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  1. I guess he was never able to beat out the backers we had before and after him.
  2. I hope you are correct. I just don't see it in their house, but I hope I am totally wrong.
  3. It was a tale of 2 halfs for sure. 1st half I thought he played pretty well. Second half not good at all. I agree if he is not healthy put him on the shelf and let someone or multiple others have a shot. At this point we really have nothing to lose by seeing what we have.
  4. Let's hope he does well. His lack of mobility will probably be a big issue against that blitzing A & M defense. If the game goes the way I hope it does not everyone will be screaming for Gauthier, which by the way, he is bigger than I thought he was.
  5. I keep seeing people say he is more accurate, but his completion percentage is lower than Doty so far this year. Obviously a smaller body of work as Luke has had many more pass attempts, but concerning considering most of the defenses he was passing against were early on the year and not SEC teams.
  6. While there were not many here were a few I saw. Zach Pickens is developing into a disruptive force on the D-line. He impacted play all day. Engabore is continuing to get better not only at rushing the passer, but reading the screens and making plays. Jaheim Bell is a serious mismatch and weapon. We even had the guy returning kicks. Zac White can catch the ball and actually has a nice move bounce before he hits the line of scrimmage on run plays. Props to Damani Staley and RJ Roderick for being all over the field the entire game. Head scratchers. Harris was averaging over 5 yards a carry and we did not see him in the second half. Is he injured? Also just curious as to what has happened to Tonka Hemingway? I really thought this was going to be a good year for him.
  7. How many holding calls did Vanderbilt get yesterday? I felt like the calls were very lopsided in that category. I saw several blatant holds on Vanderbilt that were in clear view and never called.
  8. Probably real. A & M is in the top 10 in the country for endowments. There is not shortage of money there.
  9. The best example I ever saw when it came for "feel" of the game and calling offense was Spurrier. He was a genius in knowing the right times to call the right plays.
  10. A certain segment of fans will not realize that the back end of the schedule was full of L’s. Trying to understand how anyone would want to fire a coach after 1 year of taking over a 2 win team is beyond me. Those fans are unrealistic in thinking that we are some kind of powerhouse football program that the top coaches are just falling all over themselves to come and coach.
  11. Makes me truly not understand the huge push to vaccinate young children.
  12. Yep. I am not saying Beamer is the answer, but I do know it is way too early to say he is not. Hell we've only had 1 or 2 answers in 100+ years.
  13. Our fans would have run Stoops off before he ever had a chance to be successful. Take a look at his record: 2013 Kentucky 2–10 0–8 7th (Eastern) 2014 Kentucky 5–7 2–6 6th (Eastern) 2015 Kentucky 5–7 2–6 T–4th (Eastern) 2016 Kentucky 7–6 4–4 T–2nd (Eastern) L TaxSlayer 2017 Kentucky 7–6 4–4 T–3rd (Eastern) L Music City 2018 Kentucky 10–3 5–3 T–2nd (Eastern) W Citrus 11 12 2019 Kentucky 8–5 3–5 T–4th (Eastern) W Belk 2020 Kentucky 5–6 4–6 4th (Eastern) W Gator 2021 Kentucky 6–0 4–0 We would have run him off in year 3. Everyone needs to calm down and Shane at least have a chance to see what he can do.
  14. Agree I have not commented because the raw reaction immediately after a loss is never a good one for me. This program has been mediocre most of its existence with a few bright runs here and there. I am not really sure how you turn that around. Spurrier in my opinion is top 5 probably top 3 college coaches ever. We were lucky to get him, but I am not sure how you get another proven high level coach to come to a program with a history like ours.
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