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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. I want us to score a first win so we can start the season good
  2. There is a bigger gap for us now, it's 52-48 for texas
  3. Voted for 9 because I have a lot of faith in muschamp
  4. overloaded

    Video - A New Era: The First 24 Hours

    This really got me pumpeeeddddd!!!!!
  5. Still thinking? Come one hurry up
  6. Damn guyssssss.... spurrier screwed us badly, damn I'm so upset
  7. We were simply pathetic, PATHETIC, with orth being the most pathetic of them
  8. overloaded

    ***Gameday Thread South Carolina vs Florida***

    We have ZERO ball skills on defense!
  9. overloaded

    Grading the Gamecocks against Tennessee

    Most are grade d
  10. overloaded

    ***Gameday Thread South Carolina vs LSU***

    I'm really starting to be sick of all these loosing, just fire everyone, some of you guys are blind and don't see that this team is player worse every single passing year, in this rythm we will be the worst team out there for sure

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