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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Happy Birthday garnetspur!

  2. Happy Birthday garnetspur!

  3. garnetspur

    prayer request

    She has her good and bad days. Looks like she will be going to a rehab facility soon. She has a ways to go before she will be able to come home unfortunately. Thanks guys for your prayers and comments
  4. garnetspur

    USC, Texas A&M rivalry ripe for kickoff

    sounds like fun times when the aggies roll in..midnight yell? interesting.. hoping Carolina fans are the ones yelling when the 4th QTR ends
  5. garnetspur

    Breaking News: Notre Dame to vacate 2012 wins and kick off...

    Superb Owl!! where ya been?!
  6. garnetspur

    prayer request

    guys, my wife Linda is in the hospital after suffering a stroke 8 days ago. She can talk and is alert at times, but cannot remember alot as well. Thanks, Greg
  7. garnetspur

    Friday morning update on QB Brendan Nosovitch...

    hope he sticks around
  8. not familiar with most of the names listed, but am sure that will change in a month or so.. from what I've seen of Cooper, this guy should have a great season
  9. garnetspur

    My practice observations-Sun, Aug 3rd

    Thank you for the report
  10. garnetspur

    Basketball Predictions from B/R

    I'm just hoping to be more competitive than last season
  11. garnetspur


    hope the rain clouds steer clear of Hartsville so I can grill some steaks this evening
  12. garnetspur

    USC football:,10 things you need to know

    my pick is Rogers..he had me on the edge of my seat everytime he tucked that ball in his arm
  13. garnetspur

    USC football:,10 things you need to know

    good article. curious about one thing. If Rogers was the second best player to ever walk the grounds in Columbia, I'm assuming he is saying Clowney is the best?
  14. garnetspur


    grilling tip #5 share some of the grilled meat with your outdoor pet(s) you'll gain a grilling buddy for life
  15. garnetspur

    Players you're most excited about for 2014

    Cooper for sure..and hoping Mike Davis has a monster season

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