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  1. She is offsetting the cost by kicking the National Guard out of the hotels so it all balances out.
  2. This is a very interesting study and read: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/12/upshot/surprising-new-evidence-shows-bias-in-police-use-of-force-but-not-in-shootings.html
  3. Did you mean to say police departments are overpaid, because officers certainly are not and most don't do it for the money. Are there bad apples in the police force, absolutely and there needs to be a better system for weeding them out. I was not aware the President called all protesters terrorist, but was addressing the fringe element of these groups, but the media likes their spin. We see this video and we just assume it was racially motivated and it very well may have been, but hopefully a look back at the officers history will tell us if there was a racial component about how he acted. Again the media has their narrative and have jumped on it with both feet. Don't get me wrong I think the officer should face the maximum penalty and I also think that the model needs to change because I know a lot of good cops now that are taking heat for the actions of a few. Body cams should be mandatory on every officer in the country. Where they have implemented them they have found the number of complaints against officers has dropped. Some because they officers have more accountability and some because the people that may have made a false complaint know that they are being recorded. There are some really interesting studies coming to light on this subject an hopefully we will find a better way forward. I also hope that some of the influential people that are speaking out against this will also begin the discussion of the importance of the family unit in these communities. Floyd did have a criminal past and while that is getting overlooked by many it speaks to the fact that we as a society need to have some honest conversations about how we change this pattern. Kids need dads in their lives that are engaged and lead them to be good men. Obviously there is racism and this puts these kids at a disadvantage and not having a dad puts them at an even greater disadvantage. To many of here engaged in the back and forth of blaming I would ask if you have thought about making a difference in one of these kids lives. There are great mentoring programs that can allow you to help change this vicious cycle. I will not get into my personal experience as I don't want to come across as bragging. I have mentored two boys over the years and I will leave it at that. One I believe will make a difference and one I am still not sure about, but will continue to give it everything I have. Until we all start to help this situation it will only continue to perpetuate itself. There is no politician or political party that is going to offer a solid solution as their goal is to keep us arguing and fighting amongst ourselves. I would challenge everyone to get involved and see how you can be a part of the change.
  4. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  5. Ok was not sure you posted it as if you were stating a fact. I've seen things that also point to Antifa. Not sure who it is and not really interested in starting a debate because it really does not matter who it is at this point, but I sure hope they get a handle on them quickly and end their nonsense, because whoever they are, their intention is to escalate things and are now taking aim at law enforcement and their have been reports they want to take it into the suburbs, which would be very bad.
  6. Do you have proof of this? Genuine question.
  7. This would just be the icing on the cake for 2020 lol: https://abcnews4.com/news/offbeat/massive-asteroid-taller-than-the-empire-state-building-headed-towards-earth-06-03-2020
  8. This is the first I heard about bags full of guns being found in Charleston Saturday night. https://abcnews4.com/news/local/charleston-police-chief-luther-reynolds-addresses-weekend-protests-riots-in-city
  9. Sorry that was in quotations and was sarcasm. If it was all peaceful there would be no need for any kind of military, but the implication by many is that he is unleashing the military on a bunch of peaceful protesters.
  10. How so? Yesterday he sensationalized it by saying that Trump was going to use the military against his own people like a dictator while cops and innocent people are being killed by the fringe operators in some of these protest. I asked what his plan would be to handle this and got crickets. While I think using the military to help bring some of this under control is not optimal, how long do we let these types of actions go on and hang our law enforcement out to dry. I have friends that are cops and friends with kids in the national guard that are being put in harms way every day. If it were your family or you personally being shot at what would you expect the action to be to help you because these people's family members are.
  11. Keep crying about the use of the military. I guarantee if those bullets from "peaceful protesters" were coming at you, you would be begging for him to use any means possible to protect you.
  12. My point was you are wrong Dumbace I give you proof that it was not just the last 2 FISA warrants that we’re screwed up and you say, I am not reading that, like a 2 year old. You have proven once again you are only interested in your own version of the truth. Now run along and go post some another 100 memes for the day.
  13. I read your first sentence and won’t read anymore because you conveniently ignore the truth. So blather on Dumbace
  14. Omg did you really just post that? Now you want us to take advice from Iran. Trump could say ok and stop tomorrow and you would say he was colluding with them.
