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  1. I don't know why I go on these sites. I've been a Gamecock fan for over 60 years. We've had good years and not so good years. Obviously, the Spurrier era spoiled us. Three straight 11-3 seasons was fun. Now we're rebuilding and almost everybody is blaming the coaches and Jake Bentley. I think the bottom line is UNC beat us because they blocked and tackled and we didn't. It was basic football. Maybe that is coaching, or maybe not. Let's see how things go on Saturday. Of course I'm not expecting a win, but hey: it's college football and anything can happen. Over and Out!
  2. I think it's too early to make a decision on Bentley or Hilinski. We need to see how Ryan does against Bama and other SEC defenses. Also people have forgotten how Jake played against Clemson last year. The problem I have with Bentley is he's been inconsistent. Sometimes he's great, but sometimes he cannot hit the open receivers. If Hilinski plays well against the Tide and Georgia even in a loss, he may just be the guy.
  3. I've always liked Mike Leach. I think he got a raw deal at Texas Tech. If things don't work out with Muschamp, I think Leach would be a good choice for head coach.
  4. I watched the entire game and for me, the bottom line (pun intended) is UNC blocked on offense and tackled on defense. We did not. We allowed a freshman quarterback to drive his team 98 and 95 yards for two touchdowns. On the other hand our offense with several skilled senior players could not muster a score from good field position. I don't know how you fix that, but we need to find a way. Otherwise we are in for a long brutal season.
  5. Me too! He could also play in the slot. I used to love that pitch play they ran with Cooper and Samuel.
  6. It seems like this happens a lot now. The situations at Alabama and Clemson come to mind. Also, Hurts and Bryant were established quarterbacks and both played in National Championship playoff games. Who knows how Joiner will fare if he transfers. Based on what I've heard and read he could probably be a starter at qb for many tier one programs. However, sitting out another year might hurt his chances. I hope he stays, but my guess is that he will leave.
  7. Someone told me yesterday that both Cooper and Samuel were high school quarterbacks. They are probably two of the most exciting players we've had for the last decade. I really hope Joiner will stay and play another position, but I understand if he transfers. Hopefully, he's getting good advice from someone. If he's looking to go to the next level it's probably not going to be at quarterback. Having said that there are exceptions like Russell Wilson.
  8. One never knows what will happen. As a Gamecock fan for decades, I'm predicting 7 and 5. I feel like we will win one that we're supposed to lose (like Georgia or A&M) and lose one we're supposed to win (like Vandy or Missouri). We simply don't have the horses to hang with Bama or Clemson as yet. If we can be competitive against them it will help our recruiting. I do think it's imperative for Muschamp that we beat Florida and Kentucky this year.
  9. This upcoming season is going to be really tough. Our new young talent will have to mature quickly. I think we all were totally shocked by the Belk Bowl, but there are still a lot of positives for 2019. I'm especially interested in how our running backs fare with a new coach. I feel like Mon Denson could emerge as our best back. While I really like Dowdle and Turner, Mon showed a slightly higher degree of toughness. I'm not a stat guy, but I'm betting his yards-after-contact numbers were very high. Also, I feel like Edwards and the Smiths will all have breakout seasons. The biggest key for the defense will be keeping everyone healthy. The one good thing about last seasons injuries was our young defensive backs got a baptism under fire.
  10. You're right. I was just over on the Cocky Talk site and a lot of them want to fire Muschamp and bench Jake. While it was a poor performance against a really good team, it's not the end of the world. It seems like more and more "fans" tend to overreact after both wins and losses. We have a lot of games left and we just have to wait and see what happens.
  11. Thanks for your comments. I'm old and I've been a Gamecock fan since the 60s . Full disclosure; I didn't go there. I graduated from Erskine College in '72, but I was always a loyal fan. I actually attended the last Big Thursday game with Clemson. I have to say that since we joined the SEC I've always said I'd rather beat Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee than Clemson. I'm sure some of that comes from the fact that I've lived in Charlotte since '77. My children and their spouses went to either UNC or NCSU so I still have plenty of reasons to pull against the Tigers. All that being said I consider Georgia to be our arch rival. This year beating them will hopefully punch our ticket to Atlanta. A lot of my friends up here in ACC country ask me if and when we will play Alabama again. My response is always, December; I hope.
  12. Well it looks like everything, including history, is against us. However, this is college football and anything can happen. I liked what I saw last week even if we were playing a lesser opponent. Remember how our opening games seemed to always start with a delay penalty and even in those 11-2 years we always looked frantic in the first quarter. None of that appeared last Saturday. Here's hoping we can be as cool and methodical tomorrow. We will need a few breaks to go our way, but we can do this. BEAT THE DAMN DAWGS!!!!
  13. Your article says ranked 25th, but the poll says 24th. I assume the poll is correct.
  14. I understand all the optimism but having been a fan for 50 years, I have to be realistic. I think the key games will be Georgia, Texas A&M, and Clemson. I think we'll win one of those. I also fear the hiccup against a team we should beat like Ole Miss. Nine or ten wins will still be a great season. Especially if we beat Georgia and win the East.
  15. Yes, this season surprised a lot of people. Coach Muschamp is working really hard to build back our program. Of course, there are many "doubters" out there. We tend to forget that it took Dabo almost seven years to get the Tigers on top and they're not in the SEC. It's true the East isn't what it was a few years back and the West just keeps getting stronger. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic,but I think we will contend next year. As we all know, winning helps recruiting and this group we now have came in after a 3-9 season. Spurs Up!!!
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