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  1. You most certainly would find lots to criticize if you follow me around. Very valid points made. Like I said, I understand both sides. You have made your argument very convincingly and I clearly see it better. Bottom line is we all want to see the program succeed (some a lot more than others) and definitely this incident puts a halt to it for now. Can it recover with Martin at the helm? I think so. I surely hope so because he is that good. Or will it forever be stuck in the pits like it has been now for so long. I hope not. I believe Tanner will prove to be one of the best ADS we have ever had and I have to believe this wasn't just a knee jerk reaction on his part. I'm sure it was well thought out and I'm certain Coach Martin was included in it the whole way. Maybe I am wrong. Time will tell.
  2. I read it. I don't believe anybody wants Frank to change his ways. Just quit using the profanity. That's all. Are there repercussions from what has happened like you say. Maybe so. I hope they aren't as extreme as you say. I believe Coach Martin can still be who he is but stop with the profanity. Nothing good is coming from it. Can he not be himself without the profanity? Only time will tell if it was as bad of a move as a lot of people are saying and hopefully USC can overcome the damage but I don't know. I still say Martin was wrong to do what he did. Just my opinion.
  3. I sure hope you r wrong picknroll. I can see what you say happening but I hope u r wrong. I would like to believe Coach Martin can still recruit and achieve his goals. Say what you want about Tanner but I support his decision. Why does any coach have to call his player an ass hole out in public like that? I don't care what kind of coach he is or anyone for that matter not just a coach but anyone, you don't call em that. Especially on national television so everyone can see. Profanity has always been the same and it has always got bad rep when it is said in the public eye like that. That isn't pussyfication. He could easily get the same point across without it. Just because other high profile coaches do it too doesnt make it right. I believe Tanner was forced to do something. Many things played into his decision. Fans, warnings to Coach Martin and probably the #1 reason was his own personal belief that it was wrong. As AD of USC, that is his job. I will leave with this. I don't know all the ins and outs of basketball like some people but i do know the ins and outs of being a human and if anybody talked to me that disrespectful, I would be facing assault charges.
  4. I believe the the NCAA record is 64.
  5. I had been hearing that it could be career ending and he wouldn't be back which sucked because I liked watching him and he is really good. Then I heard today he was out a few weeks. His absence could be critical but I have a lot of faith Myers will do well with or without.. He always does. Just hate it for Evan. Hopefully he can get this fixed. He could have been our closer.
  6. Number 1 and 2 are huge and i csn see why both of those at the top. The rest can almost go without saying but those top 2 are big for the Yardcocks. I don't think we have lost a playoff game in Carolina Stadium. Leadership and this team coming together is IMO the only thing missing. Not that it is bad right now but the team has to develop into this. Hard to assess that variable so early but I sat right next to the dugout last Saturday and that leadership isn't quite there. One of the biggest positives in that regard is Morales. He is huge for this team and I believe his recent past experience pays huge dividends down the road. He may not take the field but he can help right the ship so to speak with leadership and team chemistry.
  7. Clemson has changed their hats. Now they have Columbia on the back of them.
  8. I am very impressed with Dawn Staley. I believe her biggest asset is that she relates so well to these players. She knows from experience what it takes and now she is instilling her knowledge into them. Not only them but she relates to their families too. She has been through the fire so to speak from the earliest age to the highest level and she has brought that to USC. I met her one time and at the time I didn't realize she wasn't that tall. Even so, she carried herself very positive and I remember noticing how determined and deliberate she was. Straight to the point. That was 4 years ago in the ED and maybe she comes across as shy to some people or maybe she was just not feeling it in the ED (who does) but I did not see that then. I won't go into why and who she was there with but I came away with the impression that Dawn Staley is a special individual and if that determinism and positive demeanor she carried herself with came through as a coach, then she had all the right ingredients in her to take this program to unprecedented heights. From then on I praised her and the teams accomplishments. I don't know all the ins and outs of basketball but it was obvious and still is that Dawn Staley is absolutely one of the best out there and USC did well by extending her contract. It's pretty cool watching it all unfold and I believe the best is yet to come.
