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  1. I am MOST DEFINITELY liking this! Officially calling Williams-Brice The Cockpit, is something I think should have been done long ago. It's catchy, it sounds cool, and gives the stadium an identity. Hardly anyone outside of South Carolina knows what Williams-Brice is, but if Beamer can do what he is planning, everyone will know where The Cockpit is in a few years.
  2. I agree that this facet of the game will be hugely improved. I actually think every facet will be improved, but this one in particular.
  3. To make sure I get the right kind of massage therapist, where would I find these “skanks”, so I can make sure I avoid them? 😂
  4. There is way too much negativity in life for me to want to deal with it on a board. I'm going to be excited about football until I have a reason not to, and then I'll still watch all of the games and get mad when bad stuff happens, and then I'm going to forget about it and go on with my life. The bottom line is: It's just a game, and does not significantly impact my life. But winning is much better!
  5. It is an interesting situation. As much as I dislike Clemorrhoids, I would not want to see a man go through that, regardless of who he is. A father of a friend of mine, went through this years ago. He had a couple of girls accuse him of molestation, and my gut reaction, knowing this man's character, was that it was false, and it was. It was proven that they were lying, and when it came time to actually go to court, the accusers did not show up, because their case had already been proven false. Taternet is most definitely a cesspool. I go there very rarely, and afterward feel like I need a shower. If we pull out a win over them this year, the Clemorrhoids I know won't hear a word from me. I won't even acknowledge they exist.
  6. I said at the beginning, based on the stories that were public, either he was guilty as crap, or someone was setting him up to get money. Every accusation was so similar, that either that is his fetish or they are lying.
  7. Last year has pretty much obliterated any good memories about Gamecock football to about 2011, for me.
  8. I’m not arguing, because my memory isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t remember us talking about the team being closely knit over the last two seasons. We could have, but I don’t remember anything but discord, selfishness, lack of effort, looking at the tape, and confusion for the last two years.
  9. I find it interesting that both Bentley and Hilinski were pretty well thought of coming in. They both started out pretty well, and our fan base was pretty excited about each of them and we thought they were the future of the program, and now they are both bouncing around and getting beaten for jobs. I think it’s the fault of Muschamp and Roper. Once they get hold of a QB, they can screw him up beyond all recognition.
  10. I would definitely like to see that. It would give us the feeling of how Clemson fans feel 9 or 10 times a season.
  11. Looking at some of bizarre and/or stupid calls made, I sometime wonder if the coaching staff was trying to get fired.
  12. That’s what I’m thinking and hoping. Having an outstanding receiver is good, but we were a bit one dimensional in the passing game. I think I’d rather have several “pretty good” guys, and spread it around, rather than one “outstanding” guy that we always go to. One report I read of the Saturday scrimmage said the WRs didn’t look that great at the beginning, but definitely improved by the end. Let’s hope that trend continues.
  13. I’m not a gamer, but my son got me into this game years ago. In the winter, when it was raining and couldn’t work, I would play all day while he was at school. I could get lost in that world. I haven’t played in years, but I agree that it was the best game.
  14. The biggest blow we will suffer is the loss of the scholarship. It would have been nice to have him, but he never played a down for Carolina, so we haven’t lost anything. We are better at the position than we were last year, I know that wasn’t tough to beat, and I believe we have a better coaching staff, and we definitely have a proven, better DB coach. I’ve heard Prunty has family issues, I’ve heard he didn’t like the structure, or whatever. I don’t know what’s true, and at this point, it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t want to be here, there’s nothing we can do about it. Let him go, shake it off, adapt and overcome.
  15. I agree. I posted a quote from Doty in the Optimism thread that speaks about that very thing.
  16. I understand. I still cringe when I think about what could have been in 1984, if we hadn’t screwed the pooch against Navy. I have gotten so mad and thrown so many things, punched so many pillows, and stormed out of the room so many times while watching Gamecock games, but I have come back the next week EVERY SINGLE TIME, and I know I probably will till I die.
  17. Talking about these old games with Southern Cal and FSU takes me back. Back then I couldn’t watch the games very often, because they weren’t covered like now, and my dad didn’t care anything about sports, and he controlled the tv, so I never went anywhere on a Saturday during football season without a portable radio, so I could listen to Gamecock games.
  18. THIS is why I’m optimistic! It’s not a tangible thing. I can’t point to a stat, and I can’t give specifics, but something is definitely different. When Shane Beamer walked in to that building, he has systematically flushed all of the Muscrap out. He’s cleared it out of the building, out of the fans, out of the staff, and out of the player’s heads. I’m not saying we are going to win any championships this year, but everything is fundamentally different, and I believe Gamecock Football is going places.
  19. Not often, but a few times.
  20. That’s setting the bar pretty low, but unfortunately it is progress over last year.
  21. I like how the schedule is set up for the first few weeks. Each game is a step up. I really hope we are able to win the first two games decisively, so we don't have to go through the "We were keeping it simple and not going to page 2 of the play book, so we don't show Georgia what we really have" argument. I do agree with others who already stated that if we struggle in these first two games, it may be a long season again.
  22. I am harboring this hope deep down inside, that our talent wasn't the problem the last several years, that it was coaching, and that we are going to explode on the scene, and shock the college football world. Articles like this fan the flame of that hope.
  23. Hello Sassy, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Sassy joined on the 08/02/2021. View Member

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