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  1. My wife had hers out laproscopically, and would have gone home that night if she hadn't still been nauseous from the anesthesia. She went home the next day, and was fine pretty quickly. My mom had hers out the old fashioned way, and not trying to be a Debbie Downer, it kicked her butt. If you have to have it done the old way, you will be down for a few months. I don't understand why it takes so long to recover from that way, but I have heard that from many people who had it done that way. The main thing is to take it easy and let your body heal if you don't have the other option. Ho
  2. I guess we better be looking up for the next few weeks.
  3. As I said earlier, I was against him being head coach at first, but what you mentioned above is what made me start changing my mind about him. He has systematically worked under good coaches to learn different aspects of the game. He has worked under many different coaches, of many different ages, with different coaching styles and philosophies. By learning from George O'Leary, Sylvester Croom, Phil Fulmer, Steve Spurrier, Frank Beamer, Kirby Smart, and Lincoln Riley, you would think that some significant knowledge would have rubbed off on him. I am typically optimistic about things, but I
  4. Agreed. However, I don’t remember this much positivity surrounding the program in the last four years. So far, Coach Beamer has delivered on every aspect. There is no guarantee, but after watching him for the last five months, I have a lot of optimism that he will come through as a game day coach. He has impressed the heck out of me so far, and I was not on the Shane Train at the beginning. I was ticked when I realized he was a serious candidate, but he is making a believer out of me.
  5. Recent recruiting news is a great reason for optimism. If Coach Beamer can recruit before he’s actually done anything on the field, what will he be able to do if he can get us to a winning season?
  6. When we lost Stockton, it looked bad, but look at the rankings now.
  7. Hello Luckey Dog, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Luckey Dog joined on the 05/03/2021. View Member
  8. We got a commitment today from Donovan Westmoreland, a 3 star LB recruit, who had previously been committed to Georgia. I realize this isn’t the biggest news ever, but this shows some freaking progress by our Head Coach and staff. I have seen more recruiting progress in the last four months, than I have in the last four years.
  9. Excellent news. I love how the new staff is going about their business. I've also noticed that we seem to be on a lot more recruits final 6,8,10,12, or whatever number they whittle it down to. I know that doesn't mean we will get them all, but we are in there, and eventually, we will start getting more.
  10. That thing would be going off nonstop.
  11. Hello doc, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. doc joined on the 05/01/2021. View Member
  12. I have to admit that even though I played soccer when I was younger, I don't keep up with college soccer. I didn't know who Tony Annan was, but after reading about him, and his accomplishments, I have to think Carolina hired a great coach. I'm looking forward to what he can do. https://www.dirtysouthsoccer.com/2021/4/22/22398016/tony-annan-leaves-atlanta-united-to-become-south-carolina-gamecocks-head-coach
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