  9. There are many places better. Fans have been complaining about this since it has been hosted there. The main reason is the central location in the SEC. Better location? Right here. I would like to see them move it around to different locations.
  10. I'm fine. Just dialogue. Reading words that are written can be the most often confused form of communication. It's just a forum. Even so, your post started "To USC66". I wanted to make sure you and everyone else knows I don't and have never criticized the guy and to me, everyone should prove themselves. I may have been riding high on Coach Tanner when he came here but I still have a let's give the guy time to see how he does with his own players mentality. I will leave the X's and o's of basketball to the ones who know more.
  11. Really picknroll? I have never been on a pink cloud riding the hiring of anyone. Period. I also havent bashed either coach. WTF? I personally don't see the backlash but since it is asked, obviously it is because Martin hasn't won. Yet. Horn came in and won quicker. Plain and simple. Yes, fans can be idiots and probably don't follow it like some others so they don't know what is really going on when it comes to building a college basketball program but to them the bottom line is results. That's why Martin gets more backlash than Horn.
  12. I like Martin. Look at where Staley is with the women's program. How long has she been here? 6 years? I'm sure it may he harder to build with men but I believe we have the right man for the job. I love all picknroll said about him but what I love the most is his love and passion for the game. He is a top coach and will have success here if the fans will just give him time. To answer your question, the state of mind for Gamecock fans has been influenced by the recent success in certain sports. USC is having its best years ever in football, baseball, wbb. The highest profile sports are successful. Those fans critical are spoiled. They want to see the success in men's basketball as well and they are simply impatient. If they will just give it time, Frank Martin will have USC competing at the highest level. With Horn, their expectations weren't nearly as high. Partly because Martin came from a top program he built and so people think he would immediately do that here. Horn came from Western Kentucky. Yes he was successful taking them to the sweet sixteen but not as successful as Martin. All of this combines to make certain fans more critical of Martin than Horn.
  13. Thanks Raptor. Baseball can be humbling. Presbyterian could start someone and they pitch a game like no other. We should roll like you say though. I'm excited about this team. If they can come together with the right chemistry it's going to be hard to beat them.
  14. I was impressed overall with the Yardcocks this past weekend. I know Bucknell isn't raising eyebrows around the country but the Yardcocks still impressed none the less. One of the biggest improvements I seen was the patience at the plate. Last year we swung at way too many bad pitches and had a lot of pop ups. This weekend we had a lot of walks and hard line drives. Of course some of that had to do with Bucknell but you can't overlook the fact that we scored 41 runs. This team has power and speed up and down the lineup. They will be fun to watch. Pitching also looked good. Monty was his usual self. Maybe a little off but still dominating. Crow is going to be a force. He is the real deal. Very calm and efficient on the mound. If i didnt already know, I wouldnt have believed he is a freshman. I wish Coach Holbrook would have left him in till at the least he gave up a hit but I understand the 75 pitch count he was on. Imagine the trivia if he would have pitched a no-no. Some are down on the bullpen but i believe they will be fine. We have some great arms with experience and you know Meyers will have them ready. Defense looked great as usual. Last year was a little more shaky than we are use to but this weekend i was very pleased with the playing of our defense. Grenier is one of the best catchers in the country. He threw one guy out playing off at second from home. Impressive. Not too many weaknesses on defense. We have another Mooney at SS and he looks natural. English dropped a easy fly for our only error. I know it was Bucknell but many top teams lost a game or 2 this past weekend. The Gamecocks schedule is not hard out of conference. Clemmons will be our toughest till we get to the SEC but they lost one to E. Michigan and as usual, we have the tiggers number anyway. Look for this team to stay at the top all season and make another run.

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