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  1. Feathered, this is one of the reasons that I am more optimistic than some other folks. If the defense stays healthy, I think they can be good, not great, but good. If we had had a good defense last year, we would have won several more games. I know we have to play Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson, but I believe we have a realistic shot at all other games, and if the defense can stay healthy, and the offense plays to their abilities, we can hang with the three previously mentioned. Time will tell.
  2. This just goes along with what $Bills was saying yesterday about people can’t expect too much from Pickens this coming season. He’s a freshman, and has a lot to learn, and his body has to get developed and used to the punishment of the college game.
  3. I agree. It’s a huge jump from high school to college. To expect a freshman to come in and contribute a lot is a little premature. I hope it will happen, but don’t expect it. I’d love to see Pickens, Hilinski, and others get good playing time to learn this coming year, to set up for the following year, but it takes time to adjust to speed, and the system, and to get their bodies built and conditioned for the increased rigor and punishment the college game will put on it that the high school game didn’t.
  4. Thanks for the background. I didn't know that. I've been looking forward to his development because of his wrestling experience, but I do believe he's going to be a good one.
  5. I surely hope we have a backup quarterback getting some decent snaps this year. I don't really want to start 2020 with a completely green QB.
  6. Welcome, Cack! Good to see you. I hope you can bring some more guys in with you.
  7. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see my mug. Here is a picture of us at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, to prove that she actually will be seen in public with me.
  8. I was hoping that was Gapo from the other board. $Billz, I'm not good at figuring these type things out. Give us a clue. There are some others that I hope will migrate this way, as well.
  9. 27 Years ago today, for some strange reason, this lovely lady said "I Do", and became Mrs. C&P. She has given me 4 children, and we have 1 granddaughter, and another on the way, and I happen to think she is still pretty easy on the eyes. She is better than I deserve, and still the love of my life. I definitely outkicked my coverage, as I believe this picture from today shows.
  10. I'm not a basketball guy, it just doesn't excite me like baseball and football, so Indont follow it, and keep up with it. My question to those of you who have a much better knowledge of it is, do we have a shot to make the NCAA tournament, outside of winning the SEC tournament?
  11. Thanks for posting. Recruiting updates are one of the main reasons I join a board. Thanks for doing that.
  12. I can't remember ever seeing a player who can be so on one minute, and then look like he's never seen a football the next.
  13. I really hope that either Joyner or Hilinski can really turn up the heat on Jake, and put some real competition into the starting QB role. I don't care who our starting QB is, I just want the best guy out there who can read defenses, and pass accurately.

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