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  1. Thank heavens Clemson sucks this year too. I think if we can find some (any) answers on offense, we might be able to beat Mizzou, and as bad as Clemson appears to be this year, maybe we could even beat them. I can't even imagine being competitive against Florida or Auburn this year, so those are nigh on write-offs, but if we could somehow finagle wins against the other two, I could stomach a bowl loss. I've always been a Gamecock optimist (wait 'til next year!), but I'll admit that I turned off the game before halftime in the last three games. I couldn't bear to watch us squeak out a W against @#$%!!! Vandy, though I figured we'd probably win in the end, and any game that starts out in a 28-0 hole is one too damaging to the psyche to continue. I don't need to see us win every week, but I want to watch the team do something, not just start out by cratering. That's gonna lose me every time.
  2. From what I read, Luke Doty texts these tweets to Zeb Noland just to troll him! Even though we're still laid low this long after the Glory Years, I'm starting to dig being a Gamecock again.
  3. Now this is a Twitter account to follow: https://twitter.com/ColonelZebuliah This is the best use of media I've seen in quite a while!
  4. We've already won as many games this season as last.... I was pleased with some of the flashes we showed. Consistency is a must before we can take another step, but there's clearly talent to be mined in this cohort. Good signs on offense, good signs on defense; we just have to tighten up and play to our potential to be good. Maybe with a couple more good recruiting classes we could be better than just good.
  5. What's the scoop on Sherrod? Will he be back in the next few games? They had a cast on that lower left leg; hope it's not a break....
  6. There are no good losses, but I have to say, I saw some real positives. Doty looks like he could be stellar behind a solid O-line. At long last, Vann has come to play. We even got pressure in their backfield for a couple of sacks, several hurries and tackles for loss, and a fair (but uneven) run defense. And we did end up winning the turnover battle. I expected the loss, but because of the potential our boys showed, it wasn't painful or dismaying. By season's end, I think we'll pull off some wins that no one's expecting, and I'm optimistic that we might even make a decent bowl. Bring on KU.
  7. My favorite memory of Bowden is, back during the early ACC days, he'd ALWAYS beat Clemson, even if it took a fumble rooskie to do it! When we were mediocre and Clemson was ambitious and trying to get in with the in-crowd at the top, it was a pure joy to watch him shut that door on them every time. RIP, Coach Bowden.
  8. So strange. What gives, I wonder? Here he is at Media Day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2OuJC75qrU), just a week ago, talking about how awesome the school and coaches were; I wonder if there was some kind of incident and he was asked to leave. I can't think of anything else that makes any sense to explain why he would transfer in, then back out again after one month. Trouble is, the defensive backfield is where we needed the most help.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Louis-du-Ha!_Ha!
  10. Is that the latest model X-34 available for sale? That's okay. I'm never coming back to this planet again.
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing about Cam Smith. Highly recruited, but lackluster showing. Perhaps a new coaching staff can light a fire under him and ignite that talent.
  12. It's been way too long! You can't imagine the withdrawal I went through when Spur closed down. I avoided the poison atmosphere of CT, but always lurked because their recruiting pages were excellent. But I like what I see here, so I finally broke down and decided to join! It looks like a really good spot filled with good people.
  13. If we can put together at least three wins, someone can say we're turning the ship around. Four wins and we double our last year's total wins. Six wins, and not only might we go bowling, but we'll have matched our win total for the last TWO YEARS! Nothing's happened yet, and things are already looking up! Course, it's ALL up from the bottom of a hole....
  14. I dunno, your reaction seems pretty understandable to me....
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