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  1. Conway High School (Conway, SC) DT target Tonka Hemingway has narrowed his list of finalists for his collegiate career. The five programs he's now interested in are USC, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Duke. Hemingway, a 6-3, 285 senior part of the 2020 cycle, is a current .9224 composite 4-star per 247 Sports.com, and has 7 crystal ball projections, all for South Carolina. Tonka started his recruiting cycle as a 250-lb Strong-side Defensive End, but it looks like he's developing into an interior lineman for the college level. South Carolina would love to add him to our rapidly improving DL depth.....
  2. Gamecock Junior Paul Jubb competed in the NCAA Men's Singles championship Saturday against top-seeded Nuno Borges of Mississippi State. Borges, a senior, came into the championship match on a 31-match win streak, and a 17-set win streak (collegiate singles tennis plays 2 out of 3 sets per match). Jubb - the 4th Seed in the Tournament, had played Borges twice before, losing both matches in three sets. Today, Jubb prevented the match with Borges from being the third straight match to go three sets, by storming the 2nd-set tiebreak 7-2 to win in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6 (7-2), to win the first singles tennis championship for either men's or women's programs at South Carolina! By winning the singles title today, Jubb includes his name with such past winners as Arthur Ashe, Stan Smith, Jimmy Connors, and John McEnroe. Well done, Paul!!
  3. As the depth continues to improve, it will be a good thing to have versatility. Who starts games will take less meaning, as players will be rotated into games in waves, with little to no drop-off in execution and effectiveness. That's the type of defensive lines we had during the 2010-2013 years.....
  4. I can't remember the exact date or who the opponent was, but it was sometime around the mid 1970s, so I was around 10 yrs old or so. I remember standing on the steps halfways up the stands, and looking down the steps and thinking that it was so steep, that if I fell, I wouldn't stop rolling down the steps until I hit the bottom level. That was the first football stadium higher than high school I had ever been in, and it was amazing to me. I liked the game too, although I do remember that we lost. Perhaps that's why I don't remember the opponent...
  5. It's looking like a pretty solid schedule for next season. Hopefully we'll have better results during the non-conference portion of our schedule than we had last season....
  6. Great improvement to our inside depth, that was very much needed. If he provides rebounding and defense of the rim then he'll earn his scholarship from that alone....
  7. Fantastic get! Offense will be the last thing we'll need from Henry. We are sorely lacking in rim protection and rebounds - we were lacking in that last season even with Silva on the team, honestly - and those are the top assets Henry will bring to the table. He is immediately more athletic, stronger, bigger (not as tall, but wider and more muscular), and more physical than Kotsar in the paint, and miles ahead of where Haase was last season for us. The only question will be can he pick up the defensive schemes quick enough to be an immediate asset for the season, or will he have to be gradually worked into the rotation. But IMO this is a strong addition to the roster, in terms of immediate skill-set need....
  8. I agree - the overall 93rd pick would put him into the early 4th round, and the article says there's only two rounds in the NBA draft. 60 total picks, and then another 32 possible picks before Lawson's spot comes up. Of course, it's just a prediction of where he would be picked, but the good thing is if he chooses to come back for another year at USC, and continues to improve, then he's in much better position to get drafted, so it gives him an opportunity to better his chances. And if he truly likes being at USC - some kids don't care for the college grind of taking classes, studying and taking challenging exams and tests to get good grades, and they get those dollar signs in their eyes and want to rush everything. They also often have people behind them advising them - family members and guardians who also get those dollar signs in their eyes. AJ seems to have solid support from his family, and enjoys his time at USC. I will be surprised if he doesn't return for one more season at USC. He's going to have tryouts for some NBA teams, but unless he just blows them away, I don't think they will guarantee to him they'd pick him over many others already solidified into the draft. It'll once again be another option for the G-League, and I don't think AJ wants to deal with that.....P.J. Dozier regularly scores 20+ ppg in the G-League, and he only gets rare opportunities to play for the Celtics in the NBA. Unless you get into the loop off the bat - by getting drafted into it - it is very hard to find a spot to squeeze into from the outside. It's much harder than making the MLB big leagues from the minors, and even that's pretty hard: ask Christian Walker.....
  9. RB Coach Thomas Brown is in Dalton, GA tonight to watch Gibbs' Dalton High team have their Spring Game against Darlington....
  10. Vanderbilt wins 16-10 over Kentucky, so all three of us (UK, Alabama, and us) are still in the same spot we were in before tonight's games began....
  11. Kentucky finally retires Vanderbilt in the top of the 9th, but not before Vandy scores 5 more runs, and leads 16-10 heading into the bottom 9th.....
  12. Vandy now extends their lead over UK to 13-10 in the top of the 9th, still 0 outs, and UK has gone to the bullpen....
  13. A 2-out, 2 RBI triple by Vanderbilt reclaims the lead for them. Vandy now leads 11-10 bottom 8th.....
  14. Basically, it comes down to USC needing one more win than Alabama gets, and needs to finish with the same record as UK. So we need at least 1 win versus Miss. St., and hope Alabama gets swept by UGA. Miss state wins game 1 24-7...... Kentucky has taken the lead against Vanderbilt 10-9, heading to the 8th inning.... UGA beat Alabama 9-4.....
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