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  1. Great! Now how am I supposed to get any work done between now and Saturday?
  2. Beautiful country. My wife and I are planning to go to South Dakota in October, and I’m hoping to get some hiking in in the Badlands.
  3. If we can score 52, even against a puny team like them, I’m going to start getting really excited.
  4. I didn’t even notice what Nerf wrote, until SA commented. Nicely done!
  5. I really hope we win this one handily. If we don’t, we have a long season ahead of us. The schedule sets up nicely to warm up for the first two weeks before Georgia. Hopefully this first game allows the team to get it’s feet wet, and run through plays against a lesser opponent, before stepping up the competition level next week, and then stepping up more the following week. I am really hoping that the coaches have instilled a much better mindset in the players, and that we can go out and truly make this game a warm up and not a nail biter like we have done so many times in the past with lesser opponents. If we manhandle them, I will be cautiously optimistic, because that’s what we should do, anything less, and I’m going to be wary.
  6. I’ve got a friend who lives here, but is from that area, and he is very concerned. He said this is going to make Katrina look like a picnic.
  7. This is off topic of the discussion, but on topic of the thread title. I was watching College Gameday yesterday, and as it has been for many years, the Washington State flag was flying, and remembered that I had seen somewhere, a year or two ago, that Clemmorhoids wanted to make that their thing. Sure enough, there are two Clemson flags there trying to get in front of the WSU flag. These people and their “me too” mentality, amaze me.
  8. It’s Stockholm Syndrome. The head coach is a butthole, so they learn to love buttholes, and want to be with them.
  9. The coverage of that game looked like one of the players moms was holding a camcorder.
  10. We will find out. I am extremely optimistic because of the attitude the new coaching staff has instilled. However, in the back of my mind, I am expecting to get my heart ripped out and stomped on again.
  11. As I mentioned in another thread, ESPN+ is different from ESPN, or what they used to cal Watch ESPN. If you have Hulu or Disney, you can do the bundle, which gives you all of it for about $14. I think it’s well worth the money, especially when compared with going to the game. Plus, you can watch it on demand, if you can’t be home when it actually airs.
  12. With Auburn, we have the advantage of their OC is Bobo, who we didn't want. Why Auburn wanted retreads from a 2-8 team is beyond me.
  13. None of this was worth an email, let alone a meeting. Why can’t they just leave the game alone?
  14. I am not surprised at all. There was no way in the world that Texas and Oklahoma were going to wait till 2025. I fully expect them to be in the league next year.
  15. Truer words have never been spoken!
  16. I don't believe there is any intelligent life outside of Earth. My reasons for believing that have to do with my religious beliefs, not that it is a doctrine, just my own belief, based on my study. The same goes for ghosts and other such things.
  17. It seems like an alliance to try to thwart the SEC as much as possible, mainly by voting, to me. They can do what they want, and try to mess with anything the SEC wants, by voting against it, but it won't really matter. The SEC will still be the top dog, and if the SEC wants another school, they will get the other school. Any school will jump at the chance to join the SEC if asked. I think the SEC should go ahead and ask NC State and VT to join, and pay whatever to buy them out of their stupid ACC contract. Both of those teams are pretty decent, and would benefit from joining, and they would add a bunch of revenue from the two states they are in.
  18. I would agree. I'm sure everything will be set by Saturday, so they can practice accordingly next week.
  19. I am MOST DEFINITELY liking this! Officially calling Williams-Brice The Cockpit, is something I think should have been done long ago. It's catchy, it sounds cool, and gives the stadium an identity. Hardly anyone outside of South Carolina knows what Williams-Brice is, but if Beamer can do what he is planning, everyone will know where The Cockpit is in a few years.
  20. I agree that this facet of the game will be hugely improved. I actually think every facet will be improved, but this one in particular.
  21. To make sure I get the right kind of massage therapist, where would I find these “skanks”, so I can make sure I avoid them? 😂

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