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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 8

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  1. Has anyone heard that CSB has offered a QB and receiver from VA... both were in the portal I believe
  2. Yep.. you know what they say about carma
  3. Yeah kids figured this was a possibility... would really to have him here bitif he feels good about AU .. best of luck
  4. Agreed... totally different way of thinking... I believe it will pay off sooner than later
  5. Don’t get me wrong .... I wish him well ... and I understand what you’re saying ... for me ,there just wasn’t no wow factor as we hoped for
  6. I’m assuming he is referring to bobo and friend?
  7. I assume one is Marcus Satterfield for OC...seen that Zach Arnett is a candidate for TX job so he could possibly be wishful thinking... still need OLC... and DC...
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