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  1. Me too. I much more identify our team via the mascot name than through part of a shared state name - more unique.
  2. I haven't but am looking forward to it, for sure. Loved Skyfall, maybe my favorite Bond film.
  3. Lol - random magazine subs? Nope.
  4. Such a good man and what an incredible leader. There aren't many people who get universal respect anymore.
  5. And golf balls, too - like, who carries golf balls into a damn football game, "just in case?"
  6. .... dang those throwback Morrison-era helmets were SWEET.
  7. Luke threw a ton of beautiful balls and IMHO had his best half of the season in the first half last week ... not his fault the third and fourth drives of the half both started inside our own 5 because of the punt and the turnover, IIRC, which is really just survival mode. He did miss the long shot to Vann, but that happens. The second half he didn't seem the same to me. If his foot was bothering him, that would make sense. Either way, I think Zeb gives us at least as good a shot as a Luke who can't really run, as that was half of his allure as a player.
  8. Junior and Lulu, for those who needed the context: http://i.imgur.com/5lwV9e0.jpg
  9. Lame Kitten pelted with golf balls and more after Ole Miss win in Knoxville: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32415556/tennessee-fans-pelt-field-hit-lane-kiffin-chaotic-ending-ole-miss-win
  10. Juju was a disciplinary matter; Brooks had what Beamer called a "personal issue."
  11. Honestly, when you get a rep for being a high-penalty team, the refs see it all. And we have that. We were penalized more than 3 times as much as Vandy yesterday and for the season more than twice as much as our opponents ... and the reality is that while Vandy prolly got away with a few, so did we. It's just super frustrating to always be the team that is less fundamentally sound than our opponents, week after week.
  12. I also think Vandy's OL is worse than ours. They won't be able to run and will stuck in a lot of down-and-distance situations. JJ will have a pair of sacks and we'll have 2-3 picks as well.
  13. Folks, the big boards are awash in toxicity right now - people are ready to run Shane and especially Satt out of town on a rail. Should we manage to win on Saturday (I think we do, comfortably), we will be underdogs - sometimes BIG underdogs - in the remining games of the season, and could conceivably finish with 5 losses in a row. And some of those games, like aTm, could get FUGLY. How will the fans be then? I hate to say it it, but a lot could come down to *how* we lose. Last year's absolute woodshedding by the Aggies sealed Muschamp's fate. I remember thinking during the 0-11 year that even though we lost every game, as we went along, the team felt like it was working hard and getting closer. We didn't feel like an 0-11 team even though that's what the record said. This year, in all likelihood, we are about to be 4-3 but we don't feel nearly as good as that record would indicate, at least not yet. I put it to you that it would be possible to still lose those last 5 games, and feel better about the second half of the season than we did the 4-3 start to it, which has left many of us with a solid case of the "what the %^&s." I guess it will all come out in the wash.
  14. Agreed. Not to mention the % likelihood that a big-payday assistant could very easily come here and $%^& the bed.
  15. So could have the dozen other teams looking for new coaches, but he didn't get hired by any of them. Why do you think that is? There's no way you or anyone else in the world could say this now and have it based on anything but knee-jerk, "we just lost a bad game" emotions. We won 2 games last year - what did you think would happen? And of course, you may well be right in the end - but to look at it through 6 games when we are 3-3 and say that, is just speculation. The biggest questions in my mind are about how Shane learns from the mistakes he is bound to make in his first season as head coach, and grows from there - not that he emerged from the womb with every answer.
  16. He's learning on the job, too. Give him some time.
  17. For just a tiny two-letter word, that one packs a lot of whallop.
  18. So that was a woodshedding. Not a ton of good to take away, but there are a few nuggets: Good News: We cut down on penalties, and had half as many as the week before (5). Bad News: We still had twice as many as our competition. Good News: As a group, Kevin, Juju and MarShawn averaged more than 4 yards a carry for the first time this season (IIRC). Bad News: When you are down 28-0 in the first quarter they tend to give you you those runs; not sure how much they tell us. Good News: Not counting FCS foe EIU, we racked up our highest yard total of the season. Bad News: Still lost by a ton. Good News: Our coaching staff is looking for ways to be creative on offense. Bad news: Nothing says "I don't trust us to be able to do it the old fashioned way" than a gimmick play at 1st and goal from the 1.
  19. ... Cocks by 16 vs Vandy.
  20. Yes that would be ... a wound that nobody, fans or coaches, would shrug off quickly. Vegas likes us by 16, so hopefully that's how it goes.
  21. Part of the issue for us as fans is that none of our games have really made us fee any better about the team. The first win was sort of nice, but everybody knew that team was playing up a division. ECU we barely squeaked by a team that seemed better coached but with lesser talent. Troy was as ugly a game as you could imagine. So even when we win, it's in such fashion that by Sunday we aren't feeling any better about the team. Maybe Vandy will help with that.
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