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  1. Seems like a good honest guy: https://nationalfile.com/bernie-campaign-funneled-millions-to-company-connected-to-bernies-wife/ https://vtdigger.org/2016/07/15/sanders-campaign-millions-go-to-mystery-firm/
  2. https://nypost.com/2020/01/18/how-five-members-of-joe-bidens-family-got-rich-through-his-connections/ Seems like a stand up guy to me.
  3. This is not accurate. The tariff disparity in the trade with China was Ridiculous. It was much harder to sell our good there than it was for them to sell to us. How can you say an agreement where we are paying a 20% tariff there vs 2% here is a good deal and working. And how exactly is he "losing" please explain as far as I can tell he is the only one to get them to the table to discuss something more equitable.
  4. I am beginning to think she and SAC are the same person. Always show up very close in time together and are of one mind.
  5. Scientist don't even agree so....... Your continuously insulting the intelligence of people you do not agree with is petty.
  6. I guess it could have been dinosaur farts.
  7. The only thing that will change is that we will spend trillions on dollars, get taxed even more to pay for it, only to be pissing in the wind. The climate has always been changing and always will. Notice there are not dinosaurs anymore, damn cavemen must have screwed up the climate as well.
  8. I don' think they are denying the climate is changing, just not believing that it is man made like the people profiting from it want you to believe. There is no "proof" that this it is man made so really all of you supporters are just giving "opinion" as well. I know a guy that worked for NOAA and he can go into extensively how the results of reports are conducted to reach a conclusion that was already determined. I love how people like Tom Steyer are going to make this a national emergency. So what is exactly is his plan when China, the largest polluter in the world, tells him to go pound sand. He has declared it a national emergency. Does he then declare war or does he just go back to being the dumbass that he already is.
  9. The ignore feature on this site is a beautiful thing lol
  10. Agree it is sad to watch. This was of such vital national security that they could sit on it a month before sending it to the senate. I hope no one on this site is ever charged and convicted based on 3rd party hearsay. I now believe like many that this was all done to effect the senate next year as you have heard Schumer and others pretty much say so with how they are steering the narrative on the senate trial.
  11. They look really good today. Things finally seem to be clicking and the flow is definitely better within Cousinard at the point. Lawson hopefully coming out of his funk.
  12. Kind of agree. Trask has shown he can be a problem with his uncanny ability to extend plays.
  13. Georgia # 2? I think they are greatly overlooking the value of an experienced offensive line. Receiver was not a strong part of the bulldogs team this year either. I know they had some injuries. Florida scares me more than GA at this point.
  14. Well done. I am a big fan of Charleston and what he was able to do. It sure felt like more touchbacks than that maybe they just came at bad times during games and made my perception skewed. I would be curious to know how many were kicked out of bounds inside the 20 and how many were actually downed
  15. I think he was kidding in the moment, lighten up Francis. The bottom line is that other teams seem to be able to get guys down there to down a ball that goes over the kicker who is standing there waving a fake fair catch, but our guys seems totally intent on playing the player waving for the fair catch and had multiple chances to down the ball deep in the other teams field only to stop at the receiver and watch the ball bounce into the end zone. It was some of the worst I have seen and it was all year long.
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