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  1. I can tolerate Phil. Not one of my favorites, but Ron was a total douche in how he covered our team.
  2. Q: Mr Biden what is your favorite ice cream. A: well I uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.
  3. Maybe honest Joe Biden with his Delaware St University education can help bring some light to it.
  4. I never mentioned loans just taking advantage of loopholes. Go burn another one.
  5. This is exactly why democrats wanted this out there, because they know the general public does not really ever get to view how the wealthy take advantage of tax codes. Don't think for a minute that their hero Bill Gates does not do the same or Nancy Pilosi and her husband. They knew the exact effect and that is what they were going for. If there is nothing criminal, which I would assume the IRS would have gone after him if there was, then this is a big nothing burger other than it sheds light on the tax laws needing to be greatly simplified, which many have pushed for, but nobody in Washington will actually vote for because they all benefit by using the loopholes themselves.
  6. Gamecocks contributed yesterday. Mike Davis had a nice game, Charlton averaged 47 yards a punt and Cooper poses a threat in the return game when he gets his chances
  7. Davis played well yesterday. That offense uses the back as a receiver quite often and he has always had very good hands.
  8. Pickens looks like he is going to come into his own this year. Ernest Jones is continuing to get better. Jammie Robinson has an "it" factor to him that I like. I did not realize Fenwick can catch the ball and actually has some moves.
  9. Kevin Harris getting the start carrying the rock. Man I was ready to watch Lloyd in Bobo's offense. I wish Harris well. I will be looking to see if Fenwick, Amos or White can step up as well. Fenwick looked good at times last year. Let's hope.
  10. Ok so the internal memo from Bloomberg has not bearing on what you think. All good.
  11. Well if I came and payed of your debts today would you feel any loyalty to me at all?
  12. It does not, but really Bloomberg has made it clear that he is doing this to support Biden. Are you purposefully being obtuse? I expect that from some, but that is not your normal schtick. From the Washtington Post: Bloomberg, who has committed at least $100 million to electing Biden in the state, raised the money from individuals and foundations over the past week, his advisers said. He saw the donations as a more cost-effective way of adding votes to the Democratic column than investing money to persuade voters who already have the right to vote, a Bloomberg memo said.
  13. https://nypost.com/2020/09/22/bloomberg-pays-fines-for-32k-florida-felons-so-they-can-vote/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/mike-bloomberg-raises-16-million-to-allow-former-felons-to-vote-in-florida/2020/09/21/6dda787e-fc5a-11ea-8d05-9beaaa91c71f_story.html
  14. Helping people vote is one thing. Basically giving them money by paying their fees for the express purpose of them voting democrat? I really don't know how that cannot be considered wrong.

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