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  1. We need a big break to swing this game completely around. Scoop and score 6, etc. When that happens, the taters will tighten up.
  2. Down only 7 at the half is a win. Just win the 2nd by 8 and make Dabo cry.
  3. Peeps, we're still in this game at halftime!!!!!! Who woulda thunk?
  4. Dillman gotta pull back Robinson and muschamp
  5. that penalty on us is what resulted in that interception....had the ball at the 50....but noooooooo
  6. Damn Bentley could've ran for the first, instead he throws a pick. Just Damn!
  7. So Clemson’s defense is just a little less crappy than ours? Or our offenses are both good???
  8. Sorry muschamp, but be sure to recover the time lost with family somehow
  9. Sad news guys, he invented most of the heros from marvel universe RIP https://m.ign.com/articles/2018/11/12/stan-lee-dead-at-95
  10. I'm watching and I see a team getting run over and run by. Stop whining

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