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  1. But what the hell let's spend another 4 trillion and continue to reward them for staying home. Bassackwards
  2. I think he did pretty well for an "oreo" as your party is now defending the guy who called him a racial slur. Amazing to watch the party that calls everyone that disagrees with them racist continue to show how racist they are.
  3. I can get on board with that. I really cannot fathom the extra $600 they were originally receiving and now the extra $300 it is asinine. Decisions like this tell me the system is broken and will put an extra tax burden on all the working people in the future.
  4. All a result of a bunch of politicians thinking somehow paying people more than they were making on unemployment somehow made sense. I have many friends that own businesses that would hire today and cannot find people willing to work. Restaurants everywhere are offering good pay and still nobody and people wonder why many of us do not want government to continue to grow and expand. I am afraid we have reached the point where even more people just expect the government to fix everything for them instead of taking responsibility and making things happen for themselves. Very sad the direction
  5. I think he will do well. I really wanted to get Sewell, but the Lions snagged him.
  6. It is interesting to watch him bring out the racist elements of the Democrat party.
  7. Longhaul


    Pitcher Ynoa just put one in the seats. He is hitting and pitching a great game tonight.
  8. I don't know who is dumber, Maxine or the people that would listen and follow her recommendations. She is an embarrassment.
  9. Yeah he did act like a democrat in how he spoke from time to time lol
  10. Dang did Ace's alias already get wiped out that quickly?
  11. Just curious. What has Biden done that has made your life so much better in 3 months?
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