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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Happy Birthday gamecockboat!

  3. Happy Birthday gamecockboat!

  4. Bailey capped this group off....WOW!!!!
  5. gamecockboat

    Power 5 coaches want exclusive Power Five schedules

    Exactly. SOS said it best. There are non power five teams that are better than the power five teams. Here are aome power five teams: Indiana Illinois Rutgers Wake Duke (one good year in the last 25) Kansas Colorado Washington State Syracuse How do we decide who gets to play those teams? Lottery? Heck, they will get their pick of who to play as everyone will want to make sure they schedule those folks and then brag about "only scheduling powere five teams". It is a bad idea, IMO. We don't need to tell Mountain West, MAC, CUSA, American Conference teams they will not get to play the big boys. The big boys need those home gates (and they would not be able to schedule 7 every year - which would cost millions a year). Some of those other teams deserve a chance. I think you start to destroy college football and only have teams from the power five truly make it with 85 scholarships if you do this. The rest will be relegated to FCS (need to change those names now, right??) status. Means less scholarships to go around an less kids able to play college football. It's not broken now. Why destroy other teams to change something that works fine?
  6. gamecockboat

    USC running game sputters

    One of those days.
  7. gamecockboat

    Pharoh Cooper turns heads, continues solid preseason

    Pharoh Cooper has the chance to be special.
  8. gamecockboat

    Scrimmage report: Nosovitch works mostly at tight end

    Hope Nosovitch gets his chance
  9. gamecockboat

    Friday morning update on QB Brendan Nosovitch...

    Brendan Nosovitch Highlight Film 2008-2011 Allentown Central Catholic H.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtjKV2eqX3g
  10. gamecockboat

    2014 SEC Preview and Predictions

    should be a fun year guys & gals..
  11. gamecockboat

    Mon Denson

    Mon kind of reminds me of Mustafa Green. Anyone else see a resemblance or am I way off base? Green was a very good back and if not for Latt would've been top back in the state in 10. Unfortunately I believe he had a lot of injuries but was off to a good start as a freshman. Thoughts?
  12. gamecockboat

    2014 Football Media Day - Videos, Photos and Quotes

    I am ready for some football!!
  13. gamecockboat

    Photos: Practice No. 1

    Mike Davis is a stud.

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