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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Meh... we compete against some top notch teams, low chances to get him
  2. This really sucks because we needed him to play for us really bad....
  3. Yeah... but now there a lot better that him
  4. Cocky

    Next year's starting defense?

    Good thing we still have players left uninjuried
  5. Fenton has backed away twice tonight at critical moments. Interesting. Reminds me of Marshall in 97 or 98.
  6. These ESPN announcers are about to make me vomit. Calling Renfrow the best player in the country and falling all over themselves talking about Clemson.
  7. Game is 50/50, we might lose simply because of injuries taking us out...

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