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  1. I've heard much of the same and worse from the left, but while I do not agree with his choice of words, I do agree with his right to say it. I don't agree with how she views our country at all and I believe to many that can be construed as hate. I am not sure she hates our country, but she does seem quite bitter about it. The over the top remarks from people on the left are fatiguing to say the least. People are tired of them running down our country and acting like everyone is oppressed. Do we have improvements to make, absolutely, but this rhetoric is not going to improve anything.
  2. But that does not mean someone cannot criticize her if they do not believe in her view. There are many hero’s the left has torn down that they do not agree with. Make you views public and stand by them, there will always be critics.
  3. Longhaul

    Notre Dame

    So now they want to be included in the ACC for football. Lol. I think if I were the ACC I would say thanks, but no thanks. You either join the conference in football from this point moving forward or you can just watch the rest of us play.
  4. The part that really gets me is the disregard for laws and punishment in what I have read, but I have not read much so will hold comments until I have read it all.
  5. Yep. I got off on a side note about people demanding you provide them once in office. As you were.
  6. I am talking about providing your personal taxes in general. I have done nothing wrong, but keep my personal taxes under tight wraps and no don't want them out there for public consumption. In this case if there is a legal reason to have them provided they should be, that does no mean they should be made public, although I am sure people will leak them for the wrong reasons.
  7. The breathe act is really just another step away from personal accountability that is deteriorating at a rapid pace in the world.
  8. I understand that. Does not mean that I think it should be a requirement to hold office. If it is a requirement it needs to be spelled out as such by passing a law. Look forward to the future of every single person that holds office having their taxes put under a microscope and using anything they can find to twist it into whatever they choose. This will hinder the future holders of office as each party has dug in and are going to go after each other in all kind of new ways. Cannot see how this is good for the country.
  9. Not really a fan of any person regardless of party being required to hand over their personal tax info as it is personal. Does anyone really want their personal taxes out there for anyone to see? Seems it could open someone up for someone with bad intentions of identity theft or other. As far as I know it is not law to have to provide this to be President it has just always been done, not required.
  10. It is so hard to say. I've sat in on a few sessions listening about how they will handle student populations where my son goes to college and I just have a hard time following how when this thing hits a team that it will not decimate most of the roster. Most teams I've heard about will have 10-20 guys come down with it, but many have already had this happen and that may be the only thing that keeps this from happening in the middle of a season. If it hits a team during the season I don't see any way they can continue to play. Strange times we find ourselves living through.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/wife-of-late-trump-friend-challenges-mary-trump-sat
  12. YOU made the comment a while back that Obama made a good case for extending his presidency and getting another term. So no real defense of what happens when you destroy capitalism? You are living in lala land and not based in reality. In her video the founder of BLM says "we are trained Marxist" unless she is you with mutiple personalities, she is talking about more than just herself. Typical of you try to minimize everything that agrees with your view and exaggerate greatly against that things that don't.
  13. No miss on the founder being "marxist" as she said so. What do you think happens when people like you support the destruction of capitalism and opt for a government run society? You end up with the countries you are talking about. There is not utopia that you have drummed up in your head. Trump says that about multiple terms just to screw with you emotional wrecks and then he chuckles. Hell you said Obama made a case for doing away with the term limits on a President. So let me be clear. I don't believe anyone makes the case for doing away with it and I think it should be implemented on every level of government. Your beliefs and those of the squad and people like them will lead us down a path of destruction. Again save the term "comrade" for people like you that want the government to run everything.

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