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  1. I agree. I am tired of all the sissy football. Quarterbacks are players, and should have to deal with it. I don't want people having brain damage because of playing, but it's gotten ridiculous how little people get hit. Launching at someone's head is not cool, but the rest should be left alone.
  2. The head coach sets the culture, and after watching the way other coaches have conducted themselves, I’m proud to have Shane Beamer. A lot of people crapped on him and didn’t like that he continued to coach Oklahoma in the post season last year, despite the fact that he had been named our HC. I said it then, and I’ll say it again, that I had a lot of respect for him for doing that last year. I understand that coaching, despite contracts, is a year to year deal, but when you are a coach of a team, you should be a coach for that whole season, regardless of how long it goes. Shane Beamer honored his commitment, and honored everyone of the other coaches, and the players, and the Oklahoma fan base, by finishing his job, and seeing it through to the end. That’s what a man does. He takes care of his responsibilities. These pieces of garbage like Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly have lost all of my respect, and I hope their players see what spineless weasels they are. It’s kind of like having an affair with a married person, so they divorce their spouse to marry you. You will forever be wondering if they are cheating on you, because they were cheating with you. I hold them both in contempt, and hope their careers go down the toilet. God bless Shane Beamer!
  3. My wife and I start watching Christmas movies right after Thanksgiving. We used to do it with the kids, and now that we’re empty nesters, we continue. I like almost all of the traditional movies. A Christmas Story is probably my favorite, because it is very similar to a house we lived in in Upstate New York, when i was a kid, before we moved back to SC. I think the most underrated one is George C. Scott as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Along the lines of a non-Christmas, Christmas movie, I absolutely hate Die Hard. I know I’m in a minority with this opinion, but I think it’s boring and silly. My wife love Laurel and Hardy in Babes in Toyland, because it reminds her of her grandparents when she was a little girl. The Grinch, The Santa Clause series, Elf, miracle on 34th Street, and especially Its a Wonderful Life are all fantastic, in my opinion, and I like White Christmas, but last time I watched it, it seemed to drag. Perhaps my attention span is getting shorter as I grow older.
  4. Excellent! When I was in the Marines, I had a CO for whom I would have run through a wall, or charged Hell with a water pistol. Shane Beamer is one of those guys.
  5. I agree. Venables and Clemson as a whole, has been built on playing vastly inferior teams, and not having to deal with any injuries, so they are fresh for the playoffs. Georgia kicked them in the teeth, and ACC teams have gotten a bit better. I suck at basketball, but if you put me playing a bunch of 5th graders, I look like Shaquille Oneal.
  6. Xavier Williams and Peter Costelli stood out to me, and then add some OL and maybe some run-stopping D-lineman. However, I’m sure there are rules as far as counting scholarships, all of which I find confusing.
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  8. I heard earlier today that Garrett Riley may be a candidate. Whether that is just wishful fan talk, or something that actually has basis in fact, I don’t know.
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  10. I would agree with your post. The penalties have gotten much better. Watching last night, I noticed that the running backs were once again, running into the backs of the linemen. White started pausing and looking to see what was open, and then cutting to the outsides. Once he started, I notice the others started following suit, and the production got much better. I have been very encouraged over the last few weeks. The team has never quit this year, which is quite different from last year. The defense and special teams are drastically different in effort and execution. The offense has not improved as much, but there has been improvement. My hat is off to Coach Beamer and his staff for what they have accomplished. To take the steaming pile of crap that was the 2-8 Carolina team of last year, and turn them around and become bowl eligible with a game to go is remarkable. Carolina should have won the Missouri and Kentucky games, but the argument could be made that we should have lost some others, so I guess that’s a wash. However, to have to deal with the negativity, bad habits, lack of discipline, and quite frankly, lack of talent and turn this into a non-losing season, is nothing short of miraculous. If Coach Beamer can use this momentum and make positive strides in recruiting, we have much to look forward to.
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  12. Based on the coaches mentioned in the article, I don’t see Florida hiring Franklin, that just doesn’t make sense to me. I also don’t see Kiffin going to Florida from Ole Miss. it wouldn’t look good for him and he’s starting to get things cooking in Mississippi, but it is Kiffin, he may leave tomorrow, who knows. I don’t think Florida fans will want a coordinator without HC experience, but I’ve been wrong many times before. I am surprised Mullen didn’t do better than he did.
