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  1. Knowing there is little chance of getting out of Athens with a win, I would dearly love for them to have found SOMETHING they can exploit to put an offensive TD on the board. As long as we got a clean 7 up there, i will be happy. that said, we got the upset two years ago because Kirby is a good recruiter, but not a great game day coach. We get a specials teams score and that might discombobulate Kirby and trickle down to the team.
  2. They showed Rocky Horror when I was a student. but they showed it in the ballroom to get more people in.
  3. I have to work every Saturday, so I don't get to watch any games. Don't have ESPN anymore either, so ... Might upgrade to the whole package until the end of the season. We'll see how this Saturday goes. I do listen over a crappy radio signal, FM, but at the length of the signal, and my only thoughts are: I think what might be the best call of the season that will pay dividends all year long was going for 2 points on our first TD of the year. Opposing coaches are going to have to be watching for that every single time now. Tommy and Todd indicated that there was some change to OT rules this season where that was going to be important. So our coaching staff are deeply invested in being prepared according to the newest wrinkles. I am very concerned about the dumb penalties. Thought that would be better by game 2. Just as bad or maybe worse. I missed the early call of the game and apparently there were a couple more targeting calls, that didn't hurt us after reviews, but I can't abide hot dog players who don't care about hurting the other players. DJ Swearinger was a hot dog with just the right amount of mustard. I think we have a D, but we need to work the hot dogging out.
  4. Just saw this thread. The Citadel game was the first game I ever went to as a student. I didn't really know much about football, not like every other kid I went to high school with, for whom it was mother's milk. I had heard of a "trick play" and to act like I knew something about football to my dormmates (a bunch of us from the dorm went in on some block seating, so a lot at stake for me), I said with the Gamecocks down late in the game we ought to try a halfback option pass right about here. And we tried a halfback option pass right then, and I couldn't convince me dormmates that I really didn't know what I was talking about for a while. True story. And even though I started working the Saturday shift at the Russell House movie theater and couldn't go to any more games that season, I was hooked.
  5. My expectation? Not tied to a specific number of wins or losses. I came to USC in 1984 and my "expectations" were set that season. I thought it was winning a bunch of games. But over the years, I have realized that it wasn't the number of games we won that year. It was HOW we won them. And I saw that same "HOW" we won them two years later when we went 3-6-2. Only one time during Joe Morrison's tenure did I not see that effort. It was in a 59-0 blowout loss to Florida State, which I think was FSU's revenge for the hurting we put on them in 1984. Speaking of which, my expectation was brilliantly summed up by Joe Morrison at halftime in the 1984 game against FSU. I just came across that game on YouTube, watched the whole thing. I realize now I had never seen it at the time. I was a work-study usher at the Russell House Theater and i was working all but the first game, against the Citadel. I had obviously seen clips of Raynard Brown's controversial 99-yard kickoff return for a TD, in which his knee was down. Thing of beauty that should have been called back. But I never knew how many players were hrt in that game. Three starters, including linebacker James Seawright. Seawright had had 21 tackles the week before against NC State and had more than 100 tackles on the season with three games to go. Helluva of a tackler. He was the first to go down. At halftime, Joe Morrison told ABC, "Well, our young ones are making some mistakes, but they're hustling." That's it. That's my expectation. HUSTLE.
