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  1. Hello GC fans....UGA fan here. Just figured I drop in to see if you guys think I'm crazy. Some folks in the Dawg nation seemed to think I was when recently discussing 'dark horses' for the Playoffs and I picked...you guessed, SC. Now, before yall think I'm joking, hear me out....Bentley is a winner. He's not flashy, but tough as nails and a winner. WM always has his teams playing tough D and with ol Deebo back, you got a game changer. Your schedule sets up perfect by playing us early in the year. You get us at home, and even if you lose to us, you miss Bama, LSU and Auburn from the west. The toughest game after that is a trip to Clemson. But suppose for a moment that you lose to us and then run the table. Say by then we are #1 or #2 in the nation and that is your only loss. You'll be pushing the top 7 or 8 in the country and if you knock off Clemson, holy cow, I'd say you could make the playoffs without even winning the SEC, like Bama did last season. And of course, if you take us down, they'll have a mountain of momentum to run the table. Is that far fetched...maybe TOO far fetched?

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