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  17. As I had mentioned earlier, my wife and I had planned to go to South Dakota to do some sightseeing and hiking, but when my dad passed away, and my mom was in the hospital, we had to do a lot of cleaning, and remodeling to get her house ready to sell, or be more accessible for her. That took 3-4 weeks, during which time I was hardly working at all, so we had to re-do our plans, which meant moving the trip back and shortening it. We decided to go to West Virginia, instead of South Dakota. We went to Fayetteville, and parked the camper at a little campground about two miles from the New River Gorge Bridge. The gorge became the focal point of our hiking, and did not disappoint. That area is absolutely gorgeous. We hiked down Long Point Trail, which is a very easy trail that overlooks the gorge, and you can see the New River Gorge Bridge across from you. I am afraid of heights, so I did not get near the cliff edge. Some of the pictures required a lot of concentration on my part, because I was closer to the edge of dropoffs than I care to be, and the heights were dizzying. The center of the bridge is almost 1200 feet from the river, and some of the areas we were in had drops anywhere from 100' to 800'. That scares the crap out of me, especially when my dog stood on the edge and looked down about a 500' drop. I thought she was going over. We also hiked down to Nuttallburg, which is an old, abandoned coal mining town in the gorge. It operated from the 1880's to the 1950's. Not much remains now but the coal chute and tipple, (the mine was halfway up the gorge, and the coal had to be transported down to the rail line at the bottom of the gorge, that ran beside the river) and the foundations of the buildings and houses. I stood for quite a while looking at the piers of some of the houses, thinking about the people who were born, lived and died in that area, and no one knows who they are, and all that remains is the foundations of the houses in which they lived. It's just kind of sobering when you think about it. We also went to Babcock State Park and looked at the grist mill, and did a little more of a walk than a hike. The pictures of the New River Gorge Bridge don't do it justice. It is so enormous, and the engineering, and execution of the construction is mind-blowing. How they could do that is amazing. I highly recommend seeing this. Here are some pictures of our adventures. I have tried to capture some of the color and beauty, but it doesn't come through. I have tried to edit and add descriptions of what they are, but can't seem to make it work. For instance, the picture with my wife standing beside the rock, is trying to show the amazing structure of the shale, and how it formed in a circular pattern. My favorite picture I took won't load for some reason, but I'll see if I can get it to work later. One of the pictures shows a door, and that was the door to one of the 80 coke ovens in Nuttallburg, and I climbed inside to get a picture of the inside of the oven.
  18. I don't think this is completely accurate. At the time we hired Muschamp, the only viable option of these listed was Kirby, and from my understanding, that's where we were headed, until UGA decided they didn't want that, so they canned Richt, and took him. I can't blame the administration for that. The rest were not available. Last year, when we hired Beamer, the only one available may have been Heupel. I think Beamer will be fine, but I do understand what people are saying about the BOT. We do have a strange history of flopping on most coaching choices.
  19. This is the point I wanted to bring up, but SA beat me to it. Clemson didn't go out and hire a big name, they took a chance, and it worked - eventually. If you remember, they were about to run Dabo out, but opened the purse to get some better coordinators, but more importantly, paid some recruits. That one year, turned Clemson around. They caught lightning in a bottle for a few years, but even that seems to have faded. Hiring Beamer was a really good move, in my opinion. He is a guy who has learned from some of the best, he has learned different coaching styles, schemes, and management techniques. He isn't going to get it all right, right away. He will have to learn, and some of that learning process is going to suck. However, on the other side of this I believe we will have a successful coach, who can turn the program around, and he is young enough that he should be able to be here for a long time, and more importantly, HE WANTS TO BE HERE! He is not just a mercenary who doesn't give a flying flip about the program, and is just here for a massive payday. He wants to do this. As a business owner, I can tell you that I would much rather have someone working for me who has a good attitude, and wants to be here, over someone with a bad attitude and is just in it because it worked for him at the time. You can teach how to do the job, but you can't teach the "want to".
  20. I will agree with your assessment of Frank Martin. Why he is still here is beyond me. He has a losing record since the Final Four appearance. Instead of capitalizing on the success of that year, it got pissed away. The assessment of the football program is a little too pearl clutching, drama Queen for me. Tonight was very disappointing, without a doubt. We were better than Missouri, but blew it. Our OL is absolutely one of the worst I’ve ever seen. They seem to have no clue what they’re doing, nor do they seem interested in improving. But, with all that negative evidence, this coaching staff has made this team better than last year. I think Coach Beamer is going to be the greatest coach in USC history, but it will take him time. He has the energy, enthusiasm, desire and knowledge to turn this program into a contender, but it sure as heck isn’t going to happen overnight. He is going to make mistakes, which he has done already, but he will gain more experience and learn. He has a mess on his hands, but is doing the best he can. Some people don’t like his cheering, but I ask, what is he supposed to do? He has to manage what he has. He could come out and say that this team sucks and a lot of the guys don’t have the talent, but that’s not good management. He has to motivate the guys he has. If he did not handle it that way, the players would quit on him. He’s playing the hand he was dealt, and polishing a turd for the time being. Give him time and he will be able to start polishing diamonds.
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  23. I know the offense has been dismal, not counting this past weekend, but do you guys know, or is it speculation, that Satterfield would be fired? My thinking is he gets at least one more year, regardless.

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