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  1. I've always wondered how that guy got the show and celebrity that he has. His show is horrible. I listened to it a few times thinking there has to be more than this for this thing to be on the radio, but there is not and I could not listen to that crap any more.
  2. Agree he was beating double teams by GA's huge offensive lineman and was still wreaking havoc. He is a man.
  3. When you say he’s had better results are you just talking recruiting because their records are almost identical
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I also think that this defense is really starting to gel. The linebackers finally look like the trust each other and know where their counterparts are. The young guys playing along the line are also really starting to come together along side the older guys. I wish Keir Thomas was healthy that experience could really help our young guys even more
  5. If you look at the records of he and Richt they are almost a mirror image of each other, makes you wonder how they really improved by getting Kirby other than Richt may have been ready to move on as well.
  6. That kid has a great perspective on things. Seems so well grounded and that will help him overcome a lot of adversity. He has already faced more than most in his 18 years.
  7. Ha right after I post this they give up 42 points to LSU, but I do think they are a very talented unit
  8. I agree pissed me off. I have not watched Wake play so don't know much about them, but total disrespect of our team and program by some guy that probably gets all his information from watching highlights in the studio.
  9. Did anyone hear the talking heads on ESPN after the game yesterday saying the only tough game left on Clemson’s schedule is Wake Forest. One of them did say does that change after South Carolina’s win today and the other said no South Carolina never beats Clemson. Wish I had been paying attention to who was talking.
  10. If you have watched Florida this season, their defense is pretty nasty. They have speed everywhere and are very disruptive.
  11. If you have watched Florida this season, their defense is pretty nasty. They have speed everywhere and are very disruptive.
  12. They controlled the line of scrimmage when on defense and handled the run game putting the game on From and the receivers gambling that the receivers are the weakness of the offense and they were right. Go to see so many bodies rotating in and out on the defensive line finally
  13. Lol. I had to get out from 3 cars back one day at a turn lane and walk up to the front car and ask a lady to pull forward so her car would trigger The sensor after 2 light changes.
  14. Starting to feel a little bit like free agency in the NFL. Hard to really get invested in liking any one player on your team these days.
  15. Lol. I hear ya. Like I said have not eaten there in quite some time, so they may just be suffering from trying to run multiple locations. I’ve seen it happen to countless restaurants.
  16. I thought this kid was going to be a good one. I am not sure if he was frustrated that he was not getting on the field? With the three we have out there right now playing well, maybe he did not think he was getting on the field as soon as he had hoped, but there will be room for him next year. Anyone got the inside scoop?
  17. I have not gone to Williman St, but have normally gone the the West Ashley location and found the wings to be good. I've actually had people tell me they did not like the wings because they thought they were too smokey. Not sure if there is a difference in how they do things, would not think so, but I do think once places get more than 2-3 locations all of their food suffers. I admit I have not eaten there in quite some time as I am just not normally in that area and am not going to travel just to eat wings as I find their que lacking and the sides as well.
  18. I'll agree about Allen and the fumbles, but I thought Minshew made more mistakes than Allen. Lost a fumble and threw two picks should have been at least 3 as he threw one ball right to Bradberry so I was not really that impressed with him. Allen does not to secure that ball when he is back there, not sure if it is an awareness thing about where the defenders are? This was Allen's first pick in 3 games so I hope that he stays on that trend of not throwing picks.
  19. You clearly have not followed the team if you think Cam is “top-rated” and out because of receivers.
  20. I don't think you could quietly court anyone in today's world of college football. Too many people watching and paying attention to everyone's every move. I think a good AD is keeping relationships open with all kinds of coaches, but not necessarily with the intent being known.
  21. Gotta give some love to Thomas Brown. I think he has done a good job of getting these guys ready especially Rico, he has never looked this good conditioning wise and they way he is hitting the holes or finding them with confidence.
  22. Kawann Short headed to the IR to have shoulder surgery. I hope the line can step up over the course of the rest of the season in his absence. They have done well in the last 2 games, just hope they can sustain it.
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