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  1. You'd be amazed at how many times over the years as a property manager I've hit the reset button on garbage disposals to "fix them". Allen wrench is second step.
  2. Yeah the paid forum isn't much better. I joined because of the $25 for a year special. It sucks.
  3. I do not understand why this is a concern. Every message board has multiple posts about it. Let Beamer decide what he wants to do and move on.
  4. Or who to congratulate when things go right lol
  5. A lot of people want Shaw to be an on field coach but haven't heard him say that he wants to be one. He may be the one choosing to stay off the field.
  6. I think that some coaches are very innovative and creative in beginning but have a hard time adjusting as other teams strategies against them evolve.
  7. Sorry but you got that backwards. He went to GT from SC. Unless I'm reading your post wrong.
  8. Wonder if Quelsey Quarrels is interested in being a Dline coach.
  9. Whoever the OC ends up being needs to have a play action pass based offense at least for the first few games. Until we can get some respect in passing game and teams stop stacking the box. Because we have a f-ing thoroughbred we need to ride to victory.
  10. I hope I'm wrong but don't think Brady is happening. He could be the head coach of just about any college team and possibly multiple NFL teams. No reason to make a lateral position move to a lower level at this point.
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