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  1. Yes and the media and the left have conveniently ignored it. So when this false outrage comes up it is blatantly obvious that the left if obsessed with getting Trump out the cost to this country be damned. The IRS was weaponized under Obama. The FBI was in the tank for Hillary and did not bring charges against her, but in the same breath said anyone that did what she did would be charged so don't try this at home. Comey and others attempted a coup on this presidency and the left wants to act like something terrible has happened each time they try to catch Trump in something.
  2. Rivera walked out of yesterday's press conference. The end of his tenure in Carolina is near. I will watch this week now that Cam is not playing. I had pretty much written them off for the season.
  3. I would not have thought that would be a good combo, but it is how my mom made them when I was growing up and I must say I like it better than just PB and Banana. Adds a different flavor that just hits the spot for me.
  4. Gotta be Dukes. Always had that on my peanut butter and banana sandwich. Never tried just mayo and banana.
  5. Great book for sure. Steel Wave by his son Jeff is an excellent book as well. I've read many of Jeff's books and have liked them all.
  6. I am curious do you think all gun ownership should be outlawed?
  7. Have not tried that, but I can tell you they are really good with cream cheese on them.
  8. Dabo, just shut up and play football. Your schedule is WEAK. Just embrace it and move on.
  9. Don't know how Taggart is not #1 on that list. Also remember when many were upset that we did not get Fuente.
  10. We really need Kier back on that line. Having that senior leadership up there is important.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nyt-kavanaugh-bombshell-goes-bust-after-2020-dems-use-it-to-call-for-impeachment
  12. Longhaul

    Ric Ocasek

    Dead at 75. RIP. Their music always brings back some fond memories of fun high school days.
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