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  1. It's for this reason I believe he would make a great coach. He can practically dissect any play but just seems to panic when it comes to executing it. Just like the old adage says, "Those who can't do, teach!".
  2. I've said this a few times but Jake needs an OS moment to really push him and make him realize his job is not safe. Jake reminds me of Stephen Garcia with his style of play. When he's on, he's fantastic. But when he's not...oh boy! It's just a lack of focus. The kid is a film rat and the brains to adapt to any situation but for one reason or another just is not consistent.
  3. We might not need the rest of the line if we get him!
  4. Hope nobody refers to him as "Primetime", but rather, "Shilo's dad".
  5. He sounds like a monster. Can't wait to see him!
  6. I think closing out games will be the biggest leap leading to success. That in turn will lead to a better record. Last year there were about three games we were leading but gave away in the final minutes. If there is no improvement, that could put the pressure on Coach Boom.
  7. AC/DC/GC

    University of South Carolina new branding

    That is the stupidest ruling. Who owns OSU...Ohio State or Oklahoma State?
  8. That may be true, Spurrier, but look at the difference of play when the team was properly prepared. The talent is there but It eventually boils down to the players wanting to play. You wil never convince (or the rest of the nation, for that matter) that UVA is better than Clemson. True we lost to that upstate team, but look at the difference of play. The boys didn't even look like they were trying Sat.
  9. AC/DC/GC

    Vote for Hilinski

  10. AC/DC/GC

    REPORT: Werner front runner for Ole Miss OC

    Well, sumbich!! That sucks!
  11. AC/DC/GC

    Bobby Bentley being courted by Auburn as OC

    Um, I don't know what to think about this. 🤔
  12. I think the biggest disappointment would be the fact we just didn't have enough depth to close out some games, games that we had chances to win.
  13. Based on what Jake said himself (about having things he still wants to accomplish), I think he comes back. I know he wants to beat ClemTech & he always said he plays for a championship. With the returning talent, I think he will want to take advantage of that. Plus, one more year building on the production of the past few games will dramatically improve his NFL stock.
  14. AC/DC/GC

    Very sad news for Vanderbilt

    RIP, young man. Many thoughts and prayers to family.
  15. AC/DC/GC

    Uniform Prediction Thread: Clemson

    /\/\/\ Unless we just flat out disrespect them. What're they gonna do? lol

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