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  1. Guys, say what you want about DABO , but I have listened to him speak several times on ESPN 30 , he has taken an program brought it to the top, and I hate Clemson and their fans but if you want to build an program he's done it his way. I have an little respect for the guy I still don't like him much but how many championships have we won uh let me see I can't count them in football. I think Beamer is following along those same guidelines and just maybe we can be there one day,
  2. Josh H. is on the radar at O.U. all they have to do is figure out how and when and then it's an deal if if the other say no they are waiting on Cliff K. to say no they also are looking at Notre Dame D COACH, Defensive head coach They would love to have Fickle at CIN . The buyout is the issue here. another name that just got mentioned was Oregon's coach, I don't believe that is even an real chance.
  3. I agree he doe not want any part of the SEC
  4. I agree he doe not want any part of the SEC
  5. The Coaches at the High School level really Like Shane Beamer he is getting good vibes from all over the country especially down in Florida where my son is an Principal at one of the schools there, 2 kids have heard from him recently there . They are 5 star kids
  6. Why would they hire an D guy at O.U. They have one on staff, not buying into Venables. but maybe so,
  7. Beamer went 6-6 his first year hear with almost no talent or depth to rely on, he didn't get the first 3 O. C. coordinators wanted it's even tougher this year with al the coaches moving around I have been hard on him at times but I do believe that South Carolina has the right guy he just needs more help. I said he would go 6-6 maybe 5 and 6 this year back in the spring I didn't see much more than that I thought maybe 7 wins but that was just my heart not my mind thinking.
  8. Napier was never coming to South Carolina.
  9. What has Tanner got to do with playing the game I don't understand that one
  10. Well O.K. it's kind of hard to run trick plays when you have defensive players hanging on you're neck all night or is there before the ball reaches the Q.B. The team was backed up an lot in the first half inside the 20 most of the night .
  11. Yes I am hearing an lot about Garrett Riley Josh H. is now be courted By Oklahoma sources say they are thinking about his buyout position.
  12. Let Beamer make the choice what benefit is it for Tanner to have input
  13. Here we go again , let the Coach make the choice Tanner should not be involved for an O.C. guy
  14. David Cutcliffe , is an long shot rumor's are he could be done , looking to retire.
  15. Lincoln Riley's brother first choice , next Joe Brady if Carolina get's rid of him.
  16. I thought this team was good sometimes, but this is what I expected I said it you can go back an look at my notes, he should be SEC coach of the year with the talent he had to work with, 6-6 get's you praise at South Carolina most everywhere else get's you fired. I an happy they go to bowl but not overexcited .
  17. While this is an improvement Beamer has to be saying I've got to get the talent needed, it must happen you could see the difference in the levels of talent they have to sell this to the people in the transfer portal . They need an Q.B. with talent we don't have one and only and Freshman coming in . O.L. needs some talent and the D line. it might be coaching at the position level the scheme's. The Jimmie and Joe's aren't at the Gamecocks.
  18. L.S.U. fires their coaches that go 6 -6 , and less we praise ours's that is the difference everyone just thankful to be going to an bowl, well O.K. Let's see what kind of talent he comes up with we sure need some.
  19. Guys, all season up and down it's going to be really hard to find an O.C. guy with all the changes being made, with that said it starts with talent on the field, and coaching The O.L. has been terrible all year. The scheme looks to be wrong he knows he has to make come changes but where do you go coaches are not standing in line to come here. Hopefully some talent is in the portal on the O.L. and QB - Let's start there.
  20. All, after taking in all the quotes are the sayings etc I am here to say South Carolina wins this game 24 Gamecocks 17 Clemson . South Carolina may score more it just depends the O.L. has got to play lights out, and I think the D will get an turnover to help them , the crowd needs to be early to get the place nasty for Clemson, and the O.L. . must have the game of their life. If The O.L does not play well that is going to be the key Brown has got to have time.
  21. The name I am hearing is that it could be Billy Napier, but he is waiting for L.S.U. to say no he really wants the L.S.U. job
  22. Well, let's first saying that I was the only one on this board that had said they were going to beat Florida and Auburn and they might struggle against Missouri , People laughed made fun of me when I said at start of the season this team would get 6 wins maybe 7 . With that said I had mentioned that if that would happen he should be SEC coach of the year. There is no reason for them not to make him Coach of the year right now. Sam Pittman may have some more supporting cast than Beamer but I don't think so. I was at the game Saturday night what I was an bunch of kids who would not quit I think sometimes South Carolina has played way better at home than on the road for whatever reason . I thought the fans we're not going to show up I was in the stadium about 40 minutes before kick off, I think they have helped themselves big time in the process with kids that are now in the portal. I believe that next season will be magical, if they get some more help. I saw an offensive coordinator grow up and made some good play calls, I have too been an little skeptical at times but I believe that if the D plays lights out 1 more time or can shut down the tigers it can be an win, but Clemson seems to have come together as they always do. I will reserve my prediction for later in the week. As I gather some more insight.
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