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  1. Are they seeing a large increase in the percentage of kids under 12 with Covid? I have not looked for data, just asking?
  2. That is awesome. As a Panthers fan I am ready to watch both of these guys show out
  3. So who will the Big 10 try to snatch up to stay competitive? The dominos are going to have to start falling. They need a powerhouse or 2 to add.
  4. The bigger these conferences get the more you will have to rely on a paid service to watch the games as there will not be enough time slots for SEC games on regular networks. I think in the end the schools are looking to cash in and championships become secondary.
  5. Heard today that Notre Dame may be looking at Big 10. What a kick in the jewels to the ACC after letting them use their conference last year in football lol.
  6. I wonder if the pre-season polls would quit overrating them every year if they moved
  7. Tonka to me seems like one of those guys that just gets it. Knows if he comes in works his butt off on every play and gives max effort every down he will have an opportunity to play at the next level. That type of attitude can be infectious on a team and make everyone work a little harder.
  8. I wanted to put him in the backfield more often after that run. That was a thing of beauty and he showed just how much of a freak athlete he was on that play.
  9. Headed to the Steelers. Still one of my all time favorite Gamecocks.
  10. https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Article/South-Carolina-Gamecocks-football-roster-weight-changes-167947244/?fbclid=IwAR20-yvwA6J-qejmPMhiBS291aS5jXVKK7fUIThf8keL00XpZyBqvHxwPdY Hemingway did some growing
  11. I did not know this either. I kept waiting to see him get an opportunity. Thanks for the insight.
  12. They are everywhere here down in Charleston as well. I saw a lady feeding one chicken out in front of Northwoods mall in the drainage canal one day. Can’t fix stupid
  13. Bingo. I had dinner in a French restaurant with a youngish client and he wanted to show how sophisticated he was by ordering a charcuterie. I ended up having to explain what the pate was to him when the board arrived. He said, I am not sure what that pile of stuff is lol.
  14. Saw this. I hope he can help the batting woes and recruiting.
  15. It is a lot cooler to look cool when you win, but I agree, let’s win.
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