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  1. I don't know who is dumber, Maxine or the people that would listen and follow her recommendations. She is an embarrassment.
  2. Yeah he did act like a democrat in how he spoke from time to time lol
  3. Dang did Ace's alias already get wiped out that quickly?
  4. Just curious. What has Biden done that has made your life so much better in 3 months?
  5. There is a difference between a talk show on a network and trying to pass off made up BS as news, but you already knew this.
  6. In the short term they are absolutely mooching, in the longer term they are taking jobs in an area that we could employ people. I keep hearing everyone say they will do low paying jobs Americans, will not do. If the unemployment system were not so abused those people would do those jobs and over time they would become more competitive and pay better. I don't have a problem with guest worker programs as you suggest my real issue is with the lack of paying taxes. How do these jobs line up with your thinking on $15/hour min wage. If those jobs are required to pay this amount does this take all of these workers out of the equation as these companies cannot take advantage of them anymore? I also agree with you on improved screening. I am not cold hearted at all, I just think we are being taken advantage of and right now it feels like it is totally for political gain now and in the future.
  7. We have plenty of Legal Americans that can take care of that. I am not against Legal immigration, but what is going on now is totally irresponsible to the citizens of this country.
  8. Meantime I guess those of us who work and pay taxes will pay for them. We already have plenty of Legal Americans that need jobs and work and those potential jobs will be taken by people who broke the law.
  9. More kids in cages than in any other time in history. Epic fail no way around it.
  10. Lol dramatic was you the past 4 years. Highest number of border crossings in 15 years.
  11. Conditions are much worse than you libs were wailing about for the last 4 years and now all you have are lame jokes. Not surprising
  12. Agree with you on all points. Winning fixes a lot of things and I would like him to succeed. I would like to see him step up and take some blame next year if things do not go well. I did not like how he laid it on the players shoulders so much this past season.
  13. Epic fail no other way to describe it. Biden's Campaign rhetoric is going to cost all of us big time. Wait for the next diversion to hit the news cycle.
  14. I think they became involved due to state funding and spending $6 million on the buyout, not sure if it was necessarily in support of Frank, but you never know.

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