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  1. He has declared for the draft. Good luck to him.
  2. COLUMBIA — They were each quite comfortable and doing quite well where they were. Justin Stepp was a highly regarded receivers coach at Arkansas after several other college stints, and Erik Kimrey was a high-school head coach stacking state championship rings like cordwood. But South Carolina called. Neither had to think very hard once South Carolina did. “I guess being in the business since 2008, you don’t ever see a lot of guys get to do this where they grew up,” said Stepp, a native of nearby Pelion. “When I was talking to mentors about this job and where I
  3. Makes sense. I was going on something that Frank Martin had said but I may have misunderstood him.
  4. But all seniors with a covid year remaining DO NOT count against normal scholarship numbers upon their return. That is going to help a lot of teams we will face this year.
  5. Thanks brother. I'm glad to be here with guys like you.
  6. I am happy to have Coach Beamer.........so far. lol I do believe he will give it his best and I am betting on him being successful.
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