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  1. I just want to see someone break a 60+ yard run for a touchdown. Someone, anyone......
  2. I agree with you on Kentucky, but A&M, if it were at South Carolina, I would feel we should win, but their place is a very tough place to win for any team so I won't be on the ledge with you if we don't win that one.
  3. This sucks. I know they were pretty high on this kid and I really felt like he was going to be an impact player this year. Let's hope the rest of that secondary can stay healthy this year.
  4. I do think we are getting the kind of guys we need to compete in this league. If we can avoid the rash of injuries that plagued us last year, I believe this unit can be very good.
  5. Hate to see this for a young person, but it sounds like he is in a good major that can land him a good paying job if he decides to go that route.
  6. Fox did great things for the NFL not sure what they have planned, but maybe they have some ideas that may make it better. I agree a little competition may make ESPN contimue to try to improve their product.
  7. This is actually pretty smart. Gives them a year to watch other schools do it and see what problems arise and how things are handled.
  8. I think it will look much different this year as it continues to evolve. I am not sure if that means a move away from the RPO, but I do think it means an offense more sure of whatever concept they want to put into place. I believe in Bmac and think bringing Warner on was a very astute move by Champ. I also think Wolford's impact will be felt more this year and allow Bmac to do more things that he would like to do.
  9. Well said Feathered. The ledge jumpers will react accordingly and the rest of us will understand you can't get them all, but as long as Champ and co. put a solid class together that is what matters and I think they will.
  10. Kinlaw should be much more effective this year not having to spend so much time on the field. Lack of depth and injuries kept the big fella out there for too many reps. I think he will be a force to be reckoned with this year.
  11. Bunch of punks that are going to mess with the wrong people one day.
  12. Much too young to be gone. Peace to his family and friends
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