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  1. It won’t stop. Every Biden failure will be blamed on him, know that. The excuse making, hypocrisy and “whataboutism’s” here will be epic for the next 4 years.
  2. Good luck always seemed to be a class act
  3. They look tired. Legs appear to be an issue a lot of short shots being put up
  4. Did all of this between the two schools get started with Cade Mays?
  5. People are saying it is delicious. I mentioned it to some of the guys in the office this morning and one said he was going to try it for sure. I think that thing would add 5lbs to me just putting it on my plate.
  6. I did vote for him, but would not have if there had been a better option in my opinion there was not. I do not believe he should be impeached as there has not been an thorough investigation of what went on and until we know all of the details I think it is not proper. I also realize you cannot impeach someone who is no longer President and I don't see any way that things can be done in a proper fashion prior to 1/21. I am not arguing anyone should be outraged, people can feel how they want, but we should be able to know what went on. Do you really in your heart believe the the FISA process was legit? Did you vote for Hillary? Biden?
  7. Yes you are correct the first requests just conveniently omitted pertinent information to get the warrant. Information was provided and ignored to attain the warrant. You seem to be of the school the means justify the end, but that is not how our courts or this country works, but you are ok with it. If the shoe were on the other foot and it was a dem president, you would be screaming from the rooftops. On August 17, 2016, prior to the approval of the first FISA application #1, another U.S. government agency (“OGA”) provided certain members of the Crossfire Hurricane team a memorandum indicating that Individual #1 had been approved as an “operational contact” for the OGA from 2008 to 2013 and detailing information that Individual #1 had provided to the OGA concerning Individual #1’s prior contacts with certain Russian intelligence officers. The first three FISA applications did not include Individual #1’s history or status with the OGA.
  8. Good news. We missed his speed on the field last year.
  9. If this is accurate, why don't we wait until the documents are released and see what they say? Seems like the fair thing to do here. We know documents were falsified to get the FISA warrants to start with so I think it is important that we see what the rest of the documents and testimonies have to say. If everyone involved in this is clean there should be no real consequences or concerns by anyone that feels there was not real wrongdoing.
  10. Agree. All I can think of when I hear allin is Wilkerson fondling that OSU player in that game lol. #totalcommitment maybe?
  11. Lol. The origin of my user name. Have been a fan my entire life, it has been and I am in it for the Longhaul.

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