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  1. Swayin


    Yeah I do Pro too ... well worth it.
  2. Swayin


    It's about 5 miles round trip or so? All climb to the top, rest and take in views, all descent back to the car. About a mile into the descent my knees have turned to mush ... but it's worth it! I don't know if you use or know about AllTrails.com, but it's free and lets you plot hikes and maps (and back-country bike rides too) really easily. Here's the Alltrails file for that hike: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/washington/blue-mountain-logging-road-south
  3. Keeping the big Zep train rollin' ...
  4. Swayin


    Biking, hiking and fishing are my go-to outdoors interests, but my knees at this point are so shredded from a long adult life of basketball and rugby that walking downhill (uphill is fine?) just hurts like hell, to the point where I hardly ever hike into the backcountry at all anymore. That said, There's a hike I do every spring and at the end of every summer because I love it and it's worth the pain - and I hiked it a few weeks back, and C&P's post reminded me that I took a pic or two. The peak in the background is the North Twin of the Sisters Range, seen from a different angle, closer and on a sunnier day, in Blitzy's "10,000 miles" thread.
  5. lolol - well, we'll need to have two "gentlemen's wagers" during the season for sure!
  6. Was having this discussion with some friends - IMO it's because when a good CB is doing his job you never see him - the ball is just never going his way because his coverage is so solid, and you are naturally as a fan watching the ball. Plus he didn't have big INT numbers and actually dropped a few "easy" INTs earlier in his career. JM2C!
  7. One more from yesterday. That's Mount Baker looming over the ridge, elev. 10,500 or so. Farthest north of the Cascade volcanoes; next one to the south is Glacier Peak, then Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, Hood and on into southern Oregon. Also note bear spray in panniers!
  8. Not making any rules. Just pointing out that "bbbbut Kansas State" is a laughable way to promote someone getting an extension, If you have to dig that far back maybe you should rethink your position. "Hey, Boss, I'd like a raise. I had a really great sales quarter - four years ago." "You want a raise because you had a good quarter four years ago?" "Hell yes. And don't forget that great quarter I had 10 years ago!" "You didn't even work here then." "So?" Except for this year, right, when they were 1 for their last 10? Last year they were 5-5 in their last 10 games. The year before that they were 5-5. Year before that they won 4 of their last 13. Year before that they were 4-6. Year before that, 5-5. When does this mythical "consistently play better at the end" thing start again? OK, back to it - year before that, 5-5. Year before that, yup, you guess it, 5-5. I'll stop there. In sum: Color me unconvinced by your "argument." Your pal, Karen
  9. Beautiful day on the mountain today!
  10. What he did 10+ years ago for another team has nothing to do with the argument for or against why he should still be our coach.

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