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  1. Georgia for me, next would be Fla. I will say I do find Florida fans more annoying for the most part though.
  2. That is fantastic. Looking forward to having this kid on campus to push Hillinski and Joyner and make them all better quarterbacks.
  3. I know you addressed this to Conway and I agree with him as well. I just wanted to say that I personally don't think they are excuses but facts of just how badly our program had fallen in Spurrier's final years. I personally think 6 years is reasonable to build the kind of depth that you need to win in this league, but realistically think 7 is the majic number to build the proper momentum and start getting top-shelf recruits. We hit a big one with this class in Pickens and as we saw when Gilmore committed back in the day it started the recruiting really rolling. I think 4 is too short from where we came. I think a 4 year window would require hitting on every recruit to perfection and let's face it he was hired late and his first year was just getting what he could to cobble together a class and getting what he could to fill that class, so I think year one was a wash from a recruiting standpoint. Sorry did not mean to jump in.
  4. Unfortunately for many including many of our fans will be how Champ does in comparison to Kirby because some thought we had a legitimate shot at Kirby and should have gotten him. I am not in that camp. GA was always his dream job and they made the move to get him. I don't agree with tying the two together as they are two very different programs in terms of where they were when the coaches took over as well as program histories. I do expect us to become competitive with them and win our share, I just hope our fan base has the patience to let things get going. You can already see a huge difference in recruiting and the overall knowledge of our staff about prospects. I think given the time Champ can right this thing a put a good team on the field. It is encouraging to see us in the mix for so many high profile recruits.
  5. Longhaul

    Mitch Hyatt

    I think Zach must have been a case of the broken leg making and recovery because like you I thought for sure he would be drafted. I read up a little bit yesterday and it sounded like Hyatt's measurables at the combine were not so great. I would still think they have 4 years of work to look at and see he was pretty damn solid, but I guess we will find out, looks like he will get a shot with the Cowboys.
  6. Longhaul

    Mitch Hyatt

    Not really smack talk, but was not sure where to put this. I just saw this morning that he signed an UFA contract with Dallas. How did this guy not get drafted. 5* out of high school and 4 year starter at left tackle. , I thought for sure he would be drafted. Was really glad to see him leave Clemson. Given I did not watch them play much, but I thought he was pretty solid.
  7. I was really excited about this guy after watching his film. Looked like one of those guys that could fly all over the field and punish the guy with the ball. I hope he can heal up and catch up we could certainly use the depth at LB.
  8. 2021 class falling apart http://www.onlygators.com/05/10/2019/florida-football-recruiting-stellar-2021-class-falls-apart-with-three-decommitments/
  9. I am good either way. I have not watched enough Clemson football to see how he performed so don't really have a strong opinion on it, but I trust our coaches evaluation.
  10. I felt like Bigs had been a lean our way with everything I have been reading. I did not have the seem feeling about Murphy, but hope you are right on him.
  11. Mullen also had a staff member arrested at the end of April fro threatening to blow up his ex-girlfriends car and cyber stalking. The more things change......
  12. I've heard he is heading back to Cali. Not sure if that is just for now or for good. I would be surprised if he signs anywhere on the east coast at this point.
  13. I swear I think there is a witch doctor somewhere poking pins in a bunch of Gamecock dolls. The rash of injuries for all three major sports continue to be crazy.
  14. This does not surprise me. I don't think much has changed in the culture there since Urban's time there. Their delusional fans think they have some great storied history in CF on the level of Bama and other greats and the truth is they were a mediocre program until Spurrier showed up as coach. It will be interesting to see how long the fans give Mullen if they take a step back this season.
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