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  1. Longhaul

    Should Coach Martin's Seat Be Warm?

    I am in the one more year camp just because of the injury situation this year, but the seat should definitely be warm in my opinion. He looks to have a good clas coming in this year and I hope things will pan out for him because I think he is a good X's and O's guy and really does genuinely care about these kids. I was in the Greg Marshall camp before Frank was hired, but there is just something about him that I don't really care for now that he's had some success. Don't want to get into bashing the guy so I will just leave it at that, but the guy does win. I find it interesting that larger schools have not come calling for him or maybe they have, I don't follow it that closely.
  2. My biggest concern is still the offensive line, particularly where it all starts at center.
  3. Longhaul

    DL coach John Scott Jr. talking sacks

    Ahh thanks for that. I did not realize he was injured, just had not heard his name much. I like his motor so hope he heals up and gets back out there soon.
  4. Longhaul

    DL coach John Scott Jr. talking sacks

    I am not seeing Brad Johnson mentioned at all. Trying to figure out where he fits into things now. I thought he played pretty well toward the end of last season and showed the ability to be disruptive in the backfield.
  5. I think we need to quit with the travel early in the year, especially with a young team. Traveling all the way to Wyoming makes no sense to me and is hard on any team. Once you are a good team and can go on the road and beat those teams then maybe look at some long travel. Hard to have much of an opinion with all of the injuries this year. Our football and basketball teams seem to have been snakebit this year. If Feldman had not done what he did, this team would have been much better this year as well. By all accounts the players coming in next year look to be good players and the freshman this year look promising and they will need to be as I think Kotsar and some of the others are what they are at this point I don't expect any big changes in performance from them, so the strong play is going to need to come from the young guys.
  6. At least on the surface and through his comments, this kid seems to have a maturity level that belies his years.
  7. Longhaul

    Muchamp #2 when it comes to being on the Hotseat

    I think it is BS. I think most of us knew last year would be a bit of a challenge with losing a lot of older players, who while not being the most talented, at least brought experience to this team. Anyone watching closely knows that the talent level is on the rise and that this year happens to be the one of if not the toughest schedule in the country. I would think that 2020 is the year and I will concede if 2020 does not bear out good results. Building talented line depth takes time and the line of scrimmage is where games are won and lost. I don't see any way we make a change after this season unless something crazy happens.
  8. Longhaul

    Replace Tanner?

    I think it is too early to say what kind of job he has done. Football team is heading in the right direction and if they were not so unlucky with injuries I think the MBB team could have been much better this year and next years class is looking pretty good. It really does not matter what any of us think if the big money donors keep giving and are happy he will stay. I also agree Holbrook was a mistake, but Ray did the right thing and sent him packing.
  9. Ready to watch and see if we can pound the rock. I like what Brown has had to say and I think he will bring some badly needed attitude to this group. I would think the freshmen may get into the action as well. Unfortunately I cannot see Dowdle making if through the season it just seems to be an ongoing issue for him.
  10. Happy for TJ. He has come into his own this year. Never underestimate senior leadership on a ball club.
  11. Longhaul

    Ian Jenkins No Doubter

    You called it, he does look the part and I we can't see where it landed because it hasn't.
  12. This guy is a beast. We are starting to get some lineman with a real nasty streak in them. Zach Bailey was a year or two too early, if he had come in with some of these type players we would have mauled some opposing defensive lines.
  13. We have needed a guy like this for a while. Love a big bruising clock eating running back.

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