  15. So leave off the last part you honed in on and just look at the first part where they all lied in public, but said something different in testimony. Why would they need to do that if they had such a strong case. You can say anything you want, but the truth is they were lying to the American public to paint their narrative and you are cool with that.
  16. You keep saying that only the last two FISA warrants had "irregularities" that is BS. The first request was sloppy at best and probably purposefully so and effected ALL if the subsequent request, but keep on with your condescending attitude. The following from: https://www.justice.gov/storage/120919-examination.pdf As more fully described in Chapter Five, based upon the information known to the FBI in October 2016, the first application contained the following seven significant inaccuracies and omissions: 1. Omitted information the FBI had obtained from another U.S. government agency detailing its prior relationship with Page, including that Page had been approved as an "operational contact" for the other agency from 2008 to 2013, and that Page had provided information to the other agency concerning his prior contacts with certain Russian intelligence officers, one of which overlapped with facts asserted in the FISA application; 2. Included a source characterization statement asserting that Steele's prior reporting had been "corroborated and used in criminal proceedings," which overstated the significance of Steele's past reporting and was not approved by Steele's handling agent, as required by the Woods Procedures; 3. Omitted information relevant to the reliability of Person 1, a key Steele sub-source (who was attributed with providing the information in Report 95 and some of the information in Reports 80 and 102 relied upon in the application), namely that ( 1) Steele himself told members of the Crossfire Hurricane team that Person 1 was a "boaster" and an "egoist" and " may engage in some embellishment" and (2) the FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation on Person 1 a few days before the FISA application was filed; 4. Asserted that the FBI had assessed that Steele did not directly provide to the press information in the September 23 Yahoo News article based on the premise that Steele had told the FBI that he only shared his election-related research with the FBI and Fusion GPS, his client; this premise was incorrect and contradicted by documentation in the Woods File-Steele had told the FBI that he also gave his information to the State Department; 5. Omitted Papadopoulos's consensually monitored statements to an FBI CHS in September 2016 denying that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was collaborating with Russia or with outside groups like Wikileaks in the release of emails; 6. Omitted Page's consensually monitored statements to an FBI CHS in August 2016 that Page had "literally never met" or "said one word to" Paul Manafort and that Manafort had not responded to any of Page's emails; if true, those statements were in t ension with claims in Report 95 that Page was participating in a conspiracy with Russia by acting as an intermediary for Manafort on behalf of the Trump campaign; and 7. Included Page's consensually monitored statements to an FBI CHS in October 2016 that the FBI believed supported its theory that Page was an agent of Russia but omitted other statements Page made that were inconsistent with its theory, including denying having met with Sechin and Divyekin, or even knowing who Divyekin was; if true, those statements contradicted the claims in Report 94 that Page ix had met secretly with Sechin and Divyekin about future cooperation with Russia and shared derogatory information about candidate Clinton. None of these inaccuracies and omissions were brought to the attention of OI before the last FISA application was filed in June 2017. Consequently, these failures were repeated in all three renewal applications. Further, as we discuss lat er, we identified 10 additional significant errors in the renewal applications.
  17. And yet there is still this part: James Clapper, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Brennan all have testimony released where they admitted there was no evidence of Russian collusion. Yet they’ve publicly stated it many times. Why? Adam Schiff stated publicly many times that he had ample evidence of Russian collusion. Where is it? The absolute most they’ve found is possible obstruction, because Trump was trying to end an unfounded, likely illegal investigation. Pretty weak.
  18. What is your solution to the destruction, looting and now lethal targeting of innocent civilians and police officers ?
  19. Can you stop with taking the Lord's name in vane in your post. I get it that you are upset, but would appreciate it.
  20. Doubt he was blacklisted. If one thing is proven it is if someone can help you win someone will take them. Probably felt the distraction he brought was not good for a team's chemistry and his skills were not high enough to overcome the other side of it. That combined with the way he handled things when he left probably left a lot of question marks in the GM's minds about what kind of leader he would be on the field. At the end of the day it is a business and just like in any other work place if an employee is hurting your business, while at work, you probably make the move to get rid of them. We all have certain things we cannot do or say while at work.
  21. The biggest fail in my opinion is congress. We are where we are because people are allowed to be there for 40+ years get rich and make laws that benefit them and the people who funnel money to them.

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