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  1. Wow, my first day back after being in Florida for the weekend just an awful scene at Tennessee the fans think they have an elite program not to mention they have not been relevant in about 15 years. I think they have an wake up call coming form the SEC or should have . With that said there is no place for drinking inside an college stadium the SEC has to take so blame here they should have an system in place for all of the schools to go by. This could have been far worse than it was there is no place for this in college football and the University of Tennessee should be placed on probation by the SEC , for not having an better system in place. The SEC should ban all drinking in college stadiums. You can place all the blame on the refs for the call they made but hey they didn't throw trash on the field. I feel it's an honor to go watch sports in this country not an right. The fans need to remember it's only an college football game anything can happen with 18 to 22 year old kids. I feel this just shows how bad Tennessee fans really are which I have been saying for an lot of time now.
  2. Stokes, is locked in with Michigan he will not change his mind they have convinced him their O.L. is the best in the country and they are committed to running the ball. I have had conversations with different people that are really close to him . As I retire I am going back to my journalism days and will have my own podcast shortly . So I have some contacts around the country this I know probably will not change.
  3. Hey, I had South Carolina going 6 and 6 at first of the year was almost laughed off the boards but hey I see maybe 5 wins this year, and with an upset here or there it could happen. I almost sank yesterday as I had learned that Delp would not be an Gamecock at about 1 pm yesterday people had called me the day before to say hey he's Georgia Bound. With that said Beamer is not the savior of the program he needs help big time, he will have to sell an bigger dream to these kids today, all of them want to go where they can win an Championship right now no one wants to come to an average program . Georgia has it all now the facility it takes to win with the fans , the town at Athens it's an great town. Florida has the golden tan girls and can say we have won it all here, Carolina get's to say hey we got good facilities some of the best the other schools are have banner's hung. It's going to be an while guys CAROLINA will not spend the monies to get an big time coach, Shane is good but he has an lot to overcome here .
  4. Well, hey I would want to go where I could win an NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP too. It's going to be an hard row in Columbia for some time just don't have the proven coaches in place as well as other issues. Beamer and Muschamp suppose to be the great recruiters does not matter who you are in Columbia they don't want to play for an loosing team been that way now for 100 years and more . Delp said we had great facilities good place just not an winning one .
  5. Hey, I thought Shane could get to 6 wins this year I was laughed at then last year, I think maybe 5 is the high mark this year, but you never know if he get's 6 wins they should make him coach of the year in the SEC.
  6. Well, all I can say is that when you go looking for an staff and the University doesn't give you the monies for top notch assistant coaches you have an hard row . The University is or does not have the monies needed to go get the best coaching hell they don't even wont to pay Staley. The talent is not there you can talk all you want to about coaching but the talent is just now there in the QB position , as well as the receivers and O Line . People are saying it's coaching it's an little bit of everything if you don't have the big dudes up front you cannot run the ball. The schemes may be an little too much for this group it's all about communication on the O line. I could be wrong but the O line was on the sidelines when Tennessee scored , so we left our best cover guy at home. You can say all you want about these guys last year they were o.k. nothing great, an running back who did most of it on his own . They say if you don't have the Jimmie and Joe's you can't play the X and O's . All I can say if you are an 5 star an want to come play now, South Carolina is the place for you. 100 years of mostly loosing in football that's what the Board at South Carolina is about I remember when the off was made to Shane's dad it was kept real quite they didn't have the monies then they don't have it now . You want to play with the big boys then get the x players to give some monies to go get him the best of the best coaching staff, someone who is an O.C. GUY we need more big time coaches as well.
  7. I have an fix go get the best O.C. mind in football whatever it takes, but again you can't call the plays if you don't have the play makers and we don't have them.
  8. Hey, everyone is talking about the O line, what about the D side of the ball it was just an bad day in Tennessee overall we left the best cover guy at home. With that said hey again the O line is on there 3rd offensive coordinator in 3 years. I mean it's just too much South Carolina never has the money needed to go get the best assistant coaches. IF anything the O line coach needs to be looked at and the offensive coordinator at the end of the year. This is what you get when yo wholesale the position coaches if you going to go play big time ball with the big boys you have to get the big time play makers face it Doty is just an average QB, lets' start there, and then the O line yes they were 4 stars coming out of high school most of them, but sometimes they just have not faced the talent you see in the SEC, yes they are experienced but again the talent is just not there. O.K. next how about receivers they cannot get open, and it starts with the talent level again, and the coaches at their position so with that . Yes, we just might need an couple of extra O line Dudes next year bigger faster etc, everyone says it takes time to develop talent, I say bull there are plenty of teams right now playing freshmen at the O line Spot. The Bottom line is most of the USC fans are just hoping for an quick fix, hell there is not one There are so many issues here that they just can't be named I mean it's bad looks almost as bad as the first 2 years with Holtz. and if you have people on the board who is an Clemson Grad how do you expect to win. South Carolina is not serious about football never has been never will the board members hold all the monies.
  9. Hey, it all depends where they throw the ball well, insider source says Georgia has the edge, rumors' are Manning headed to Georgia .
  10. yes, well Doty needs to ask the O line to bend over at the bench and kick them in the ass with his foot terrible people are running thru the holes and it's not our running backs.
  11. really, it's always the coaching here at South Carolina how about talent, should take out billboards on the interstate offensive linemen needed at South Carolina Gamecocks please apply . They are awful with some bad coaching as well the scheme must be too much they can't play football and think at the same time.
  12. who us The GAMECOCKS, I really believe we have the worst offensive line in the state. These guys are not SEC players, say all you want too until we forget about Clemson that's all people want to talk about forget them , they do have 3 national titles. Sorry just the facts S.C. fans most of them all they worry about is Clemson.
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