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  1. Zone blocking and short moving receiving routes will definitely help, a damp field could really change the game plan for both teams.
  2. I fully believe as previously stated that SB is the coach for us. He’s intelligent, connects with players and staff. From what I can see seems to do well on the sidelines and I fully expect more growth their too. Aside from an unseen bump in the road I feel that he will get things turned around. Most importantly he wants to be here, that is more of a point for me especially after the last staff.
  3. Partially coaching partially instinct, coaching is hat on a hat and how to defend against blitz and different schemes such as crosses coming from the dline. The player has to have instincts kick in and fall back on that coaching when those things happen. ECU did not fear the passing game especially on 3rd down, they constantly brought more rushers than we had blockers. Even with that being said it’s still on the coaches and the player to make that chip block or partial block to give that extra second to throw to an open receiver. On the flip side of that most of the time the ball was being held on to or thrown so fast that I couldn’t tell if their was a hot route for those cases.
  4. I don’t see the +32, while I’m not comfortable in this game it just doesn’t seem that far away. If Daniels plays he will normally throw a ball or 2 to the defense, just have to be ready when he does. GA has a great defense, if we play like we did vs ECU they will score on defense. Play with patience, take what they give. I believe the line should be closer to +17.
  5. We’re 2 games into the season and have 2 W’s in the win column, while not always pretty they are W’s. Coaching: In my opinion it’s been as vanilla as possible for the offense, don’t show what you don’t need to this early in the season. The defense has played great and seem to be building confidence. The special teams is Beamer Ball!!! Offense: Hopefully when Doty returns it will give a much needed jolt to this area. Until we prove that we can consistently make throws no defense will back off the line of scrimmage. Defense: improvement across the entire unit, I know we have only played to lower level teams but they have tackled and for the most part played fast and kept their assignments. Special Teams: this is an area Beamer and co is ensuring the opposing coaches have to plan for. I like what I’ve seen so far, calculated risk to change the game. Intangibles: Passion and Heart are 2 areas that drive college football, the first is helping and hurting us at the same time. The players seem to have the passion for the coaching staff and fan base, while it has caused some unwanted penalties they are playing for each other. Overall I would give the season so far a B+, it’s hard to motivate a team that isn’t supposed to win many games. The coaching staff has done that, the players could have given up Saturday and refused to do so. If they continue to show improvement and play for each other this team will pull a win or 2 that they shouldn’t, while I’m not excited about the GA game coming up it’s another chance for the staff and the players to improve.
  6. After Saturday my optimism still stands firm. I know we played a weaker opponent, in that we still did what we should do. They covered the spread and went into halftime with a convincing lead. Their was no need to play the starters in the second half, aside from a few coachable moments the game went as it should have.
  7. Interesting to say the least, never hurts to explore all options though. I would much rather explore what can be done to not rush Doty back then to have him play and make the injury worse.
  8. Hate to see this for the kid, I myself had great expectations for him. I do put most of the blame on Muschamp and staff due to never really having a plan beyond that day. To be an effective coach you have to plan for the worst case scenario and not throw a kid to the fire when they aren’t ready.
  9. This could be a blessing in disguise for us, while it’s great to have a clear #1 it also causes young guys to focus in on them. Im sure someone will emerge as the season moves on.
  10. Fully agree, things like his time working with his father, Spurrier and Riley were big reasons when his name first surfaced in the hiring process I personally wanted to see him here over the others. Throughout his career everyone he’s been around has talking about his intelligence, passion and him being an upfront person.
  11. This is the type of play I want to see again!!!
  12. The other thing to take note is now it’s looking like if OU and UT have joined before the new TV deal the floor of that deal will be 70-75 mil per. I don’t see a one time buyout that may potentially costing you 5 mil more than the first year of the TV deal stopping them from negotiating and getting out at the end of the season.
  13. Comparing coming staffs is really a moot point, one has had moderate success in a lower caliber of football while the other has been on staffs with some of the best coaches in the league. The only advantage I see for the Tennessee coaching staff is he’s had time to work on things like game/time management. I’m not saying that Beamer is the savior or that we’re going 12-0, but if you look at the team the last 2 years and think 6 combined wins is all the team was capable of your a pessimist. Those teams played selfish football lead by a mostly selfish coaching staff. With a recruiting pitch of “I can get you to the league” you build teams that are me first. Beamer has an uphill climb but if he come out and won 6-7 games would I be surprised? Not even in the slightest, theirs talent in the team and if they play team football they can win more than what the “experts” are predicting.
  14. No garnet glasses here, Tennessee is currently in a worse situation than SC. Any school that has had bowl band or hefty punishment handed down by the NCAA has always struggled through them. Both schools are coming in with new coaches, having to retool the teams due to transfers and such. While coach Beamer has to steady the ship and try to put together a few wins and build confidence he doesn’t have to try to recruit against the NCAA punishment. That’s why I stated Tennessee has to hold the line, if they stack several bad seasons along with the punishment they will have a much higher climb.
  15. The buyout of the Longhorn network will be the deciding factor. No way the SEC allows them to keep that. SEC is the brand no matter who it is if the championships are coming in they still have the brand. TX is about to find out what it’s like to be in a conference not ran by them or catered to them. Plus TX loves to talk about how much money they have, a few $$$ isn’t going to stop them.
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