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  1. I get that almost everyone is disappointed in how the Cocks have played so far this year. I, too; thought we would beat Vandy handily. However, before the season I saw only five or six wins on the schedule. Three of the next four games are at home and if we can clean up the mistakes we can win one or two more games. Getting in a bowl would really help recruiting and the extra practices would be good as well. Patience is in short supply in college football (as well as other areas of life) these days, but I still think Beamer can get it done.
  2. I'm not expecting a win. I just hope we can cut down on the mistakes (fumbles, interceptions and penalties) and prevent a blow out for A&M. My expectations are the same as they were for Georgia. We cover the betting spread and score some points.
  3. This is interesting. I wondered about Hilinski. It's a shame he decided to leave. The transfer portal has really changed college football. I guess the jury is out on whether the good outweighs the bad. I think Beamer did a pretty good job using the portal to find some key players. One could argue that transfers are a safer way to go when acquiring players. They have college football experience which is a plus even if they are from smaller conferences and schools. We all remember the "can't miss" recruits both for the Cocks and other schools that never made an impact. Anyway, whether it is via the high schools or through the portal, recruiting is the key to winning now and has been for sometime. As someone one said " it ain't the Xs and Os; it's the Jimmies and Joes".
  4. Yes. We should stay focused. Gamecock football is like golf. Every time I start projecting ahead while I'm playing I make a double bogey.
  5. Agreed. Until we can start attracting a handful of five star recruits every year the staff will have to find "diamonds in the rough" like Foster and Jenkins. They're out there and the portal makes it easier to find them. In reality getting experienced transfers has less risk than signing some of these "can't miss" high school stars that never live up to expectations.
  6. I guess I should clarify what I mean by "signature win". I'm referring to our beating a team that is favored over us. In reality a "signature win" would be better defined to mean winning against a top ten team. Granted, none of our remaining opponents are or will be in the top ten.
  7. Tennessee would be my second choice if we were not playing them in Knoxville. We also might have a chance with Auburn in Willams-Brice too. Of course I'd love to beat Clemson, but that would just be too good to be true. Anyway, here's hoping we somehow beat Vandy, Missouri and somebody else.
  8. Will we get a "signature win" this year and if so who will we beat? Like most of you I suffered through the last two seasons without much about which to be excited. The 2019 win in Athens and last years defeat of Auburn were the only bright spots. As this season progresses I wonder ( and hope) we get a big win this year too. Being realistic there are probably only two more games where we'll be favored (Vandy and Missouri). There's no guarantee we will win those, but if we do; one more victory will be needed to get to .500 and a bowl. Do you think the Cocks will get that victory and if so, who will we upset. I'm going to go out on a thin limb and say we beat Florida by a field goal. I know; but hey, I'm a dreamer.
  9. Well I stand corrected. I did some research and Davis has played in several games. He has twelve catches since 2016 and a touchdown in 2018.
  10. I remember when Ore'Tre joined the team back in 2017. I thought he had the potential to be another Alshon. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. It seems like he's been injured for most of his time with the Gamecocks. I don't know how much eligibly he has left, but transferring in the middle of the season seems like a long shot to me. I hope it works out for him. Does anyone know if this is his last year? If he has one more year after this one I guess it makes more sense. This reminds me of Randrecous Davis. It seems like he's been there for ten years, but has yet to see the field in a game. I guess staying healthy is a big part of college football success no matter how many stars are by a players's name.
  11. Maybe, but I'd rather see us work with Doty and Gauthier (sp?). We're not going to get a 5 star through the portal. If I remember correctly Connor Shaw started slowly. Granted he had a great offensive line and blue chip receivers. I see a lot of him in Doty.
  12. Well, right now we have the same record (2 and 2) as Clemson and North Carolina. It's still pretty early to know which teams are for real. Once we get to the mid-season point we'll know a lot more. Win or lose, I'm a Gamecock fan and enjoy watching them play. Signing off for awhile. I'm tired of all the negative posts.
  13. I'm not going to armchair quarterback our play last night. I think people expect too much from this team and our staff. We're climbing out of the Muschamp malaise and it's going to take awhile. We just need to win enough this year to help with recruiting. All I heard all week was how explosive the UK offense has become yet we held them to one touchdown. I hate losing as much as anyone, but I'm going to be patient this year and hope we get better as the year progresses.
  14. Finebaum is a jerk, but he's probably right about this weekend. We just do not have the team that can hand with the Dawgs. I just hope we play well enough to cover the 30 point spread.
  15. Hey, we played very poorly, but we won. I don't think we can beat Georgia. However, I didn't think we would beat them in 2019. I like that we kept playing and overcame all the mistakes. I like Beamer and this staff. I feel like we're going to see improvement every week.

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