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  1. Assistant OL coach isn't very inspiring, but I hope I'm wrong. I guess I'm just used to Gamecock OCs being bad. I don't know that we've had a good one since I started following the team.
  2. OC was the only one I have/had any questions about. Seems like he was pretty far down Matt Rhule's list, but I trust Shane after he was able to get Clayton White and Pete Lembo to lead our defense and special teams.
  3. I just hope we don't see Jamey Chadwell in our division. He makes a lot of sense for them, but hopefully, he holds out for a better job.
  4. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Tennessee-Vols-coaching-search-Hugh-Freeze-Lane-Kiffin-Gus-Malzahn-potential-candidates--159787218/Amp/ Might help some of us feel better about our new OC. 247Sports named Marcus Satterfield as a potential replacement for Jeremy Pruitt in Tennessee. It most likely won't happen, but interesting that they think he would be considered when some of us (including myself) have questioned his ability to be our OC.
  5. I agree. I also hope we're wrong for questioning it.
  6. Just keep hearing Travelle Wharton's name thrown around.
  7. I'm usually very positive, but this news has taken the air out of me. If he's a co-offensive coordinator, I'm all for giving him a shot, but it doesn't really feel like a good time for our program to take a shot on someone like Marcus Satterfield leading our offense. He was mediocre at smaller schools in much easier conferences... I just can't seem to pull any positives out of this hire.
  8. I honestly didn't question it until now. Now that I look at the reports, they all seem to point to one source (Football Scoop) except Sports Illustrated, who only states "multiple sources."
  9. Wonder if there's a chance Spurrier Jr. comes back as WR coach. He coached some of our best WRs, was a recruiting coordinator, worked with Lincoln Riley as an offensive assistant for a year, and has a pretty good resume.
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