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  1. Brianna

     Monday updates

    Thanks for the notes feat
  2. Brianna

    Bobby Bentley being courted by Auburn as OC

    Great!!! I knew he will turn them off
  3. Not a bad team, so clearly won’t be an easy game
  4. All of us would want a win tomorrow ipoc, just unfortunately clemsux is still a better team that we are
  5. Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay around
  6. We need to lose this game in style, at least if we don’t have any change let’s make their win harder
  7. Brianna

    Uniform Prediction Thread: Clemson

    All garnet to make them feel bad
  8. Hope the operation went well and he is good, and hope the tumour is not cancerous. Really hope we will ge some news about gim soon
  9. Thanks for the update Featheredcock, we're with you during the operation, parying that everything will go well and you will be fine.
  10. Brianna

    Your favorite SC vs Georgia game


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