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  1. He will get there and the dems know he will. At this point they are trying to damage his re-election chances. Certainly they cannot hope to impeach with that dumbass Schiff running the show.
  2. I don't see him coming here after everything that the board and president have made public this week. I think if wee get anyone it will be someone from a small school wanting to get their name on a larger stage. I just don't see a high profile guy putting himself into that situation, but I hope I am wrong.
  3. Some of you guys take this crap way too serious.
  4. The question I have is if you don't fire Champ how in the hell is he going to get anyone worth a crap to come and run this offense next year with the board and now the president basically saying if not for the buyout he would be toast. This whole circus show is almost as bad as the performance on the field. Either fire his ass now or just shut the hell up and say everything will be evaluated at the end of this season and leave it at that.
  5. So there are fringe people on both sides at that rally I see your pictures only involve on side. Trumps was commenting about the people that supported keeping that Statue of Robert E. Lee and the people opposed, not the crazy fringes of both that ended up causing the violence. I know you won't agree so we can just agree to disagree.
  6. I guess I have a problem with the way the opinion piece is structured. The whole thing from start to the out of context quote at the end is to imply that Trump supports white supremacy and that is why this guy has not left his staff like everyone else. I am not sure what the guy believes and will not defend him, but I do not believe Trump is a racist or believes in White supremacy. If you have to use out of context things to make your point, I lose interest in the point you are trying to make, just the way I am wired. You also seem like a fine person SAC. I don't take any of this personal it is just banter. Now people like Monksphere calling all Christians F'ing idiots is a different matter that I chock up as ignorance.
  7. I love how they always take that last sentence so far out of context. Trump said that there were fine people on both sides of the issue of removing confederate statues, not about the rally itself, but whatever don't let facts get in the way of a good opinion piece. Now I guess we are going back to Trump being a racist as impeachment things are not working out like they had hoped. The Democrat party is more focused on race than anyone and they play that card perfectly when it comes to getting votes, but really could care less about minorities.
  8. They said he has 10 quarterback pressures last night. Crazy how good he is. I loved watching him make Tajh craps his drawers all those times we played them.
  9. Picked up Mike Davis. Now hopefully they will hand him the ball some and let CMC get some breaks.
  10. Pretty disappointed that the board aired out as much as they did in this situation. They may have really put a nail in next year's recruiting class. My opinion is that you keep that stuff in house. Also think Drinkwitz comments about our football budget is kind of a douchebag move and really not necessary.
  11. With our luck he will put Bentley in the spot for the next two games and he will show some sort of positive, but not enough to win either game and he will be our OC next year lol. I say leave McClendon at this point and his removal at the end of the year will not be avoidable.
  12. Maybe offer him this job in the dead of winter when your breath freezes in Minn lol
  13. Are you suggesting someone off of the list of coaches that are about to possibly get canned?
  14. So it seems even many of us that were thinking Muschamp could get this thing turned around (myself included) are now thinking we need to make a change. Who do we try to get? I think there needs to be someone that would be invested in the program and be willing to stay at least 10 years (if successful). Not someone that will use it as a stepping stone (like Tom Herman). Some of the hot names when we were looking at and several of the anti-Muschamp crowd wanted, have not turned out so hot. I think it is tough picking the next coach at a University that, with the exception of the Spurrier years, has a pretty mediocre history. It has shown to be tough at schools with a strong history, much less one without. I am curious to see who some think may be a good fit. Some suggested Dino Babers after he beat Clemson, hindsight being what it is he may not make it at Syracuse. Tom Herman may be available after this year if he does not start winning bigger at Texas, but would everyone that wanted him, still want him? Everyone that comes to mind for me would be here until a bigger program comes calling. Let's hear some names and your reasoning behind them.
  15. Chad Morris PFFFT. I would not mind having Chavis as a DC though if you are looking at anyone from that staff.
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