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  1. Very good article. I read somewhere that he reminded people of an old school player named Sonny Jurgenson. Shaw always looks like he is in deep thought, analyzing his next move...
  2. check out the latest article on the website concerning the Ron Morris fiasco... http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/09/25/beyond-the-game-ron-morris-has-worn-out-his-welcome/
  3. The Gamecock Student section is maing news, but not in a good way.... http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/09/18/are-unruly-students-wrecking-the-moment-at-williams-brice/
  5. Spurrier and the Gamecocks have a great season and Mr. Tanner petitions the NCAA to let Bruce Ellington, Shamier Jeffery, Shaq Roland and Devin Taylor walk-on to basketball for a run at the NCAA's. I think Frank Martin could take them and go sweet 16 if he inserted them in immediatly and found the best five. Think about it. If the team isn't performing at the end of Bowl game, imagine the talent w/ Roland and Ellington, Taylor walk-on senior, shamier jeffery walk-on... dreamin.....
  6. Are you ready for College Football? We've brought back the weekly Pick Em' Contest with some awesome prizes. Get your picks in before everything kicks off Thursday on August 30, 2012. Entries received after 12pm on Thursday 8/30/12 WILL NOT be accepted.. Good luck!! CLICK HERE TO PLAY NO, THIS IS NOT SPAM IN ANY WAY! WE'VE GOT SOME GREAT PRIZE PACKAGES, WITH SOME CASH PRIZES TOO. THIS YEAR IT'S GOING TO GET BETTER AS WE BRING BACK THE ROLLING JACKPOT IN A FEW WEEKS.
  7. The Gamecocks Defense is a little thin, but offense is much deeper. There was fear that we had no height left at WR, but dont forget about Mr. Brent at 6' 4" and a bevy of TE's that are 6' 1" and above. Read more about the injuries that are depleting the first team here.. http://scgamecockfoo...tting-the-call/
  8. My thought process behind moving SC up was the fact that several teams ranked higher play each other early, so if we win early we get to the top quicker, and a loss doesnt knock us down too far if we lose one.
  9. We decided to play a game called WHO BEAT YOU when we were analyzing the data and making our Pre-Season Top 25 College Football Poll. The top spot still belongs to LSU, but check out how the rest of the top 25 shaped up here http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/08/22/cfb-news-scgf-preseason-top-25/
  10. It’s time to kick off the season with a bang. I always play it close to the vest early but this year I am going to jump out there and call the first upset of the 2012 season. Read more here http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/08/22/the-big-finish-will-alabama-get-lost-in-the-maze/
  11. You would almost have to travel forward in time to figure this one out..... Check out more here http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/08/22/the-big-finish-who-are-the-real-tigers/
  12. Going into my fourth season with www.scgamecockfootball.com I am starting to realize how much work it is being a one man show. From the behind the scenes design work to chasing stories and tidbits of information, it just isnt getting any easier to keep the website content flowing. So I am looking for 1-2-3-4 maybe even 5 people who would like to contribute to the blog. I am looking for personal stories/photos, focus pieces (that cover a certain person or topic), game by game prediction/analysis, and someone to cover other teams for rivalry articles. I am looking to either use a ghost writer ( you write anonymous), give by-lines and/or create regualr columns for reoccuring writers. SCGF currently has roughly 960-1000 daily readers qho read new articles through RSS feed, have about 2000 montly viral/path readers, and we get a great number of unique visitors daily, an average of 175-200. I have two paying advertisers, CiCi's Pizza of the Carolinas and H&R Block of Anderson, SC and there are at least three more serious leads for advertisers in the works. What I need to more content to keep the RSS feed constant and more artwork (video, photos, etc) to create depth. If you are interested in being a contributor, you can email me at scgamecockfootball@gmail.com or through GF. For now, this is a non-paying gig, but I am sharing some of the cool perks and promo stuff received from sponsors. I am hoping that a very well known bar/restaurant in five points comes on board next week, which will open up more perk ops. Thanks. RSVP Richard
  13. Crunching numbers has never been my thing. There are no complicated equations floating around in my head that give me the magic formula for predicting how the season will turn out.... Check out my SEC predictions here at http://scgamecockfootball.com/2012/08/19/cfb-news-final-sec-predictions-for-2012/ There were a few games that could go either way, but after some intense reading over the weekend, thre are definitely some teams in trouble this season, and it's not just the perennial bottom dwellers...
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