fresh- Southern Wesleyan) Majerle Poole (6'3 - JR - Johnson & Wales) Khalil Halls (6'3 - SR - Coker) Hood Construction Coach: Bryan Brown James Reese (6'4 - JR - North Texas) Russell Jones (5'8 - Fresh - Winthrop) Wildens Leveque (6'10 - Fresh - UofSC) Trae Hannibal (6'3 - Fresh - UofSC) Chase Claxton (6'7 - Fresh - Winthrop) Zarrius Salmond (6'3 - Fresh - Erskine) Jalil Robinson (6'4 - Fresh- Francis Marion) Alex Reed (6'5 - JR - Citadel) Torrey Craig (6'6 - Denver Nuggets) Kendale Hampton (6'3 - Central Missouri) Chick-Fil-A Two Notch RD Coach: JoJo English Maik Kotsar (6'11 - SR - UofSC) PJ Dozier (6'6 - Pro) Kaiden Rice (6'5 -JR -Citadel) Crosby James (6'0-Fresh- Anderson) Jermaine Couisnard (6'4 -Fresh- UofSC ) Josh Ferguson (6'8 - SR - Winthrop) Ryle Owens (6'3 - SR - Young Harris) EJ Eaves (6'3 - Pro) Brandon Parker (6'3 - Pro/Francis Marion) Leevy's Coach: Aaron Lucas AJ Lawson (6'6 - Soph - UofSC) Trey Anderson (6'5 - Fresh - UofSC) Christiaan Jones (6'4 -Soph- Stetson) Kark Gamble (6'9 - SR - Middle Tenn.) Tre'Darius McCallum (6'5- Depaul/Pro) Marcus Stroman (6'2 -ULL) DJ Sinkler (6'3 - Fresh- Francis Marion) Josh Corbin (6'3-Fresh- Winthrop) James Murray-Boyles (6'5 - Pro) Honda of Columbia Coach: Terrence Gibson Jalek Felton (6'3- Pro) TJ Moss (6'4 - RS Fresh - UofSC) Jalyn McCreary (6'8-Fresh- UofSC) Malik Dunbar (6'5 - Auburn/Pro) Tevin Mack (6'7 - SR - Clemson) Jamal King (6'5 - Fresh- Winthrop) Ricardo Glenn (6'8 - Pro) Marquise Simuel (6'4 - Pro) Brandon Stroman (6'5 -SR-Coker) Bernie's Chicken Coach: Robert Wells Seventh Woods (6'1 - SR - UofSC) Jair Bolden (6'4 - JR - UofSC) Cam Lee (6'3 - Pro) Tyler Brevard (6'3 - JR - Lander) James Edmond Jr (6'8 - Pro) Jalen Johnson (6'3 - Fresh - Newberry) VT Taylor (6'4 - Pro) Tyonn Stuckey (5'10 - JR - Emmanuel College) Carlos Dotson (6'7 - JR - Western Carolina)
  3. Think we got 2 open slots for the 2020 class, and will need to replace Kotsar and Henry who will have graduated. Don't think we'll take anyone who is not a PF or C for the class.....
  4. Sounds about right - IMO, we're good enough for games with everyone in the East other than UGA to be toss-ups, or better for us. Huge question will be, can we play consistently enough on the field to make that happen....
  5. 3. Evans 5* 6. Burch 5* 10. Grimes 5* 39. Bigsby 54. Lloyd 68. Murphy 124. Cowan 145. Doty 170. Walker 189. Hemingway 219. Wyman 221. Huntley 222. Kaba 228. Conley 258. Whitehead 270. Wannamaker We had 6 ESPN300 in 2019's class: Pickens (20), Sorrells (43), Hilinski (66), Anderson (240), Sanders (287), and Smith(296), and for 2018 we had 7: Wonnum (117), Horn (145), Joyner (183), Vann (233), Gipson (238), Louis (239), and Enagbare (275). For 2016, we had only 4 : Brandon McIlwain (118), Thomas (192), Stephon Taylor (226), and Edwards (253). With already 6 for the 2020 class, we have a pretty good chance to blow out the top number under Coach Muschamp thus far. But as Ace stated above, it's just a number to talk about....
  6. Wow, really? And we just dealt with OrTre's knee issue, which was some genetic issue too. Man.......
  7. It's a solid list of good players. One of the ones we've reportedly been in best shape with, is Tate, but he's a guard, and we'll need bigs in a big way for 2020-21. It will be a very interesting class, watching how it plays out....
  8. A large number of those players not listed in the two-deep, had surgical procedures to fix minor injuries, or had minor injuries themselves (that didn't really require surgery, but rest and treatment), were kept out of spring camp but still expected to be 100% by fall - if not sooner - and are expected to quickly earn their spots back. So this depth chart is kinda like the spring camp depth chart, or post-spring depth chart, that the program often puts out: It's a depth chart of most-likely players who would play if the season started today, but won't be the official depth chart at the start of the season in late August. Veterans such as OrTre, Javon, Rico, and TJ should be expected to be starters by the start of the season. Still need to fill in several spots, and fall camp will be used for that: more depth at LT behind Hutcherson, and more depth in the secondary from our younger guys, so Horn and Roderick won't have to man two different spots all season long. But the good thing here is, with the new depth chart, it means football season is getting closer!
  9. Tough break for Max. He was highly regarded coming into USC. Best of luck and health to him, going forward....
  10. A huge loss for the team for next season. We'll be more starting over from scratch now....
  11. Gonna be a tight finish, and it wouldn't surprise me if he pushes back his announcement. Hope we get him though....
  12. Going to be on pins and needles with Lloyd until he signs. Will he be a December signee, or a February one? Anyhow, remember how strong Gamecock Nation felt with Bigsby, back before Lloyd even signed with us? Seems like years ago now...
  13. Congrats to Luke!! Have to say, with Ryan and Luke it feels good knowing that we'll have quality QB depth for the next 4-5 years. Not sure if Gamecock fans have been able to say that very often: even with the top QBs we've had in recent years, there was always a concern of depth behind them....
  14. Yes after our big surge forward with the lead of Huntley committing to us around early-mid-June, a number of programs had big recruiting events of their own and had some commitments take place. Plus the Opening event that some prospects used to make announcements - none were for us - although we did get a big commitment from Hunter during that time - but one sizable de-commit came from it. Still, nothing has changed that we'll see a couple or more major commitments around the end of July, with our big invite-only cookout event, plus kids starting their final high school seasons, and wanting to make commitments to get the recruiting out of the way and focus on their final years of HS football. So, there will be some action happening in another 2-3 weeks. We'll see where we end up....
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