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  1. I think we will be in the best QB position once Doty is officially on the team. Not to bust Jake’s chops, because I do like him, but once he has played his last game for us, and Doty is on the team, then I will think we are tops at QB.
  2. I can’t figure out what in the world anyone sees in Missouri. We beat them last year, and I think they will be worse this year. They will definitely be worse at the QB position. I think Kelly Bryant is going to be a huge flop now that he doesn’t have the talent to bail him out.
  3. I am sick of even having to consider losing to teams like KY and A&M. To me, 8 wins is the bottom end. 9 wins is what I expect, whether that is losing to the big 3, or upsetting one of them, and losing to someone else. I am NOT impressed with Florida, A&M, or Tennessee. We should have won all three of those games last year, even with the injuries, but inexperience cost us. We are better and deeper now. I don’t expect the same result this year. This coaching staff is supposed to be instilling the toughness, discipline, and work ethic that was not present the last few years of the previous staff. If we don’t start reaping some of those results this year, then Muschamp isn’t the man I believe he is. I don’t expect perfection this year, but I do expect to see some serious improvement to set the stage for next year, when we better be ripping other team’s heads off.
  4. I’m old school when it comes to men’s clothing. Men’s classical clothing never changes. Jakes clothes look ill-fitting, and silly, in my opinion.
  5. I like Ike your thoughts on the season. However, for me, losing to A&M again will not be acceptable. I fully expect to beat them and Kentucky this year.
  6. I'm tired of hearing about the schedule. We added Alabama to our schedule, that's it. Yes, I understand some of the OOC opponents are different, but I don't care, it's basically the same. We should have beaten A&M, and Florida last year, but we screwed the pooch. We played Clemson very hard, and had we had some of our starters on defense, I truly believe the outcome would have been different. If we have to keep worrying about Tennessee, Missouri, and A&M,(I know we haven't beaten them yet) then we aren't headed in the right direction. I have confidence in the staff. This will be a good season. Not a championship season, but good.
  7. Missouri? Really? I could even see them picking KY to beat us, based on recent history. If the Missouri game is within 2 touchdowns, I might have to find a safe space.
  8. I seem to remember reading an interview with BMac, when he first took over, about that very thing. From what I remember, he said he was going to be instituting more of what he wanted, but doing it gradually over the next year or two. Hopefully, as Lalli mentioned, the run game will be much better this year, and we will get to see more of what BMac has planned.
  9. I’m not upset about it. It will all work out, and be fine. I could see going to Alabama, or somewhere else, but UNC just baffles me.
  10. That's possible, but if we can pull out a win against them, I want them undefeated, so that the loss to us sends them crashing down, without enough time left in the season for them to climb back up in the polls. If that happens, I will really have to control myself, so I don't become the biggest, most obnoxious butt hole in the Upstate. I was a jerk when we won five in a row, and the last five years has been humbling. I'm hoping I have learned from my past, and don't repeat my stupidity. If I was like the Clemtards have been, I definitely want to improve my behavior when we win. However, if we ever win a national championship, I won't even act like I know who Clemson is. I still can't understand how they have 2 in the last 3 years, and are still so obsessed with Carolina.
  11. I don't understand why anyone would want to play football in a state that barely knows what a football is.
  12. Another person writing about something they know very little about. Muschamp is doing a great job, and building the program correctly. It wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I expect to see improvement this year. If we don’t beat Kentucky, then I will be concerned. At this point, the 3 games we should expect to lose, based on talent is Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia. That doesn’t mean I expect to lose all three. All other games we should win, or be close. I fully expect something to go wrong to lose one or two, but I don’t accept that any of the teams, but the three previously mentioned, are better than us.
  13. I may be in the minority, but I like the regular Block C helmet. I like them in white, black and garnet. I'm not really a fan of any of the others. I know this is a concept by a fan, but I wish everyone would leave the helmets alone. I know, I sound like a grumpy, old man. I'm ok with it.
  14. He was a big fella. Prayers for his family.
  15. I agree with what you guys are saying. We need to run the ball to have the consistency we need at the QB position. All of this camp stuff is cool, but I want to see it on the field, when it counts.
  16. I really like the fact that we are being considered in the final group of more and more recruits, along with traditional powers. It’s all a numbers game.
  17. I agree with you, Shep. I'm happy with the transfers, but we really need some pitching help.
  18. I think it's cool, and a good thing for the team. However, Army Drill Sergeants make me laugh, as I'm sure they do for Senior Rooster.
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