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  1. Accident or got caught? https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/31/cbs-news-airs-footage-of-overrun-italian-hospital-/
  2. Very much like there is some garbage in the left as well. Taking an entire group of people and lumping them all together is an ignorant stance. There are good people that do no support Trump and there are good people that do, much like any other President since the beginning of time. EDIT: Was responding to the quote you quoted, not you.
  3. Got ya. I guess I have not read down into most of the articles to find the released statistics. Honestly only been watching the news about once a day and trying to focus on work and family as much as possible.
  4. So do they drop people off of the number infected as people recover from this thing? I have heard nothing on recovery numbers, but personally know of several.
  5. And yet none of the critics on here will admit they were wrong they will just move on to the next thing or ask you how Trump ass taste. It is what they do over and over again and it is pretty much why I don't bother to post anymore.
  6. It certainly could. I guess the good thing is they thought they swine flu was going to wipe out much more when it first started and we were able to get a handle on it. I am hoping early projections are just that and we can do the same with this.
  7. So I guess given what we seem to know now, that it is much more easily spread and by early numbers much more deadly. In the end if we are able to come in under the numbers of swine flu with infections and deaths we were more successful than we were in fighting and containing the swine flu. I hope this ends up being the case and we can learn more for the next one that will inevitably come.
  8. Maybe this should have its own thread as it is a serious question and not intended to be political. Why did we not have this reaction with Swine flu that infected a huge number (over 60 million) people and killed 12,469 Americans. 80% of the deaths were people under the age of 65? I am sincerely trying to understand the difference in the reactions then and now. Not saying we should not have reacted differently to that outbreak, but we sure did.
  9. I know he wants a new Stadium so not sure if this is posturing to get Charlotte to help pay for it or if he really wants to move. I always thought it would be cool, seeing as they are the "Carolina" Panthers to have them straddle the border kind of like Carowinds does now.
  10. I am not saying he should not have downplayed the severity of it before he knew, but am tired of things being twisted into thing they are not by people that will hate him no matter what he does. There are a lot of good things going on in this country right now with companies voluntarily switching their business model to help. I see a lot of people helping others that may be compromised and cannot leave their houses. Meals on wheels here is doing great work. If everyone put their effort into making a positive difference instead of constantly bitching about every little thing, we will be better after this thing is over than we were before. Time to stop using this for political purposes and start helping our neighbors weather this storm.
  11. No he called the democrat criticism and fake outrage a hoax and a way for them to try and score political points after their failed impeachment.
  12. I keep hearing this, but even Snopes says this is false. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-coronavirus-rally-remark/
  13. To circle back to this. Chrysler Fiat announced they will be making 1m protective face mask per month to donate to emt's, firefighters, police and healthcare workers and are giving support to increase ventilator production. GM is going to start producing ventilators in Indiana.
  14. New cases and deaths in Italy dropped for 2 days straight. 43 days seems to be about the same as it took S. Korea to reach it apex as well. We are about 2-weeks behind Italy so maybe there is some hope for getting this thing under wraps in the next two weeks.

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