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  1. Also, I see the push for this kid and the kid from Chapin as being indicative that Williams is going to go to Ole Miss. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.
  2. Not going to lie, this got me choked up a bit. Great stuff. https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1466197408061210627/vid/1280x720/6QYvp-QAuK0VT1PX.mp4?tag=14
  3. Brown has decommitted from Pitt and will be on campus for an OV this weekend! Things are looking good - big props to Coach Stepp for staying on him! https://247sports.com/Player/Camden-Brown-46094028/
  4. Stogner on campus today for an official, so it looks like this will happen.
  5. Latest completely unfounded rumor: Napier is up in Tatertown working to convince him to come at Gainesville, where he will make him the highest-paid DC in college football history. TIFWIW.
  6. I think the more high-level competition in the QB room, the better. If next August the coaches feel Luke is the best man for the job, he will get my full support, no doubt.
  7. https://247sports.com/Article/Oklahoma-WRs-Theo-Wease-Jadon-Haselwood-enter-NCAA-transfer-portal-176927436/
  8. Played for Connor Shaw's dad at Connor's alma mater, Powder Springs:
  9. The only real reason I brought up Kimrey is that coaching circles right now are in so much flux with all the high profile job switches ... it may very well be tougher to find someone if in fact Shane is even looking. But I agree with you GH.
  10. I know folks may have got their hopes up about Rattler a bit, but everything I have read so far indicates he will be staying home in Arizona, most likely at ASU.
  11. A name I have heard discussed as a potential target:
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