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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. I'm glad to see both the DL and DB units as 2 of their 3 picks. We desperately need to get back to those dominating SEC defenses, if we really want to return to those great seasons of 2010-2013. The OL being the 3rd pick is hesitatingly encouraging for me: it sounds like they are picking the OL as much if not more for the fact that Coach Wolford is coaching the unit, as they are because the unit talent/depth itself will be a strength. And I feel that we have good talent and depth at the position, but some still need to prove themselves, to me. Despite Bentley's inconsistencies, I still feel the passing offense will be a very strong one with all the returning talent, so the QB & WR positions will also be a strength. I mean, with all of Jake's warts and all, the team needed his contributions and those of Samuel, Edwards, Smith, etc. to have the success that we did have. Bentley has pretty much improved to some degree with every year he's been our QB, so hopefully he continues this pattern and has his finest season yet, but if not we will have some quality talent behind him that perhaps can take advantage of our receivers as well. It's good to me though that we're looking at possibly having the most balanced team yet under Coach Muschamp: it was that balance that led us to those 11-win seasons, and enabled us to hold tough in some close games that we pulled out, during those years....
  2. That was a great trait of Marcus Lattimore: he wasn't the smallest back, but wasn't a huge bruiser type back either. Around 6-0, 220-230 lbs most of his career. But what he did very well, was run behind his pads, and not let the first defender beat him. Even in the few cases when they did, he would always seek to fall forward, pick up that 1 or 2 extra yds. But mostly, he'd beat those "first responders", and make the 2nd, 3rd, plus defenders bring him down. We need the backs with that attitude that if the first option is full of OL, then quickly find a crease and make a 2nd option. To not let the first contact from a defender beat you, and then to fall forward for whatever extra field you can take.... It's refreshing to hear our new RB coach say these things. He obviously knows from his own time as a SEC RB. Hopefully he teaches that attitude to our backs, and they can pick it up so late in their college careers.....
  3. Hoo boy that final inning didn't want to let us go, but we got away. Some bullpen pitching is still a big concern for the team, but our bats did enough to win tonight....
  4. With Horn and Mukuamu at the corners, Williams, Ibe, Roderick, Cook, and Dickerson at safety, there shouldn't be a great need for major impact from the freshmen. Of course, if they are just too good to keep off of the field, then why not? Injury has also played a huge role for the position in past seasons, but at least we'll have the depth to hopefully cover for that should it happen (or, it could just not happen to begin with!). We had thin depth at DB in Muschamp's first 2 seasons, and last year the depth was better in terms of bodies, but then the injuries cut that depth down. Hopefully this season will finally be the one in which the player depth is deep AND healthy for most if not all of the season..... What I'm hoping with the improved depth, is that player rotations are more frequent, keeping the players fresh and healthier throughout the season, and the freshmen can get in their contributions that way.....
  5. Glad to hear about Kenion getting in. Johnson already had issues as he was once part of our 2018 class, but had to go to prep school. I can only guess that his test scores are still what is holding him up, but otherwise no idea. I have zero idea about Smith. Hope he makes it in, as he is a legit DB and will strengthen our secondary in quick fashion, IMO....
  6. They should reach the Sweet Sixteen at best, and settle there. That was where I projected them at the start of the season. Their future looks much brighter though, starting next season....
  7. Lawson returning wasn't really a factor, as he wasn't able to contribute. Gravett went 1-8 from the 3-pt. arc, and only scored 5 pts. Bryant was also off his game and scored 6 pts. Kotsar picked up 4 fouls in 7 minutes, and not much more. Campbell and Haase scored 12 pts each to pick up the slack some, but it just wasn't enough against a team that kept raining threes all game long....
  8. Nope. We got into some post-season discussion, and then went 2-4 the rest of the way....
  9. Auburn has gone cold shooting in the 2nd half, which was what we needed, but we're helping them out with fouling them, and sending them to the FT line.....
  10. Auburn's offense coming from the 3-point shot. Need to tighten our perimeter defense, or hope that they cool down from outside.....
  11. An unexpected nail-biter, but a wins a win! Now get ready for Georgia....
  12. This game has gotten crazy! Still one more inning for the Citadel, and we've been having struggles lately getting them out....
  13. I liked the previous relief pitcher for the Citadel: Taglieri, because the first 3 letters of his name is "tag".... But we didn't "tag" him enough. So now they bring in the next bull-pen pitcher for Taglieri. His name is Jordan Buster....

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