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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Can't wait to see what he decides tomorrow, keeping my finger crossed
  2. TheKing

    Second "HERE" Football Campaign Launched

    Here campaign had lot of success, glad they relaunched it
  3. TheKing

    4 more bowls 2 be added?...

    Awesome, more bowls, more games, more fun
  4. TheKing

    South Carolina vs Clemson game next year

    I hope at least a 10 points difference for us
  5. TheKing

    **USC vs. Appalachian State Thread **

    Good job for Money starting at SS again 8-0 Gamecocks top 4th
  6. Hope this will happen this coming season
  7. Thanks for the update Featheredcock, we are waiting patiently
  8. TheKing

    Hmmmm Taters violations

    Supid loosers, they disgust me...
  9. TheKing

    Watch SportsTalk live video stream

    On it now, thank you
  10. Glad to ehar that he is recovering fast
  11. TheKing

    Carolina tops Clemson again

    Scre you loosers, eat our dust )
  12. TheKing


    GAMMMEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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