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  1. https://www.pupperish.com/dennis-quaid-cat?utm_source=catsparadise&utm_medium=catsparadise&utm_campaign=catsparadise
  2. Traffic is one of those mega-unappreciated bands, IMO.
  3. I'm blown away! Those are just incredible.
  4. One of things I love about my job (I work in PR and comms for a university after 20+ years as a journalist) is that I get to write long-form stories for the university magazine, which is also produced by our office. For the summer issue, I wrote a piece about a project in which local vets, both on and off campus, contribute stories each year to a journal called Stories Deployed as a way of processing the stress, pain, or sorrow they may have encountered during their service. The latest Stories Deployed has remembrances from Vietnam all the way through recently returned vets from Afghanistan. A
  5. I think while school is out the answer is "not yet" - the fear is what will happen when they gather again, unvaxxed and unmasked. But the Delta variant is, without question, hitting younger people harder than the original strain.
  6. In other words, it’s all just talk until the shootin’ (or gameplay) starts? You’re right. Talkin’ season is what it is … but I have to say he’s checked all the boxes so far.
  7. Most of my avatars on other sites (even my Microsoft avatar at work) are a shot of Spaceman Spiff from C&H.
  8. I never said Dawn would make just as good a men's team coach.
  9. If you've heard her story, about her mother's immigration here from Laos, and her stepfather building her her first balance beam out of 2x4s, it's hard not to be inspired!
  10. Totally, and I am in the same boat. When I opened that story, part of me was ready to view it with a jaundiced "they have to say nice things, he's their boss" eye ... but it wasn't really that they had great things to say about their boss, it was what they said, and how they said it that impressed me.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/LongFormArticle/South-Carolina-Gamecocks-football-head-coach-Shane-Beamer-168598635/ Interesting story and well worth the read.
  12. so cool that they both ended up with the local club!
  13. The idea that Frank could connect with female players on the floor and in recruiting the way one of the greatest female players of all time could, just because he's Frank, is laughable.
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