  6. Yeah. Found two. One on the Cheer (banned at least three times) and another on the sway.
  7. The Low Brass Cheer wasn't banned right away. My recollection on "the Sway" is this. First observed when we played Southern Cal in 1983. A win, BTW. When the Sway was noticed that 5-6 season, the press asked Joe Morrison about it, and that is when he said the memorable, "Well, if it ain't swaying, we ain't playing." It was said early enough that season that the phrase was put on bumper stickers and might have been the slogan for the team's season, which ... there weren't many such preseason slogans back in the day. But I think it laid the groundwork for the excitement that became the Black Magic season of 1984. A season which almost ended in disaster. We opened with the Citadel, and true to form, they had us on the ropes. It was, I think, the only game I was able to attend that season. I was a freshman and I went in block seating with some guys from my dorm. I didn't know much about football at all, but had heard of a "trick" play. Sitting in the East Uppers, I said to whomever was next to me, "We ought to try a halfback option pass so we can score here." True to form that season, Joe Morrison called a halfback option on the very next play and I think it went for a TD. My dorm buddies thought I knew my stuff. Anyway, there was no swaying that game. Once we started rolling (probably with the win over Georgia early enough to be, as it always is, the bellweather of our season, the sway started getting noticed a bit more. Louie, Louie got blamed for the Sway. Student seating had them on the edge of the East Upper, toward the South side, and up from there. My seats were UP from there against the Citadel. But when they just started dancing to Louie, Louie, the sway started. The Wave was a big thing back in the day too. Anyway, some of the higher priced donors who had decent seating UNDER the East upper decks noticed the hell out of it and started complaining. When the Low Brass Cheer was thrown in the mix, some of the more prudish high priced donors complained about the oh so offensive use of the word "hell." There were complaints on two fronts. It didn't result in outright ban. I remember, because I wrote aobut it in The Gamecock, in a column. I wasn't a columnist until the fall of 1986. The most interesting thing about The Sway was they actually tested it. They got some engineers from ... ahem ... Georgia Tech who had lasers and pointed them at a line on the East Upper and they got engineering students to sit in the Upper Deck and make it sway, to measure it. The actual results were, hard construction projects need to have a natural amount of sway built in to them to allow for temperature variations and high wind fluctuations. (See the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse in the 1950s. The Bridge was built HARD without a natural sway and the winds just made it sway despite that, until it collapsed.) The said that the observed sway was thought to be within design tolerances, but also, MAKING it sway might not be the best thing. In other words, any excuse to make the donors happy. If I can dig up my columns about the ban on Louie, Louie.
  8. Yeah. TrooperDel has passed.
  9. I was there as well. (And I actually knew what was going to happen rewatching this, but was a little tense when it was 3-0 near the end of the first half.) We went to Ybor City kind of after the parade. The one Ohio State fan I engaged with was a bit cocky, saying they had the better program. And I said, "But we have the better coach." She looked around and then, in a quiet voice said, "I think you're right." And she gave me a Buckeye. She even warned me that it was poisonous. so it wasn't a dangerous prank. We had the best barbecue I have ever had in my life. Moses White and Sons. And it was the son of one of Moses' that was running the joint at that time. Was out at a bar either that night or the night before, and I remember Mississippi State was in a bowl game in the snow somewhere. The first of our double-header outback bowl wins over Ohio State. Good times. Great times.
  10. The odd thing to me, MANY years later, having had the career I ended up having in news around the state of South Carolina, was how many kids from SMALL towns in South Carolina were names. The punter, Tyeler Dean, was one of two excuses I had to go cover the Gamecocks a few years there. From the Barnwell High Warhorses. His momma wanted us to have a season long coverage of the Gamecocks, from the POV of the punter. THANK Goodness I also worked for the Allendale paper, and therefore had the further excuse of covering Kenny Harney. I never got that emotional story that Kenny shared with the team, after the first 0-11 season. Holtz said the team had to know what they were all going through. I think maybe his mom was sick or something. But he had played a year with his teammates and no one knew it. Later on in my career I started working out of Chester County SC. And Sheldon Brown was of course from Lewisville High School. There actually is no town of Lewisville. it's in "Lewis Township." He of course came from the town of Fort Lawn. Great restaurant there at the traffic light. The Wagon Wheel. If it survived the Covid. Kalimba was from a school in Florence County, I believe. Can't remember which. Derek Watson wasn't in this game, but I believe he was from Central. Definitely another small town somewhere in very rural South Carolina. Spurrier's best success was with a few players from some of the bigger schools in South Carolina. I hope Coach Shane Beamer has a plan that is dedicated to absolutely owning the state of South Carolina in recruiting again. It doesn't have to be the main thrust of our offense and defense everyt year, but if we get the best of what South Carolina high schools produce, we are on our way.
  11. I think this team won their season like they did in the 1999 Clemson game, the last loss of the streak, at home against Clemson. I don't remember the score. I do remember Clemson carrying Brad Scott off the field on their shoulders, but even that wasn't a positive but a negative emotion. No, the positive was the players, standing at the Block C at the end of the game, defending it, because the turds from Clemson had promised to tear it up. Somehow, after losing 21 in a row, Lou had given them enough of a sense of pride to say, "Not on our watch." Something they can build on.
  12. That win over Missouri in the monsoon that year was not a bad bit of coaching. End result,anyway.
  13. Do you remember his rep got him snatched up as a head coach at Youngstown State from us? And remember what Spurrier said at the time? He was ... surprised that he was offered and surprised that he took it. I don't think he was saying he was bad. But he was saying he hadn't seen enough to decide if he was ready to be a head coach.
  14. Is it possible that this was because of the guy doing the running not being evaluated properly, maybe a kid who plays better than he practices, but also getting what he gets despite the line? I only listened this year, but i kept hearing that he "somehow" got through the line, and once in the secondary, accelerated and accelerated.
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